Greenfield Deluxe is out to prove that luxury and sustainability need not be mutually exclusive. Homeseekers that were once made to choose between convenient city living (with all the necessities well within reach) or tranquil nature living (with greenery and fresh air) can now enjoy the best of both worlds in a much-coveted and uncompromising living space just south of the metro.

Trava, the flagship residential development under the Greenfield Development Corporation’s Greenfield Deluxe, marries the suburban to the sustainable and takes it to luxurious new heights that foreshadows an eco-rich future and increased land value for ever-progressive Greenfield City, Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

The 33-hectare premiere residential development situated inside Greenfield City dedicates more than half of the prime real estate to over 300 sprawling lots available for the taking. The rest of Trava’s land is dedicated to beautifully open community spaces, playgrounds, parks, and tree-lined roads. Manicured lawns, walkways, and bike lanes, plus the absence of unsightly power lines and other eyesores, make the development a welcome respite for urban dwellers seeking a nature-fitted escape.

But the icing on the real-estate cake remains to be sustainability. This master-planned community showcases functional, practical, modern tropical designs from its units to its facilities in a move to put the spotlight on Greenfield’s signature eco-architecture initiative. Meant to intermarry modern living spaces with nature’s best features, Trava aims to champion this kind of future-proof architecture by paving the way for future residents to choose environmentally-friendly and sustainable materials (such as durable engineered wood, glass that helps minimize UV and infrared light, odorless paint, and pavers that direct rainwater into a containment pond away from the house) in the building of their model units. The amenities like the pools and sports courts, the gym, dance studio, social hall, and solar-powered clubhouse also contribute to sustain the lifestyle of Trava’s residents while staying eco-conscious. In this way, Greenfield not only hopes to contribute to the environmental progress and value of the area — they also hope to inspire more people around Sta. Rosa to follow their lead and consider the same for their own abodes. It’s possible to live sustainably and luxuriously!

All in all, with such an irresistible space allocation and amenity selection situated in an easily-accessible prime location, topped with endless possibilities for creating dream green-living spaces in eco-conscious surroundings, many people have expressed interest in investing in these sustainable luxury lots. As such, construction of model units in Phase 1 have commenced this year. Road networks in the area have also been completed, adding to the development’s appeal. Apart from these unparalleled provisions, Trava’s denizens can also enjoy nearby commercial establishments for every convenience with the Paseo Outlets, Arcadia and Laguna Central being mere minutes away.

As more conscious consumers decide to take up space in residential areas inside Greenfield City, Sta. Rosa can expect ever-increasing economic growth trailing along Trava’s completion. This future-proof, premier residential development by Greenfield Deluxe, characteristic of the Greenfield legacy, will surely breathe new life into the fast-progressing hustle and bustle of Sta. Rosa, Laguna as it gives more people access to sustainable suburban living that’s a cut above the rest. Visit for more information on the project.

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