After working for quite some time, you may decide to live independently and move to the Greater Manila Area. Of all the cities, you may choose to move to Laguna because it keeps up with innovation while retaining a calm, laid-back lifestyle. You can get a condo because of its proximity to your creature comforts and offers a practical approach to a fulfilling community and lifestyle. Then you ask yourself, how does one decorate his condo?

Chances are, despite different cuts and layouts, your condo unit shares the same finish and design as other units on the property. Coming up with ways to design and style your space from scratch may be overwhelming. Your first steps will always be challenging, you ask yourself a whole lot of questions like, “What should I do with this blank space?” or “What will match well with my floor?” Over time, as you learn more about what to prioritize within your space, and with proper guidance, you will be able to decorate your condo according to your taste.

Your home is your own area, where you start your day and end it after doing your regular chores. There are ways to decorate your condo that promote peace of mind and reduce tension. It’s beneficial to your mental health to make your home a secure haven away from the outside world. Here are some suggestions on how to decorate your condo in Sta Rosa.

Splash in Some Colors

One of the most mood-altering design components is color. The usage of color schemes in interior design has a big impact on how people feel about living there. When you are surrounded by colors that have meaning or appeal to you, you feel at ease and at home. It also boosts productivity. Colors have different effects on people because each person reacts to color differently. For instance, some people may identify the color red with danger and antagonism, while others connect it to love and passion.

Despite how each person perceives color differently, most colors add vibrancy and a sense of livelihood to the environment. Other tones are more subdued and have a calming impact on the senses, evoking feelings of security. Generally speaking, different hues have varied psychological effects on people. Cooler colors calm the mind and reduce appetite, whereas warmer colors energize and boost appetite. It’s critical that you choose colors that speak to you because years of research have shown that specific hues consistently elicit particular emotional reactions.

While your favorite color may be at the top of your list for your condo wall’s tone, many tips help you make choices that complement your furnishings and style. Paint your walls with neutral colors as they travel across interior spaces, hence visually expanding your space. Condos with low ceilings can be visually extended by adding stripes to your walls. Adding wider strips or different selections of color can help achieve a “tall wall” effect. When you want to make a small corner or room in your condo seem bigger, paint a focal wall. By using a different and outstanding color from the paint you use for the remainder of the room, you can visually highlight a part of your condo. Most use it to feature the part of their space with artwork or pieces of furniture they wish to display.

Since you spend most of your time within the walls of your condo unit, take time to spice it up with colors.

Use Illusions

Given the shared use of amenities and common areas. It is no secret that compared to other real estate properties, condos have the least amount of square footage when it comes to your personal space. While developers ensure that the headroom and area are enough for its residents to live in, some people tend to get a claustrophobic tendency when spending prolonged hours within the visible corners of their space. But thanks to proper decorating and correct placement of furniture and fixtures, your condo can feel airy and comfortable.

There are plenty of ways to “open up” your living space by using illusions to make your condo in Sta Rosa come off much larger than it actually is. Thanks to professional tips, It does not take a magician or an interior designer to achieve this.

One way of visually enlarging your space is with the use of mirrors. Mirrors reflect light and space. The depth that this generates creates the illusion that the room is larger than it is. Properly placed mirrors also reflect natural and artificial light, making your condo look spacious, more open, and brighter. Another way is by using oversized drapes. Hang them above your window, preferably stretch them from the floor to the ceiling to make your headroom seem larger. Aside from the illusion it provides, pairing it with polished holdbacks gives a dramatic and opulent look to your interior, creating a luxury finish. When it comes to decor, a good practice is to leave plenty of space in between paintings or furniture. Overstuffing space will make your condo feel small and make it uncomfortable to be in. Transparent furniture and floating shelves give an illusion of more floor space, making it a good idea to incorporate when designing your condo.

With the proper placement of the right furniture and accessories, even the smallest spaces can feel commodious.

Add Some Greenery

Research shows that being surrounded by nature is one of the best ways to improve your mood. Instead of taking regular trips to the garden to take a breath, adding plants to your decor can do wonders for your mental well-being. Houseplants dramatically alter the ambiance of a home. Aside from its many health benefits, greenery adds beauty and value to your space. A single houseplant can elevate your decor. Dress up the empty spaces in your home with some natural enhancements. It may be herbs that you may use in the kitchen or plants that help purify the air you breathe.

Houseplants require minimal care and offer a myriad of benefits. It reduces stress, boosts creativity, and improves your sense of well-being. It also serves as a natural air purifier, as it filters the pollutants in the air, making it a perfect addition to your condo in Sta. Rosa.

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