Whether it’s getting a new house and lot, or securing a condo in Laguna, purchasing their first property is considered as one of the biggest decisions in a person’s life. When this happens, the role played in household shifts as responsibilities such as planning, budgeting and other decision-making tasks are instantly bestowed upon young parents who were previously accustomed to being sheltered and provided for. This phase is usually the start of creating  a foundation of a budding family and, from here on, new memories and milestones are made and accomplished.

Growing up, it was accustomed that the ideal family home is a modest house and lot in a residential subdivision located in the heart of the metro. Of course, given the rapid changes and increase in both foot and car traffic, there’s this demand of moving into less congested regions. Within the Greater Manila Area  The congestion this brings tends to make aspiring FIlipino families see it more beneficial and practical to raise their children in condominiums and homes away from the busy metro.

Laguna is an excellent choice to start a family as it offers a very good balance between living a relaxed suburban life and having the modern-day conveniences the metro has. It has been branded as one of the most prosperous industrial hubs of the country over the recent years, making it a target for most investors and job hunters. The city is also surrounded by mountains and hot springs as well as commercial establishments appealing to those who want to work, play, or unwind with their family over the weekends

If you hail from the metro, you might find that living in Laguna will surely appeal to you. From being surrounded with wonders of nature amidst its state of the art local facilities, to being relatively accessible to your loved ones because of major roads (SLEX, etc), Laguna strikes the perfect balance between the busy city and the quiet provincial town. Here are a few reasons why getting a condo in Laguna is the best place to start a family.

Easy access to wants and needs 

When starting a family, It is important to consider accessibility to important places such as banks, groceries, schools, hospitals and commercial or business establishments. This will be beneficial for all members of the family as it minimizes the time spent in transit and provides more time in daily activities such as children going to class, parents going to work, and families going to shop. Having lesser commute time also gives families more opportunities to bond and connect with their individual members.

Laguna, being a 45-minute drive away from Metro Manila, keeps families within a short and safe distance away from the roaring traffic of the city life with the help of the South Luzon Expressway. As an excellent example, Zadia in Greenfield City enables families to keep up with the active city life while keeping relaxed and tranquil with its beautiful surroundings. Everything is within reach as Zadia is built next to lifestyle centers with easy access to Tagaytay, one of the more popular holiday towns in the country.

Zadia is located in Greenfield City, a 400-hectare self-sustaining network of residential, commercial, industrial and recreational communities. Within it is the Sta Rosa Business Park which is set to nest multiple corporate establishments, providing residents with job opportunities without having to be far away from their families. Nearby the property as well is a shopping district with restaurants and outlet stores.

Key areas around Zadia are accessible within a short drive. There are nearby hospitals such as Asian Hospital, Medical Center and Medical City South Luzon which is only a 6 minute drive away. This provides very easy access in the advent of emergencies. Parents get to worry less about where to enroll their children as there are also various schools nearby such as St. Scholastica’s College, DLSU Canlubang, Don Bosco, Brent International School, Xavier School, Mirian College and the upcoming UST Sta. Rosa. The closeness of schools allow parents to focus more on their child’s academics.  Bonding time can also be maximized as the property is also nearby commercial areas such as Paseo Outlets, Laguna Central, Shopwise, SM Sta. Rosa and Robinsons Sta Rosa. With all these neighboring establishments, time saved in traffic can be converted to time spent with the family.

So if you’re looking for the ideal place that can bring you the modern day conveniences known in the metro without having to suffer heavy traffic and severe congestion, Zadia is for you.

A Healthy and Safe environment 

Security is a valid concern for any individual who’s looking to own a home. When choosing a place to live in, it is a must to look for amenities and facilities that provide security for its residents. Ideally, a safe property to live in houses features such as CCTV cameras, fire prevention systems, backup power generators, and property and security management officers to ensure the safety of the surroundings. Gated communities make great choices given the sense of security it can provide their residents.

Aside from security features, health and wellness are also factors that come into consideration. Living away from the noise and pollution are ideal for families as these carry a strong impact in the long run. Look for properties that promote sustainable development to ensure an eco-friendly lifestyle because it helps provide a better quality of life among residents.

Patterned after a park-living concept, Greenfield City’s self sustaining community has devoted more than 80% of its area to tree-lined roads, parks, playgrounds and green open spaces, inhibiting a “greenspired” lifestyle among its residents. With its pedestrian friendly streets, living an active lifestyle is promoted among the residents of Zadia. All needs and wants of each one is within walking distance surrounded by the refreshing backdrop of nature.

Having lush green parks and modern amenities including an outdoor tennis court, a pool, a centralized clubhouse, and spacious multipurpose courts, families get to run, play, unwind and enjoy life amidst the lush greenery and breathtaking sights without worrying about safety and security.

The property is monitored by the property management team and has 24-hour security which watches over the residents’ safety. Apart from this, Zadia’s buildings are ready for all sorts of untoward incidents and calamities as they are equipped with a standby electric generator, a sewage treatment facility, and an underground drainage.

An Intimate Space 

As the saying goes, focus on quality over quantity. If you’re new to raising a small family, big spaces aren’t really a priority, making a condo in Laguna an ideal choice to relocate to. The compact nature of a condo is designed to nurture the bond between a family by bringing them physically closer to one another.

The availability of shared amenities and common areas promote camaraderie among neighbors cultivating a strong sense of community. Residential communities nowadays normally have a homeowner’s association that organizes social activities on holidays to get the community to bond and provide a great experience for families.

Zadia offers studio type units that are great for small families on the go. With unit areas ranging from 23.65 sqm to 31 sqm, these living spaces are ideal for small startup families.

Being surrounded by greenery, families feel intimately secluded from the busy surroundings, allowing them to maximize time together, embraced by nature as its buildings and amenities are covered in lush foliage. This makes Zadia in Greenfield City, a condo in Laguna an ideal place to start a family.

Enjoy quality time with your family in a luxuriant urban paradise embraced by nature. To own a part of Zadia in Greenfield City, feel free to visit this web page: https://greenfield.com.ph/project/zadia/.