Any time you feel like you’re ready to purchase your own home, there may be some moments when you feel like pulling back. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed – after all, home purchase is a really big decision and a huge investment. Your agent or broker may throw in words like “downpayment”, “lump sum”, “monthly amortization” and the like, and you may feel like holding off the purchase for some other time.

You’re definitely not the only one to feel this way. Don’t stress and know that buying that home is actually a lot easier than you think.

1. It may not require as much money on the onset as you think

The initial payment is of course one of the main concerns of every home buyer. There are questions like: How much should I shelve out after reservation? Are there hidden charges? Will I be able to keep up with the monthly payments?

One of the main concerns that buyers have when looking to purchase a home is how much they’ll need for a down payment. Well to be honest, nowadays with the boom of the real estate industry and with players fighting for market share, you will probably don’t need as much funds on the onset as you think.

In today’s market, there are so many options that are available when financing a home, including several options that make it easy to buy with little money down.

A few examples include:
• Homes with stretched downpayment schemes from 1 year to 3 years
• Rent to own options
• Quick approval for bank loans
• Government assistance programs like Pag-Ibig

2. Agents are there to help

Property specialists and brokers are your best advocates in guiding you through the real estate process. They’re there to answer all your questions, help you in processing documents and ultimately, save you much time and and even money (they will aim to give you the best deal, after all). Even if you’re still on the fence about purchasing, start the process of selecting a trustworthy agent. It will be great if you hit it off with a good agent the first time but since real estate purchase is a HUGE investment, it takes trust built strongly in due time. Have a conversion with agents today.