For most developers, a property’s units have to follow a set of guidelines when it comes to their overall look. From the color template of the walls, down to which tiles or roofing materials they use, each house or unit should conform to these rules. These rules exist because the property itself needs to remain consistent with its developer’s values. After all, if you’re a house owner, you know

This doesn’t mean that you can’t get creative with your home. Granted, externally you have to follow the guidelines, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t add additional flourishes that will set your home apart from the rest. Here are a few design ideas you can implement for your Sta Rosa House And Lot.

Get Some Decors In

Decors aren’t only for Halloween, Christmas or any other holiday that requires something hung outside. If used correctly, some decors can also give your home an identity of its own. For example, you can use a unique metallic number plaque and have it installed right beside your house’s front door. As small as it may seem, that little flourish sends the impression to visitors that your house isn’t like the others.

Depending on your personal preferences, these decors can be anything from hanging potted plants that dangle near your windows or garden gnomes watching your back and front yards. So long as it doesn’t overstep the developer’s guidelines and it sets you apart from the rest of the houses, feel free to let your creative juices flow.

Embrace Your Inner Plant Tito/ Tita

The trend of being Plant Tito/ Tita started in the later quarters of 2020, when people were getting a hang of how to deal with the pandemic and boredom. Essentially, it just involved having these plant titos and titas purchase voluminous amounts of house plants to decorate their interiors. On the side, it also gives them something to do every now and then, which is to water and maintain these little green pets on a regular basis.

It’s a great idea too because not only does it help beautify your home, it also helps your well-being. Studies have shown that plants improve concentration and productivity (by up to 15 percent!), reduce stress levels and boost your mood.

In Greenfield City, where there’s an abundance of greenery, you can furnish some of your exterior walls or window frames with flower wreaths or hanging potted plants to add more color to your home. You can also install hanging gardens so your plants get enough sunlight and, at the same time, accentuate your home. If your lot area allows it, see if you can have an extended garden where you can put more plants and flowers.

If you just want to have plants in your home as an aesthetic piece without having to worry about them too much, get some low-maintenance ones. Certain species like the Spider Plant or the Pothos don’t only look good inside your home, they also don’t require as much attention and light as most plants do.

Let That Light Shine 

Perhaps one of the best ways to set your home apart from the rest is to have it literally shine above the rest. Of course, in a context within reason and within your property’s guidelines, having lights hung around your physical house or your plants wouldn’t only make it look great, it’ll also help your visuals in more ways than one.

The choices of lights should depend on your preferred theme. In any case, a good set of lanterns, pendant lights, candles and fairy lights are excellent lights to start with. In terms of internal lighting, choose lighting fixtures that can compliment your home’s general aesthetic. It’s also recommended to use lights that can bounce off your ceiling so it creates a sense of brightness in the room. Another important tip is to have mirrors placed strategically in your home so light bounces off and illuminates the rest of your interior.

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