Let’s face it – kids nowadays are all about gadgets, computer games and mobile phones. And if you think this will not impact their health now, think about the later years, when they’re big enough to run around on their own, yet choose to dial for food delivery while solidifying their couch potato status. Sad, we know.

It’s always a good idea to engage your kids in physical activity as early as possible. And what better way to do this than to lure them in your nearby park and start getting physical!

We’ve lined up sure-fire outdoor games to get their hearts racing and their blood pumping for some much needed exercise:

Scavenger Hunt
Come up with a list of things that everyone needs to look for at the park. But don’t stop at simple descriptions – be creative! You can write them down as riddles like: “I was a duckling, now I’m a swan. I used to be low, now I look down.” The answer to which is a “butterfly”.

Give everyone the list and a bag in which to put them. Whoever gathers together everything on the list first is the winner.

Tug of War
Have a long yet supple rope ready. Next, divide everyone into two teams place everyone evenly on opposite sides of the rope. Keep younger kids towards the middle and the stronger players/ adults on the outer ends. You need to mark a spot to show where the boundary is. Each team will have to try and pull as hard as they can so that the other team gets pulled across the line.

One person will be “it” and everyone else needs to run away from him. When the “it” gets to tag another player, that person needs to freeze and remain that way until another player gets to crawl through the frozen player’s leg. The game will not end until the “it” manages to freeze everyone.

Heaven and Earth
This is a different kind of tag game wherein everyone gets to climb on to anything that may lift them off the ground, whether it be the tree, a swings or a seesaw. The “it” can only tag anyone who is literally on the ground. To make sure that people will go down to “Earth”, make sure to have a rule that they can’t stay in “Heaven” for more than 5 seconds.

Now e sure to bring lots of water, fresh wipes as well as snacks to keep everyone hydrated and full. You can also pack a blanket and a food basket for a picnic after the games. Enjoy!