One of the most common aspirations among Filipinos is to own their own house a lot. Whether it’s for the purposes of starting your own family or just being able to move out of your parent’s house, it’s definitely considered a milestone for most Filipino families.

However, aspirations like these start to disappear when the uncomfortable reality of having to look for house and lot sets in. That, plus having to decide whether you should live closer to home or in the city can be a difficult decision to make if you’re not clear one what you want.

That said, it’ll be helpful to have a handy guide that can assist you in navigating through the sometimes stormy waters of home prospecting. Here are a few things to look for in a Sta Rosa House and Lot.

Accessible Location

You have to consider your location when looking for a house and lot. Striking a balance between being closer to a setting where it’s not as busy or noisy as the regular metro AND you’re relatively close to places of interest like your workplace, a hospital and shopping centers.

Enter Sta.Rosa Laguna, a thriving city that can easily access Luzon’s busiest business districts through major roads like EDSA and SLEX. It’s one of the best places to invest in for the suburban living.

Size and Floor Plan

One consideration you need to make is the size and floor plan of your house and lot. Are you starting a family? You might need more than one or two rooms for you children to stay in? Do you plan to live alone? How many extra rooms do you need? Are there enough bathrooms? Is there enough space for everyone who will eventually stay in this home?

Once you’ve figured out the answers to these questions, look through your options and select which ones deliver your preferences. Greenfield has a myriad of options you can choose from that’s sure to cater to any of your floor plan needs.

Well-Maintained Utilities and Amenities

Home maintenance, if done correctly, shouldn’t be challenging if the foundation for your utilities (wiring, pipes, etc) is of high quality. When you’re looking for a home, ask your prospective developer if you can have a specialist inspect these utilities.

The Developer

One crucial factor you need to consider is the developer you’re looking to work with. Naturally, if a developer’s name carries positive weight in the real estate industry, you’d want to purchase a home from them. Ask if the developer provides additional service other than getting you a home like leasing or maintenance.

Normally, you’d like to work with a developer who desires to preserve the integrity of a family’s home for the long term. Greenfield prides itself in this vision, seeking to build communities that will stand the test of time, and will remain relevant throughout the years.

That about wraps it up for Greenfield’s Guide to finding a Sta Rosa House and lot. If you’re interested in getting a home, visit the website, or feel free to call for any inquiries +639175347336.