Sleep is an essential and important part of human life. When lacking it, you’ll have trouble thinking about solutions to problems, concentrating on a concept and just generally function as a contributing member of society. Sleep deprivation causes dizziness, nausea, and high blood pressure, getting enough sleep prevents these, and also has regenerative effects. Your body repairs itself faster when you’re asleep, rejuvenating torn tissues and helps you recover from injury.

These days however, given the celebratory culture of overworking and the somehow reduced significance of sleep, not many people are getting enough of it. Statistically, over 46% of Filipinos do not get enough sleep which is a staggering fact that says so much about how people treat it. There are a variety of reasons why you can miss out on a lot of sleep – there’s obviously overtime at work, there are physiological reasons and human conditions like insomnia, there’s also the prevalence of a pandemic that’s slowly being threatened, and many more. These are factors that can rarely be controlled but, thankfully, you can control how you react to them.

Sleep is crucial for your survival in the same way work is. So you should never elect to miss out on it whenever it presents itself. Luckily, there are ways to optimize your life so that you can make the most out of it. Here are a few tips you can follow to get longer and better sleep in your condo in Laguna

Conduct A Lifestyle Audit

You have to determine the several factors in your life that affect your sleep. For most people, it’s their occupation – work schedules along with the commute that follows them can be a very valid hindrance to proper sleep. If this is the case, you might want to consider adjusting your schedule or follow a more convenient and faster mode of transportation to get to work.

You might also want to consider reducing or eliminating activities that contribute to sleep deprivation. These activities can range from drinking caffeinated beverages midday to very frequent night outs, partying and clubbing. While these are valid ways to celebrate life, it might be best to keep them to a minimum  – at the very least, whenever there’s a milestone or birthday that’s supposed to be celebrated.

Lastly, take note of your sleep schedule. Take note of the times you actively go to sleep and what time you usually wake up afterwards. If you feel like you’re getting enough sleep (as in fully recharged and ready to take on the world), then don’t mess with it too much. If you don’t and you feel like you need more, then create a schedule that you can dutifully follow and follow it.

Establish A Workout Routine

Workouts, regardless whether they be weight-lifting, cardio or martial arts, helps make your body stronger and more resistant to potential external threats. Depending on the intensity of these workouts, they can also make you feel very tired and hankering for sleep. Which is why, in order to get more sleep, you should establish a workout routine and follow it.

Of course,  what workout works best for you is a matter of personal preference. There are two things that you need to remember however, when it comes to selecting what workout to do, namely 1) schedule and 2) intensity.

Schedule is an important factor to consider when choosing a workout routine. After rigorous physical activity, your body will feel tired but will have a hard time getting quality sleep. It is best to schedule your workouts earlier during the day or at least a few hours before you go to bed if you must hit the gym after your daily activities. 

When it comes to the matter of intensity, you need to consider how hard the workout is going to be on your body with your schedule in mind. If it’s too intense, your body might release adrenaline which honestly won’t help with your sleeping pattern. If it’s too mild, then it would have little to no effect on you.

So essentially, choose a workout that works for you and should fit well with your lifestyle. You’re not only going to get more sleep in the process, you’ll also have a better and stronger body. It helps if your condo in Laguna has easy access to gyms and other places that facilitate workouts. Zadia, for instance, has access to basketball and tennis courts with both sports being good cardio workouts. Given its being placed inside of Greenfield City, it also has access to an environment that’s conducive for walking, jogging, running and cycling.

Eat Right

One important factor that affects sleep is your diet. Remember that while you’re asleep, your body heals and regenerates faster and if you eat good and healthy foods, your body becomes healthier in the process.

While there’s no concrete and practical way to optimize your diet for sleep, there’s just one principle to follow: eat right. In a nutshell, follow best practices and have a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, meat and carbohydrates. Make sure to eat at designated times and not to overeat.

As mentioned earlier, you can cut down on caffeine intake if you want to get more sleep. One cup of coffee a day should be enough to keep you up and running. You also need to cut down on smoking and other implements that give your body nicotine, alternatively (and strongly recommended), get rid of it from your system completely.

Given that eating is a social activity, it helps if you have a myriad of healthy choices whenever you go have a meal with family and friends. Being in the premises of Greenfield City, Zadia has access to Paseo Outlets, a retail destination that also gives you a lot of options in terms of freshly-cooked meals through its many restaurants.

Eliminate Any Threats

Threats aren’t limited to those of physical security or mental and emotional peace. There are valid threats that involve sleep as well. For instance, if you have noisy neighbors, it is more difficult to sleep. Another example would be your phone’s blue light – this adversely affects your sleeping patterns if you don’t get off of Facebook or YouTube at a certain time at night.

So the best thing to do is to first identify these threats and eliminate them. Whenever you sleep, notice what keeps you awake and note it the following day. It could be a creaking ceiling or the sound of your neighbor streaming a video game later at night, it could be a smartphone vibrating near your pillow or just the overall vibe of your bedroom. List these all down and list all the solutions you can think of.

For the noisy neighbor, you can have a talk with them and if it persists, report it to your condo in Laguna admin. This can also be the case for creaking ceilings or any other unit-related concerns, report it to your property manager in order to have them fixed. As for smartphones and other devices that disrupt your sleep, the best thing to do is to put them completely on silent with the vibrate option turned off. Have these devices placed on a table that you have to exert a little more extra effort to reach out for rather than just under your pillow.

Threats to your peace can only be dealt with by you. It will take some adjustment (especially when it comes to devices and smartphones), but if you want to get some good sleep, it’s worth it.

With Zadia, these threats are narrowed down to a minimum. With 24/7 security services, a standby power supply, and a property admin that can help address maintenance concerns, you have relatively little to worry about.

Optimize Your Bedroom Setup

Another crucial factor that affects your sleep is how you set up your bedroom and what constitutes it overall. It goes without saying that your comfort should be your absolute priority when it comes to this part of your unit. Firstly, the bed itself should be reasonably comfortable. It should also be ergonomic so your posture or the rest of your body don’t feel any pain when you wake up in the morning.

Ideally, you shouldn’t have your work table right beside your bed. In fact, it’s strongly recommended to have it specifically be in another room. But if it can’t be helped, make sure you have drawers or implements that allow you to keep your work devices and notes out of your sight when you get to sleep.

Having a right-sized condo unit helps too since you’re given a space that you can optimize and arrange for a good night’s sleep. Zadia offers single units that are about 23.65 to 31.00 square meters, making it just the right size for an individual to both work and sleep in.

At the end of the day, if you want to get more sleep it helps if the place you live in is conducive for it. Located in the sprawling green development that is Greenfield City, Zadia is a 5-building condominium development that gives you both the convenience of city life and the signature peace that Sta Rosa Laguna can offer. 

Apart from having condo units and an environment that helps contribute to your sleeping habits, it’s also easy accessible to and from the metro, giving you reduced travel time and allowing you that extra few hours of sleep you wouldn’t normally get were it not for the traffic issues.

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