With the pandemic problem slowly becoming a thing of the past, companies have started summoning their employees back to the office. Of course, some things from the last two years won’t really go away like social distancing, wearing masks and, to some extent, working from home.

Perhaps no other term describes the back-to-office-or-work-from-home situation better than the “new normal”. In an effort to lessen risk, companies will have employees shift schedules of who goes to the office and who works from home. This hybrid approach is great for companies whose industries require professionals to be present in the actual workplace. It’s also a great option for those who have jobs that belong to the IT and BPO industries because, more often than not, all that’s needed when working, all that’s needed is a computer and an Internet connection. This, plus companies having to go online and adapt to the trend is slowly establishing that this “new normal” concept isn’t just a trend and it’s not going to go away in the next few years. In the same breath, you can say the same for working remotely.

The pros and cons of working from home are diverse and are somehow dependent on the context. For instance, if you’re living alone and don’t have to share your Internet connection with anyone else, working from home can be economically advantageous. If, however, you do live with your family, that just means you get to spend more precious time with them because you don’t have to travel long distances to get to and from work. Both of these contexts have their own respective disadvantages of course, but for the most part, just not having to spend time outside to risk exposure from the dreaded COVID-19 virus might be worth that inconvenience

Regardless of whether you share a hybrid schedule of working from home and in your office, it’s practical to have a remote office. Here are a few things you need to remember to create an optimal remote working setup in your condo in Sta Rosa.

Set Up A Separate Space For Work

First and foremost, have a separate space for your remote office. Not only will this help you create a clear mental delineation between life and work, it also helps you focus on work. Simulate how your workplace is designed – different areas for different people, different offices for different departments. In the case of Zadia, a partition of curtains and/ or a makeshift wall will do.

The reason why it’s considered a best practice to have a separate place for work is because, over the course of the pandemic, 41% of people reported to have been more stressed compared to working from the office. The solution is to just mentally and physically establish this boundary and having a space for work does exactly that.

Invest In Office Equipment

When it comes to your work equipment, getting chairs and tables that you’d normally see in your office is a sound strategy. However, if you want the optimal experience, you’ll need upgraded versions of these. As a start, your work chair should not only be comfortable, it should also be ergonomic. This means that  it helps you maintain a healthy posture for your back, neck and head. For your table, a regular office table would do so long as it has the space to hold all the items you need for work.

If your company has issued you a laptop or any mobile device for work, feel free to upgrade when you can. For example, while most laptops have built in keyboards, getting an ergonomic one will help lessen the burden on your wrist. The same goes with your laptop’s mouse.

When it comes to sound quality, it’s important to invest in headsets that come with a good mic. Not only are these great for when you’re having calls, it’s also good to have them in case you want to listen to music when you work.

If your work from home setup is heavily dependent on Internet connectivity, it might make sense to have a backup connection. After all, depending on the Internet service provider, the weather or the infrastructure in the area, intermittent Internet connection issues can potentially ruin your momentum at work. The solution to this, of course, is to have a backup in case of emergency.

You can also get a soft light desk lamp in order to help keep your eyes and mental health in check. Given that natural light has proven therapeutic benefits, having it come in through your window can alleviate eye stress and mental anxiety. If you don’t have a window, a soft light desk should be an excellent replacement.

Last, but most certainly not least, have a whiteboard posted somewhere in your office to help you visualize facets of your work. While it’s true that you can do the same in your computer, having a physical whiteboard that you can touch and veer your eyes to whenever they feel tired can really help.

Maintain Regularly

Of course, just like any other part of your condo in Sta Rosa, your remote setup requires constant maintenance. If you want to feel comfortable at work and stay focused on your tasks, it’s important that any physical dirt or irregularity be handled consistently.

Before you start work, wipe your table’s surfaces so that any accumulated dust gets cleaned off. Whenever possible (during lunch or short breaks), use a vacuum cleaner or a broom to sweep up dirt and grime from the floor or any other surfaces where they may occur. Lastly, when you’re able to end your workday, do the same thing you did when you started your day: clean your work surfaces.

Maintaining your workstation is more than just the floor, walls, tables and chairs however. It also involves your computer and other electronic devices. If you feel like any of your electrical or digital devices are showing signs of malfunctioning, have an electrician or specialist check on them.

Take Regular Breaks

It’s always advisable to have multiple breaks from work in order to refresh your mental state. You can take a walk outside or just take a quick nap away from your workstation. If you live in a place like Zadia whose lush greenery is a sight for sore eyes, you can take a leisurely stroll across the development or just take advantage of its different amenities.

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