The pandemic has changed the lifestyle of many Filipinos. People’s daily routine has been drastically affected because of the restrictions and guidelines implemented by the government. But because of the vaccines being deployed to the community, little by little, life is starting to look like what it was pre-pandemic.

Because of this, people are now more inclined to go outside and experience the freedom that was withheld by the pandemic for 2 years. Thankfully, subdivisions created by Greenfield Development Corporation, offer entertaining activities that people can enjoy.

Exercise with the family

May it be walking, running, or jogging, it is always healthy and fun to exercise. Maintaining a sound mind and body through these exercises can boost up your energy for the day. It is also invigorating to do these things within a subdivision because you don’t have to worry about the safety and comfort of your whole family.

Another thing you can do is biking which is trending nowadays. Since the pandemic started, bikes have become the preferred choice of transportation rather than grabbing a taxi.. It is safer and cheaper as you don’t have to buy gas for it. It is more convenient and helps you stay in shape, which is why it is one of the more popular things to do in a subdivision. You also have the luxury of dedicated bike lanes for most subdivisions which you should take advantage as a day-to-day activity.

Regardless whether you are a dog or cat person, you have the option of bringing your furry pals outside and playing with them. Research says that spending time with pets can lower the risk of stress and increase Oxytocin which is the “feel good hormone.” Just remember that you are responsible for them in case they need to go number one or two.

Exercising is a fun and healthy way to spend your time with your family. A stroll in the park, biking to get to the club house, or simply jogging can be both an amusement and bonding time with your kids and loved ones. Greenfield City has wide-open spaces, nature-filled landscapes, and wide roads perfect for exercising while maintaining safe and comfortable areas for you and your family.

Eating with your loved ones

People, especially Filipinos, love to eat together. Whether with friends, barkadas, or family, one of the best ways to enjoy a Saturday is to lay a blanket on the grassy field or in an open and well-ventilated area and pop open some viands, softdrinks, and/ or snacks. Eating is a social activity, making it a great way to socialize while admiring a clean and nature-filled ambiance outside their houses.

Rather than spending your day in the confines of your home, you can have a picnic right outside your house early in the morning with toasted bread and hot coffee, or in the afternoon with some refreshing drinks and salty snacks. Whatever time it is, eating outside with a clean environment within a subdivision is a special way to spend time with everyone you care about.

Indoor or outdoor sports activities

Playing sports is another fun thing to do with friends and family and is a great way to stay in shape. With spacious areas and open-air vicinity to play sports like Basketball or Volleyball, it is a good way to stay fit and maintain an active lifestyle. Playing sports is also a great bonding activity to strengthen your relationships with your friends and families. It familiarizes you with the concept of teamwork, harmony, trust, and camaraderie.

But it is not just limited to basketball and volleyball, you can eagerly play soccer, play some catch, and even throw frisbees with your friends on the grassy fields. Sports can elevate your energy levels and are a good way to detoxify or destress from the long weekend of work.

Swimming at the clubhouse

Swimming may be one of the most common activities a family will take part in on a Summer Sunday morning. Going to the pool to relieve the heat and humidity is not only a fun thing to do, but is also good for your respiratory system. Much like exercising, it can revitalize your body and can be fun through the various games you can play under water.

This is especially in demand during the months of April and May where the temperature soars to almost unbearable levels of heat. Luckily, families can enjoy the amenities provided by the subdivisions in Greenfield City to quench the thirst of outdoor recreation, specifically swimming in pools.

Visit Parks And Recreations

Playgrounds, gym, function halls, and different amenities can be found on subdivisions. These recreational areas can offer so many activities that you and your family can enjoy. You can stay fit by going to the gym, playing with your children at the local park and playground.

Many Filipinos are craving for interaction because when COVID-19 hit the Philippines, many people struggled to go outside and socialize with friends and relatives. Now that the pandemic is in its “ending phase,” they are now looking forward to gatherings and parties. However, while it’s try that you can conduct social conventions, you still need to adhere to social distancing protocols.

You can even chill at the clubhouse while reading your favorite book, play using your handheld consoles or browse the web using your laptop. It is a great escape from the drudges of regular routine and connects you to the outside world. There are a vast selection of things to do, you just have to pick one that suits you and your family.

Outdoor activities are an important part in nurturing a family and raising children since this is where they experience the outside world. That is why living in a subdivision is an advantage, it promotes a good environment, great community, and a place to raise your children.

Greenfield Development Corporation boasts 3 of the residential developments in Sta Rosa Laguna: Pramana Residential Park, Solen Residences, and Trava, each with their own distinct feel of luxury and offering the conveniences of most urban subdivisions. Being distinct urbanized developments that are situated in the heart of a bustling and developing municipality, it provides a diverse location wherein couples and children can enjoy both the rural and urban feel of Laguna.

If you still aren’t convinced that Greenfield City is the obvious choice for your family, please feel free to visit for more information.