After a tedious reintroduction of several quarantine levels across most of Metro Manila for more than a year, the National government is finally announcing alert level 2. That just means that people can travel much more freely and finally get back to work in their respective offices.

That said, as with everything in a world that still has a pandemic that’s slowly being cured, it’s still important to be cautious and follow protocols. Individually, you can choose to go out less often, practice social distancing and regularly sanitize.

From a workplace perspective, however, it helps if you work in an environment that recognizes the viral threat of COVID-19 and does its absolute best to ensure safety protocols are met. Greenfield Tower is a high-rise office building in Mandaluyong that seeks to cater to the growing demand from BPO locators in Metro Manila. It’s also vigilant against COVID-19 and sets an example of what a safe workplace should look like. Here are a few reasons why that’s the case.

Wide Open Spaces

Internally, the building administration strongly encourages businesses to be vigilant  against COVID-19. This means that social distancing is observed along with other health and safety protocols involved.

Externally, the area of Greenfield Tower is lush with green grass and surrounded by trees. There are also wide open spaces and sidewalks in between that should help facilitate safer social distances among colleagues and people just passing by. These wide open spaces and strategically placed utility (like embedded electric wires) allow you and your colleagues to enjoy a safe and organized work space.

Mandatory Use Of Face Masks

Just like any aware and safety-conscious institution, Greenfield Tower requires all who work in the building to wear face masks. So much so that if you’re not wearing one, within the premises, security will promptly inform you to do so.

The staff and the people in the building however, are well aware of the fact that they’re living in a community. So doing what’s right and staying safe almost always comes naturally to them and they wear masks not only for themselves but for others.

Security Enforces Social Distancing

Along the lines of making sure that the premises is COVID-19 free, the staff of Greenfield Tower makes sure that health and safety guidelines are followed. This also means that security enforces social distancing.

Sanitized Surfaces and Floors

One of the most important factors in determining how safe a place is to stay in is its cleanliness. After all, if people sneeze, cough or talk on a daily basis, there’s a large possibility that droplets fall to the ground. If anything falls on the ground, it might get the viruses or bacteria those droplets have and it can get easily transferred to the person owning it. The solution is to regularly maintain sanitized surfaces and clean floors. This is something that the staff of Greenfield Tower is accustomed to doing.

Well Ventilated Office Spaces

Truly helpful at the time of Covid, Greenfield Tower is equipped with a Fresh Air Pipe system that the Lessees can make use of. The system introduces Fresh air into the office space so the employees who work on the office floors can be rest assured they are not breathing stale or stagnant air. Additionally,  the office floors also have high ceilings and operable windows that definitely help with proper air circulation..

At the end of the day, you’d like to work in a place that’s safe for you and the people you go home to. If you want to learn more about Greenfield’s premiere center for business and commerce, feel free to visit this web page: