Maintaining your house and lot in Laguna achieves two things: 1) it makes your home conducive for living, thus improving your quality of life and 2) it helps you avoid potential problems in the future that involve utilities or your health. This of course needs to be done on a regular basis and while there are many kinds of maintenance tasks, there’s one that, if done correctly and consistently, can do wonders for both your home and your experience of it.

Cleaning, as in sweeping the floors, sanitizing surfaces and the like may be considered trivial and small. But at regular and consistent intervals, it can achieve more than a day or two of general spring cleaning. Of course, as with most good things, developing this otherwise healthy habit can be challenging but not impossible. Here’s how you can regularly conduct daily cleaning in your home.

It’s All About Mindset

As mentioned above, it’s important to turn cleaning and maintenance into a habit. And just like with all healthy and often hard to build habits, it takes some time, consistency and emotional impact to achieve.

The secret of course is to have a mindset that leads to the desired outcome. What are you doing and why are you doing it for? Is it simply so you have a more comfortable home, or is it because you care for your family’s health and want to keep everything clean? Could it be both?

Start With Your Bedroom

To make things easier when creating a habit, start with your bedroom. If you can, whenever you wake up, make your bed. Fold your blankets and sheets so they’re neatly placed above your sleeping area. Then proceed to smooth out the edges, fluff up your pillows, and arrange whatever it is that needs arranging on your bed.

Afterwards, you can wipe your bedside table clean with either a readily available microfiber rag or just a moist tissue. You can also take whatever is on it like a book or a glass and put it in its proper place (like the shelf or the kitchen sink).

Grab a broom and dustpan and start sweeping your floor and grabbing whatever dust, dirt or whatever waste you have on there. Get rid of whatever you sweeped in the trash can and get on with your day.

Take It One Room At A Time

When it comes to cleaning your home, depending on how big it is and how many items are in it, it can get a little overwhelming. If you feel this way, it’s time to have a direct strategy as to how to approach cleaning your home. More often than not, the divide and conquer tactic works.

Make a list of all the rooms in your house, with each one getting progressively bigger. After you clean your bedroom, you can potentially move to your bathroom/s. Then move to the kitchen, the shed, the garage and then the living room.

Of course, you also have to consider foot traffic. So maybe save the living room or paths in your home last when doing routine cleaning.

Move Towards The Living Area

The living area (the living room) can be a little challenging to clean because of a variety of reasons. But this is mostly because it sees the most foot traffic at home that comes from the outside and it’s where people hang out a majority of the time.

So before you start cleaning the living room, ask the people in it to vacate the area and to take with them whatever they brought with them. Clean the surfaces of centerpiece tables, side tables, the couches and other pieces of furniture. If your floor is carpeted, start using your vacuum cleaner to get rid of dirt and dust.

Pay Special Attention To Your Kitchen

The place where you clean and make your feed can sometimes be considered the dirtiest place in your home. So make sure that you put special attention to it whenever possible. Make sure that you get rid of organic waste properly (through the proper waste receptacle) and on a regular basis. In fact, whenever you can, take it out of the kitchen and outside where the rubbish bin is located.

Make sure that your dishes are cleaned and dried after you’ve washed them. Keeping them dry helps to avoid having bacteria, grime or fungi grow on them. Lastly, make sure that you sanitize your kitchen’s surfaces with all-purpose cleaner and a good rag. This inhibits the growth of grime and other potentially harmful organisms in your kitchen.

Keep Your Bathroom Squeaky Clean

Just like the other parts of your home, your bathroom needs special attention every day too. It’s not enough to just flush every time you use the toilet, you need to make sure that the floor and surfaces are clean.

Just like your kitchen dishes, make sure that the floors and surfaces of your bathroom are as dry as they can be. Having them moist can encourage the growth of bacteria, fungi and other potentially hazardous organisms that can not only affect your bathroom’s physical appearance, they can affect your health too.

Get Your Family Or Roommates Involved

Of course, if you have your family and;/ or friends involved in the daily maintenance of your home, it becomes an easier habit to build. If you have children, teaching them how to clean the floors or wipe surfaces is important because such are skills they’ll need for when they get their own home. It also teaches the value of responsibility and accountability.

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