Due to the tightening congestion and “carmageddon ” prominent in Metro Manila, there is a demand for most residents of the Philippines’ capital to relocate and find opportunities in suburban areas. Some of our leaders consider this step as a more efficient way to eliminate traffic as one of the capital’s biggest woes rather than constructing more roads.

Because of the influx of both local and foreign investors in the past decade, a viable choice is Sta. Rosa in Laguna, also known as the Lion City of the South. The 2nd largest city in Laguna inhabits the traits of the lion – calm and rested during the day, then abruptly roars in terms of its vibrant and booming economy. Brands such as Mitsubishi, Coca-Cola and the popular theme park Enchanted Kingdom are located here, making the city an up and coming business center. With Sta Rosa’s balance between serenity and economic opulence, it is indeed a perfect choice to move in to.

With a couple of condominiums around Sta. Rosa, one can’t help but ponder which property to go for. Here is a list of 4 things to consider when purchasing a condo for sale in Laguna.

Maximizes the Green Lifestyle 

With the city’s economic boom, it is inevitable for companies’ various activities to directly or indirectly contribute to the pollution which tends to be harmful to a city’s residences in the long run. Prolonged exposure to polluted surroundings can increase the risk of respiratory and heart conditions. Therefore, it is ideal to consider a location that has relatively cleaner air compared to the metro and also promotes conserving the environment’s natural resources through sustainable development.

Located in a “greenspired” self-sustaining network of residential, commercial, business and recreational communities, Greenfield City’s Zadia committed a large percentage of its area to tree-lined roads, amenities, parks, playgrounds and green open spaces. Aside from providing a tranquil and visually appealing backdrop to its residents, the property is also built with sustainable materials which enable  Zadia’s residents to enjoy their condominium units for generations.

Named the MotorCity of the Philippines, one of Sta. Rosa’s major economic drivers is the car industry. Despite this, Zadia in Greenfield City has a pedestrian friendly atmosphere having all its residents’ creature comforts within arms reach. This promotes an active lifestyle and lower carbon footprint among its residents making Zadia an optimal option when purchasing a condo for sale in Laguna.


A factor to consider when purchasing a condo for sale in Laguna, is its accessibility to nearby commodities. For residents hailing from Metro Manila, living outside Metro Manila brings a totally different dynamic especially for those accustomed to living in the middle of everything. An ideal location would be one that is fairly accessible despite being located in a mostly suburban area.

Zadia in Greenfield City is located in the middle of a 400 hectare network of communities patterned after a park-living concept. It offers a fresh lease for residents wanting the Manila lifestyle away from all the congestion. It also offers a refuge for those who are looking for a refreshing shift in scenery and lifestyle outside the metro.

Located 45 minutes away from Metro Manila, and next to the most most frequented vacation spot in the south, Tagaytay, Laguna makes a great choice for relocation as both home and leisure would be a short drive away. Residents enjoy the balance of distance away from the hustle and bustle and the accessibility to reach their needs without the unwanted hassle brought by lengthy travel times.

Located near Zadia are hospitals such as The Medical City South Luzon, the Asian Hospital, and Medical Center. There are also supermarkets nearby like Shopwise, SM Sta. Rosa and Robinsons Sta Rosa. Paseo Outlets is a shopping mall that’s less than 15 minutes away from the property. Its strategic location has everything you need within arms reach without having to live in the middle of all the noise and congestion.

Amenities tailored for your Lifestyle

When choosing a property, a factor to take note of is the day to day living within it. Factors such as the resident’s safety, peace of mind, and the property’s maintenance should always be part of your checklist. It is also important to consider what kinds of amenities and facilities are present when purchasing a condo for sale in Laguna and learn if these cater to your day to day needs.

With its goal to promote green living among its residents, Zadia in Greenfield City is a green land. Being Greenspired, the property itself is surrounded by luscious trees and green walls, each building which teaches us to turn away from distractions of everyday life and turn to nature for inspiration.

In the middle of a green paradise of both parks and plains, Zadia hosts a diverse array of amenities that can be utilized and enjoyed by every one of its residents. There is an outdoor tennis court and a pool. It has 2 basketball courts, an indoor and outdoor one which gives the options for sporty residents to choose where to play depending on their mood. There is also a clubhouse which can be used for events, parties and gatherings by the residents. Each of Zadia’s 5 buildings has a lobby, which serves as a common area for all its tenants and residents. All these amenities will be built in a nature inspired way with the abundant flora all around.

Apart from the amenities that suit several kinds of lifestyles, Zadia is equipped with facilities that ensure a safe and seamless day to day living for its residents. It is a gated community which has  24 hour security ensuring the safety of its residents. The property also has a standby electric generator, a sewage treatment facility and an underground drainage system all monitored by a property management office for the residents to enjoy living without having to worry about the maintenance and preservation of the property.

With the breathtaking amenities and facilities in Zadia, the residents surely are deviated from the distractions of day to day living and get inspired by the wonders of nature.

Investment Potential

Investors and aspiring residents who don’t plan on occupying their property the whole year round consider the possibility of generating income. Not all properties have the potential of being occupied by potential tenants all year round due to factors including the aforementioned key points.

Purchasing a condo unit for sale in Laguna such as Zadia in Greenfield city is beneficial for investors because the property can be inhabited by residents in the long run. Being located in CALABARZON which is said by both foreign and local investors to be the top economic hub of the country, the growing properties in the region are equipped with assets from the infrastructure and logistics sector, increasing the value of your investment in the long run.

Another factor for Zadia in Greenfield City is having perpetual ownership. Residents share ownership of the entire property, including its amenities, from the clubhouse to the tennis court. Being a long term investment, this is beneficial for residents and their next generations.

With all these factors taken into consideration, Zadia is the best choice to consider when purchasing a condo for sale in Laguna. To learn more about the property, visit this web page: https://greenfield.com.ph/project/zadia/.