When looking for a lot for sale, there are many you need to make. Internally, you have to determine why you’re moving and with whom. Many individuals move to certain areas mostly due to work. After all, they would prefer to travel to and from work in a little less than an hour or two. Others mostly because they want to start a family and have a place of their own to create new memories. There are those who simply want to leave the nest and experience how life is like owning a piece of developed land. There are also others who are just into looking for property to add in their investment portfolios.

Regardless of the reason for moving out, finding a lot for sale that will fulfill your needs can be a relatively arduous process without proper guidance. Given proper knowledge and counsel of course, it can be a satisfying experience that can help boost your morale and help you select an apt home for yourself and your family for future generations to come. Here are the things you need to consider when searching for a home.

The Developer

When it comes to selecting a developer to work with, you need to consider several factors. After all, getting a lot for sale isn’t just a one-time transaction, it involves long-term work. So working with a developer you’re comfortable with is an absolute must.

The first thing you need to remember when choosing a developer would be reputation. Do your research and find out news about the developer you’re considering working with. Look for articles and press releases of the developers and make a judgment call if you want to work with one of them.

The second consideration would be the values they claim to stand for. Not only do these values dictate how the developer deals with its customers, it can also indirectly affect your quality of life. For instance, a developer that’s committed to being environmentally-friendly will most likely have labeled trash cans across all its properties and endorse the use of biodegradable materials and trash segregation.

The third and final consideration would be the portfolio they have regarding their properties – of course you’d like to see where they’ve built their properties and which one resonates most with you. Some of these properties are master-planned to cater to specific kinds of audiences after all and being able to find the right kind of property for you should be relatively easy.

In 1961, Greenfield started as one of the Philippines largest property ownership and land holding companies making it a developer of experience and tenure.Having decades worth of experience when it comes to real estate and land holding, Greenfield has established itself as one of the most prolific developers in the Philippines With a vision of building communities that will stand the test of time, and will remain relevant throughout the years, Greenfield is a developer you can trust to work with for a long time.

Distance To Key Areas

When it comes to choosing a home, regardless of your purpose for doing so, its proximity to areas of interest is a major factor because it affects the way you live your life. For instance, having a house roughly an hour and a half away from your place of work is better than having to spend 2 to 3 hours commuting.

If you’re moving because you want to have a new home to build a family, it’s important to consider your home’s proximity to schools and hospitals. From childbirth to medical emergencies, having a hospital a 5 to 10 minute drive away isn’t just convenient, it can be lifesaving. When your children grow up and need to be sent to school, they’ll be thankful for their school’s distance to your home and that they don’t need to travel hours just to study. More importantly, having these institutions close at home allows you to have more time for your family. If you’re looking to add to your portfolio, accessibility to major highways, central business districts, malls and other places that have high retail and commercial value is a major consideration to make.

Greenfield City’s Trava, Solen Residences and Pramana Residential Park have access to the key areas mentioned above. For instance, in terms of retail areas, these properties have access to Paseo Outlets, Arcardia, and Laguna Central. They also have access to schools like Mirriam College, Everest Academy, Xavier School, DLSU Canlubang, and The Beacon School and hospitals like The Medical City – South Luzon, China Bank-Sta. Rosa Hospital and the Asian Hospital.

Available Amenities

When you’re searching for a home, consider the amenities that go along with it. After all, not only do they increase your property’s inherent resale value, it also directly affects your quality of life. After all, having these amenities close by means not having to put in extra effort to reach a specific destination. It also gives you access to experiences that other homeowners need to exert extra effort to have.

Greenfield City’s residential developments have a slew of amenities available to each one. Not only is this a testimony to the developer’s commitment to giving its residents convenience, it’s also a testament to its decades-long experience in the real estate industry. Here’s a table of what amenities are available for each of these three properties:

Each of these amenities can play a fundamentally important role in your life.If you’re craving for a dip or want to experience summer with a splash, having a swimming pool close by can be very convenient. If you’re looking for a place to maintain your fitness and benefit your health, having access to gyms, courts and locations that facilitate cardio exercises like running and cycling can be very helpful. At the end of the day, create a checklist of you and your family’s hobbies and determine what kinds of activities and amenities can help facilitate these.

House and Lot Space

Having space directly affects your way of life in that it allows you to 1) live in a place that you ultimately have to manage and maintain and 2) become creative with the way with which you use it. Of course, some developers have standard model units for you to base your home upon, but ultimately, you can choose how the floor plan looks like and what goes into the entirety of your home.

The space you’ll need when owning a home ultimately depends on the reason for getting it. If you’re living alone or have a partner, you’ll need a relatively smaller space that can range from 160 to 190 square meters like that of Pramana Residential Park or Solen Residences’. Trava’s units have a minimum floor space of over 550 square meters and are reasonably big to have enough space for a big family.

If you’re looking for a premium quality lot for sale in the South, Greenfield City’s residential developments might be for you. For more information, visit this web page: https://greenfield.com.ph/project/greenfield-city/.