Picture this, it’s the 11:30 PM on the 24th of December, your family and some relatives from Manila are gathered around the Christmas tree, in the family area of your home in Laguna, listening to Christmas carols and sharing stories of how each one’s year has been. In a few minutes, you will be opening gifts from one another, picture each relative opening a gift from you. Do you make them shed tears of joy, jump with excitement, or hug you out of cheerfulness over the gift they just received?

Give your family members the perfect gift this holiday season to show how much they mean to you. Here is a guide on gift ideas to give your family in your home in Laguna.

When celebrating the holidays, Christmas shopping for gifts for your family members is a great way to embrace the season of giving, especially to your parents (or to those who stood up and filled that role for you growing up such as an elder sibling, an auntie, or your teacher), who you want to give back to after all those childhood years and yuletide seasons in the past where they never failed to keep the magic of the season from unfolding right before your eyes.

It is only normal that you want the best for them, something that they deserve. But to parents who have everything, what could be a gift that they will actually enjoy, or use?

Tickets to A Show or Movie

Everyone, regardless of age or profession, would love a night out. Book your parents tickets to the latest movie that you think they would love, or to an entertainment show in the local theater whether its a broadway show, an opera, a concert of someone they’ve listened to as you were growing up, or timeless musicals such as Mamma Mia, The Phantom of The Opera, Lion King, or Les Miserables.

This is a great gift for many reasons. Aside from the fact that it does not cost a lot, It will take them on an experience that brings them away from their daily routine, and will give them a glimpse of how you felt all those years ago whenever they said “yes” to your trips to the movie theaters as a teenager. Spice up the fun by getting a ticket for yourself as well, to turn their movie night into a family bonding activity.

A Getaway

If you have already taken your folks out to a movie earlier this year or want to take the sentiment up a notch, book a vacation for your parents. Don’t worry, it does not have to be a cruise to the Bahamas or a weekend in Paris. By simply booking them a getaway for them to leave their normal lives behind, even just for a weekend, it will go a long way.

Remember the time that you wanted to go to Batch Bora during the summer and your parents helped you out save for your pocket money and plane ticket? Now is the time to return that gesture of joy by booking them a getaway. You may give them tickets in advance so they can make necessary arrangements. Perhaps early during the next year to greet the new year relaxed, thanks to you, or during their anniversary, to save them the trouble of planning for their celebration.

Thanks to simplified bookings because of the internet. Look for dates that work for them and locations that are convenient for them. You may book them a hotel by the beach in provinces like La Union, Zambales, or Baler, or for those parents who don’t really fancy going to the beach, perhaps book them an AirBnB with a nice view, so that they can enjoy a care-free weekend, thanks to you.


Back in the day, or whichever decade your parents got married, a common tradition of wedding guests was to shower them with household materials such as kitchen appliances and metal or glassware. Embracing the Filipino trait of embracing sentimental value, some of them may still use some of those grimy pots and pans etched with the memories (and maybe residue) of your childhood dinners and snacks.

By giving them a new set of kitchenware such as a set of pans, or a new set of knives, they will be able to get an upgrade which would definitely delight them, and make them remember you as they cook eggs for their breakfast. This also makes for the perfect excuse to have them cook you your favorite home-cooked meal as you visit them during the next months.

A Robovac

The thing about parents is that as they grow older, they tend to be less updated about the latest technology around. By giving them a Robovac or an automated vacuum cleaner, it will surely fascinate them in many ways.

Growing up, everyone had parents who loved to clean and assigned you some chores that kept your house spotless and clutter free. Now that you are away from them, and their age gives them a challenge to do the chores that they used to do such as bend over to dust those hard to reach areas of the house, a Robovac will easily clean these areas of the home, and can easily be programmed with an app that is connected to their smartphones.

Watch them kick back with a cup of coffee as their newly found cleaning buddy does the work for them. Thanks to online shopping, there are many trusted brands you can choose from when picking out a Robovac, and teaching them how to work it will be a great bonding experience. They will see that the child that they used to teach how to use a computer, is now teaching them how to use a modern piece of household equipment. Don’t forget to expect a call for help when they need to update the software of their vacuum!

Cozy Sleepwear

The older you get, the harder it is to sleep comfortably. Probably, as you read this, you realize that you feel your joints get stiff or back aches when you get out of bed. This is usually caused by sleeping positions.

Ensure your parents have a goodnight sleep by giving them a pair of luxurious PJ’s. Most sleepwear is focused on making sleep comfortable in order to minimize pains and discomforts as they wake up. In addition to this, they will remember you as they go to sleep and wake up in the morning and thank you for the good night’s sleep they get.

With these gift ideas, appeal to your family members, especially to your parents by giving them useful gifts that they will be using throughout the year, strengthening your connection with one another.

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Meta: Parents have made sure that the spirit of Christmas is felt by their children no matter what. Give back this holiday season by getting them the perfect gift.