Owning your very own condo unit is a big step in the life of any young professional. Because of this, it is not at all surprising for there to be a high demand for condo units nowadays. Perhaps after months of saving up and deliberating which one would be perfect for you and your needs, you finally have a condo of your very own. TBut once you finally have your own condo and finish all the paperwork that is involved with it, what should you do next? The answer to that is getting furnishings.

In order for your newly acquired condo unit to truly feel like it is yours, you need to be able to decorate every corner it has in any way you would like. Whether you would like to have a specific style or vibe for your condo, how we decorate our spaces tends to be a reflection of our personalities which can help us feel truly at home.
here are some furnishings a young professional will need when living in a condo in Mandaluyong.

Tables and chairs

Be it for your kitchen, dining room, bedroom, living room, or home office, it is inevitable for you to need your own variety of tables and chairs. There are many types when it comes to these two so you have a lot to choose from. it is good to know what kind of style you want the design of your condo to have. This can help you limit your choices and think about the details that will fit best with your condo. This can be in terms of size, height, length, width, and other important details you may want to take into consideration.


After a long workday, having the right bed in your condo is crucial. With various styles and sizes available, consider if a loft or a simple box bed suits your bedroom. Size matters too. Choosing the perfect bed not only adds to your home’s design but ensures a good night’s sleep after a tiring day.

Don’t forget about mattresses. Foam, spring, and memory mattresses offer different benefits. Foam provides support, spring offers a traditional bounce, and memory foam molds to your body. Knowing these differences helps you pick the mattress that suits your comfort.

Remember, beds and chairs aren’t groundbreaking, but having the right ones is vital for a comfortable home.


In a condo, one thing that can never be missing is a couch. Whether you want to binge a film in your living room or have guests over, having a couch is an essential piece of furniture to have. There are various kinds of couches available in the market and a certain kind can have the ability to influence the overall design of a room. Having a loveseat in your living room can have a completely different feeling from having a sectional sofa instead. Try to take the size of your living room into consideration since you would not want to have a couch that is either too small or too big. Perhaps, a lounge chair can also enhance the comfort and style of your living space.

Closets, shelves, and drawers

In a condo, having ample storage space is a game-changer. Closets, shelves, and drawers are not just practical for keeping things organized; they double as decorative elements that elevate your room’s style. Forget the cookie-cutter approach – these storage solutions come in an array of shapes and sizes, allowing you to customize your home just the way you like it.

For a seamless and sophisticated look, consider built-in modular cabinets. They not only maximize storage but also blend seamlessly with your condo’s design, creating a polished and organized aesthetic. If you’re on a budget but still want style, options like Ikea or SM Home offer trendy and affordable storage solutions that can enhance your space.

Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a chic, organized condo that reflects your unique style. Whether you opt for sleek built-ins or budget-friendly finds, the right storage solutions can transform your home into a haven of order and elegance.

Home Accessories

Something that gives a more definitive personality to any new home is the kind of accessories kept all around the area. From framed paintings on walls to the color of the carpets, decorating your place with all sorts of home accessories gives you the opportunity to add more personality to your new condo. If you like collecting figurines and other valuable collectibles, you can place it on table tops and shelves. If you have a painting that you really like, you can hang it on the wall by your dinner table or your living room. It is good to have a variety of decor that you personally resonate with because this can be something that helps you feel more comfortable and at home.

Having a condo unit that you are free to decorate is something that any young professional will be eager to have. But if you are yet to have your own condo unit, GDC Corporation can help you find one of your own.

As one of the most stable and diversified real estate companies in the Philippines, Greenfield is dedicated in creating developments that not only stands the test of time but also adheres to their promise of building sustainable structures for the generations to come. As it monitors the activities of the market and strives to respond to its demands, Greenfield offers various developments that can be to the liking of any young professional. They have two condominium developments in the city of Mandaluyong: Twin Oaks Place and Zitan.

Found within the center of Greenfield District, Twin Oaks Place is a vertical residential development than aims to redefine urban living within Metro Manila. It features Fiber-to- the-Home (FTTH) technology which allows its residents to have a smart and automated home of their own. Aside from having state of the art features and amenities, it is close to a lot of shopping areas, schools, hospitals, and central business districts which is very convenient for a lot of people. Currently, its west and east towers are available for occupancy.

Residing in the gateway of Greenfield District while being a stone’s throw away from Shaw Boulevard and EDSA, Zitan is a condominium development that allows its residents access to various malls, lifestyle centers, green open spaces, and offices within the district. It also has a direct link to the MRT as well as a technologically advanced fiber-optic infrastructure which ensures convenience to its residents when it comes to transportation and connectivity.

Having your very own condo as a young professional is a commendable feat for anyone to accomplish. That is why it is only right for you to feel completely at home in the space you earned for yourself. Getting furnishings for it is a fun endeavor that will ensure that as your condo unit starts looking the way you want it to, it will truly be something that you will enjoy coming home to.