Just like how you take care of your body to maintain its optimal and correct functions, taking care of your house is very important. After all, it’s what protects you from the harsh elements of the outside and it’s your sanctuary after a long day’s work. So making sure that it’s optimal for living and feels good to stay in is a priority.

However, taking care of your home is more than just making sure that your roof isn’t falling apart or that your surfaces are thoroughly shined. It can be a very fulfilling venture if you’re doing it right and a relatively challenging task if not done optimally. Here are Greenfield’s tips for taking care of your home in Laguna.

Organize Everything

When living in a home, whether with a small family or on your lonesome,  there’s bound to be a modicum of chaos. Luckily, thanks to the power of technology and a bunch of shelves and closets, you can make sense of the madness.

Items need to be organized according to their respective uses and where they belong. For instance, cleaning items such as sanitizing solutions, mops, vacuum cleaners should have a specific storage area and should be labeled accordingly. The same can be said for hardware tools if you’re into DIY and gardening tools if you like tending to flora.

When it comes to the workplace, it’s important to have mobile devices sequestered in your desk drawer to avoid distraction (unless it’s part of your work). Having pens and paper stored on one side of your table that’s easily accessible is great if you need to take notes.

Lastly, in terms of maintaining your home’s utilities, it’s important to have a checklist to help you keep track of when you need to have them checked. For example, your electric wiring or your water pipes need to be regularly maintained in order for them to function properly. Having an organized checklist aids you by telling you when you should call a plumber or an electrician.

Sanitize Everything

With a global pandemic still raging, it’s important to be vigilant about sanitizing your home. Having a bottle spray of alcohol or bleach to regularly clean surfaces or things that you regularly use with your hands is important.

Another thing you can do is determine high-traffic areas where you or your family members normally pass by. As an example, the entrances to your home should be sanitized on an almost daily basis, particularly if you have someone coming in from the outside regularly. It helps to have a bottle of alcohol ready near those areas too. It goes without saying that you need to keep shoes, flip flops and any other kind of footwear you wore going out on the outside premises of your home.

When it comes to surfaces, if you’re not worried about your furniture or table eroding in terms of aesthetics, then feel free to use strong sanitizing solutions. If you are, look through some options online for less harsher solutions.

Adapt Minimalism

Having a home that has a very little space and is filled with a lot of unnecessary knick knacks can lead to stress. This stems not only from the fact that you need to clean and organize these things, but also just not seeing enough space to move on. Getting rid of the clutter doesn’t only help you maintain your home, it helps your mental health.

The solution? Determine the items that spark joy and keep those. Dispose of the rest that don’t necessarily add value to your life. Marie Kondo, Japanese organizing consultant, author, and TV show host, came up with this wonderful philosophy when organizing a home. It’s been used as an important tenet when adapting a minimalist lifestyle ever since.

It also helps to get multipurpose furniture like sofa beds and tables that can double as containers. They’re not only trendy, they’re also very much functional in that they help you store smaller items.

Coordinate With Your Property Manager

It also helps to coordinate with your property manager if there’s anything that you need to look out for regarding your utilities or your physical home. After all, they know the land and helped build your home on it.

It’s also a sign of good faith on the part of the developer to have property managers assist you in case you need help. One kind of assistance is having an on-site team of electricians or plumbers help in case you need to have your wiring or plumbing adjusted.

If you’re looking for a home to take care of in Laguna, feel free to visit https://greenfield.com.ph/ for more information. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, send a message to: inquire@greenfield.com.ph.