When you’re looking for a lot for sale in Laguna that’s going to be good for you in the long run, there are a number of things that need to be considered. Apart from the amount of time and resources you need to spend to afford the lot itself, you also need to consider who you’re working with, the location of the property you’re considering and the credibility of the developer through their track record. Here are a few things you need to look for in a lot for sale.

Quality Of Planning And Development

It would be very helpful to know what your future neighborhood is going to look like. This can be inferred from the quality of planning and development a property has. What goes into this master-planning process includes the overall physical appearance of the development, pathways and roads that concern transportation, the facilities that need to be available to the community, lot placement and accessibility.

Of course, one good way to determine if the master-planning of a development is good or not is to visit the site itself. Did you have a convenient time trying to get to your destination? Were the roads smooth and wide enough to accommodate a number of vehicles? Are there sidewalks? When you drive across the property, are there several trees and is there enough vegetation to warrant a good break from the driving or walking? These are several observations that can reasonably help you deduce if a property is worth getting a lot for sale from.

As an example, Greenfield Development Corporation’s Trava is a 33-hectare residential development that features spacious roads, lush green spaces and a modern tropical theme that anyone can enjoy.

Accessibility To Key Locations

Another important consideration you need to make is the property’s proximity to several key locations. First, define these key locations accordingly: 1) work office, 2) commercial centers, 3) hospitals and medical centers and 4) schools.

If you’re still working you’d like to know how far away your prospective new home is from your place of work. If you’d want to be away from the urban hustle and bustle, you’d want to know if there are several routes you can take that will shorten your drive or commute time. If you work in Metro Manila for example, having a home in Laguna is still practical because of the existence of the South Luzon Expressway, Skyway, the Cavite–Laguna Expressway (CALAX) and other relevant roads and highways that allows you to get from home to work and vice versa in a relatively shorter amount of time.

When it comes to commercial centers, you’d want to know what supermarkets, shopping malls and any other relevant establishments are within close proximity to your prospective home. As an example, Trava being located in the Greenfield City masterplan has immediate access to several commercial centers such as Paseo Outlets, Laguna Central and Arcadia.

If you are expecting a child, are nursing senior citizens or are currently under medication, you need to have a hospital or clinic close by in case of an emergency. You also need to make sure that there are several pharmaceutical shops where you can get the medicines you need to maintain your health. Greenfield City, for instance, has access to The Medical City, South Luzon, FortMED Medical Clinic,  Qualimed Sta. Rosa and the Asian Hospital. This makes it an ideal location to invest a lot in.

If you already have children, you ideally would want to have their schools close by. Apart from the sense of security this brings you as a parent, it’s also convenient as you don’t have to drive them there or it won’t take too long to do so.

Available Amenities

Another important consideration you need to make would be the amenities and features you’ll get access to when you choose to sign up with the prospective developer. For most developers, having a sports complex, a clubhouse and 1 or 2 swimming pools is standard. Of course, having these amenities helps improve your quality of life. But at the same time, it also increases your home’s value.

If you’re looking for added value, look no further than Trava. It has a tennis court, a basketball court, and a fitness gym if you’re one to live and maintain an active lifestyle. The development is approximately 45% open space, parks, playgrounds and tree-lined wide roads that you can enjoy whenever you’re out for a walk or for a jog. There’s also an admin office you can go to in case you have questions about the development in general.

The Real Estate Developer

Lastly, and probably one of the more important considerations you need to make is who you’re going to sign up with. The reputation of a real estate development company is an implied promise as to what kind of service you’re getting. As much as possible, you’d like to work with a developer that you share values and are comfortable with.

Enter Greenfield Development Corporation, a real estate development company that’s been continuing a 50-year legacy of land stewardship and city building. Being the creator of lifestyle centers, residential developments and more, Greenfield has proven itself to be one of the most successful real estate developers in the Philippines.

Its mission to build future ready, world-class, sustainable and well-planned Filipino communities worthy of being passed down from generation to generation proves that its properties are built to last long.

If you want to learn more about Greenfield Development Corporation and Greenfield City, feel free to visit this web page: https://greenfield.com.ph/.