Shared experiences are an important part of people’s lives. It is through these that they get to know each other better and in a deeper perspective. This is why companies hold outings and team building exercises for their employees and their respective departments. Since knowing your colleague or friend better allows for you to be more honest and understanding with each other, being able to work or hang out with them becomes easier and less complicated.

The same can be said when it comes to your family. If you know your children and your partner better, it’s easier to understand where they’re coming from. Having shared experiences with your family can deepen your relationship with members of your family, especially when it comes to your children, as you can potentially become their friend when things get tough for them at school or even friends.

Of course, sharing meals together is an example of shared experiences. But if you want to have a more unique and fun activity to do with your family, here are a few you can try from your home in Laguna.

Have Family Story Nights

Catching up with family members is often done on the table while having breakfast, lunch or dinner. The subject of the conversation in the table often revolves around the situation at school, whether your children need anything and maybe even work. Most of the time, these conversations come in the form of stories and, while they’re great to convey personal experiences, depending on the situation, it can be a little mundane.

The solution? Have family story nights. Gather around the living room and tell each other stories, whether of truth or of creative nature. Regardless of whether your children talk about their day in school or their time with friends, it’s important to appreciate that they’re communicating these to you. This allows you to get to know them more and at the same time you’re updated with what’s going on with them.

Watch Movies At Home Regularly

Back then, if families and friends would want to watch a movie together, you’ll need to have a VHS or DVD player and rent or buy the movies you want. With Netflix or HBO Go, technology has made this kind of activity more accessible.

When it comes to the kind of movies you’d watch with your family, that should depend on how old your children are and what genres you generally prefer. More often than not, Disney movies are excellent for the family.

Play Board or Video Games

Board games and video games are excellent choices for shared experiences. After all, a little competition is healthy and sort of gives you an insight as to how individual members of your family solves problems or approaches a certain situation.

There are a lot of board and video games that have ratings now based on your children’s age, so selecting which ones you can play is easy. If you want a more conventional set of board games however, scrabble and snakes and ladders are always good to have.

Schedule House Maintenance Days

Very few things bring a family together as much as cleaning up the home. Having scheduled maintenance day is an excellent way to teach your children how to maintain your home while at the same time, you get to learn how they respond to your task requests.

When it’s all cleaned and done, you can admire your work together as a family inside your recently maintained home. In its own way, maintenance day is a relatively safe and fun way of bonding with your family.

Have A Home Photoshoot

Pictures tell a thousand words – this is why friends who go on trips take pictures of almost everything they see and including themselves. Nothing solidifies shared experiences better than well-taken pictures posted in social media or, as is the case prior to the millennial generation, kept in photo albums.

While it’s great to have a family portrait taken by a photo service outside, it’s also a good bonding idea to have one in your home by yourselves. Compared to professional photography that might require you to take poses in the backdrop of an optimized background, shooting photos of your family at home has this touch of authenticity that can only be found at home.

Make Online Content

Since the world has gone social and is consistently consuming and creating online content, doing the same with the family is another idea for a bonding experience. Of course, included in this project would be deating content and discussing how to proceed with it. Both of which  require time, effort and problem solving skills.

So if you’re looking for an activity that’s going to give you an idea how your children and yourself work in different kinds of situations, creating online content is an excellent idea.

Take Care of Plants

The plantito/ plantita trend appeared in the middle of a pandemic that’s still being resolved today. And while it’s something that killed the boredom of staying indoors for individuals across the nation, it can also be something that you and your family can share experiences with.

Taking care of plants doesn’t only involve watering them and making sure they have enough sun. It also requires pruning, learning what kinds of fertilizer best suits the kind of plant you’re caring for and much more. With these, you can get to know each other better and have several plant pets at home.

Indulge In Each Others’ Hobbies and Passions

When it all comes down to it, getting to know each other can be done by straight up doing what your family members do for a hobby. Whether it’s bird watching, sports, a fitness routine or music, just being there to witness your children do whatever it is that they love to do is an excellent way of bonding with them.

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