To make the most of your condo in Mandaluyong’s intimate spaces, it is important that your things are organized and your space is free from clutter.

If you’re struggling and need guidance on how to declutter, you’ll need to get creative with your plans. Here are several interesting decluttering tips to get you started on decluttering your condo in Mandaluyong

Set a Cleaning Day

Just as you have to schedule appointments or allot time for important aspects of your life, consider cleaning as one of them, and allot a whole day for it. As simple as this step sounds, when left neglected, it can easily lead to you pushing it further, allowing the mess at home to continue to grow.

Set a date that works for you and commits to it. At least do this once a month and plan it routinely to ensure that you can prepare ahead of time by getting the supplies you need, formulating how you will clean your condo, and avoiding procrastinating in this activity. You will thank yourself later as you get this in your monthly routine.

Start Tidying What’s Visible

Now that the day of cleaning comes, it’s time to get your cleaning gear on. When it’s time to start decluttering, collectively looking at all the mess around your home can be daunting at first. The hardest part is starting or determining where to start, and the process may become so overwhelming to think about that you continue to put it off.

To avoid that, think of decluttering just like taking on any task. Begin slowly with baby steps until you get into your rhythm. Just start organizing what you can see is a problem, and before you know it, you’ll start to notice other inefficiencies in your condo that you would have never noticed before. Just start doing it, and eventually, the ball will keep rolling as you go.

Use the “4 Box Approach”

When you have trouble figuring out what to dispose of and what is worth keeping, you can’t go wrong with the 4-box approach when cleaning. This method is as simple as it is effective.

Get four boxes and label them: trash, give away, keep, or relocate. Scan every corner of your home and place each item into one of the following boxes. Don’t skip a single item, no matter how insignificant you may think it is. This may take days, weeks, or months, but it will help you see how many items you own and you’ll know exactly what to do with each item.

Using this method saves you time and energy when it comes to figuring out what to do with all of your items.

Ensure Each Space Has A Purpose

Although much of “declutter your home” guides will advise you to be creative, there are times when you should stick to the basics. One of the most important rules of organizing is that every space should serve its intended purpose. This is much more important for condo units, given their intimate spaces.

For example, there should be ample room on a coffee table for you to put down a cup of coffee. A nightstand shouldn’t display much more than a lamp, a book, and maybe a wireless charger for your device/s. Don’t get too creative and try to keep your utensils in a large cup on your dining room table if your kitchen has several drawers you can use. Keep it basic and don’t overdo it too much. Remember, less is more when it comes to decluttering.

Avoid Clutter with Furniture that Doubles as Storage

A Great way to keep your condo in Mandaluyong free from clutter is to keep your things stored properly. Everything at home needs a proper storage place, but large plastic storage bins don’t exactly tie a room together.

Thankfully, you can find plenty of furniture options these days that are multi-functional. Many furniture pieces like ottomans and bedframes can open up and reveal storage spaces perfect for any extra items particular to that room.

If it’s your common area, you could store consoles and unused cables and cords. In your bedroom, store extra sheets, some clothes, and personal items.

Explore the Use of Hooks and Pockets

If you have too much stuff and your extra things lying around won’t fit in an ottoman or other furniture pieces, then it’s time to get creative and venture out. Using hooks and pockets that hang from the wall can give you extra storage space you never would have had on the ground.

Shoe racks, clothes racks, and hanging closets are all great options for extra storage. Hanging items from pockets and hooks also gives you the chance to show some creativity and make some choices that make your condo in Mandaluyong more aesthetically pleasing. Your collection of caps, kicks, or handbags can double as decorative items for your walls.

Hold Back on Getting New Things Unless You Have a Place for Them.

If you are a fan of the monthly sale of Lazada and Shopee, this tip is definitely for you. But, if you want to succeed in your quest for getting your condo organized, then you mustn’t buy any new home items until you have completely organized your home.

The reason this is so important is that when you organize, you need to formulate a plan. Just like you, everything you own needs to have a home of its own at the end of the day, and it can be hard to continue to find a home for everything if new items keep entering the fray.

Hold off on buying new things until you have organized everything you already have, no matter how good the deal may seem appealing at the moment. Then, once everything has a home, you can easily get more of these things that you think are still missing.

Take a Photo of Items That You Need To Get Rid Of

This is a hard dilemma for most people when they try to declutter. Unable to justify keeping an item but feel bad about letting it go? If you want to keep the memories of an item that needs to be thrown out, just take a picture of it. Especially if the item is no longer in use for you and just adds to clutter at home like an old piece of furniture that might break down any time, or those old clothes that you have outgrown and have no one to give to in your household.

You can keep a collection of photos for all of your sentimental items so that when you want to take a trip down memory lane, you can browse through a collection of photos so you can relive these moments without it being a hindrance to your condo.

With these Eight tips on decluttering and keeping your condo in Mandaluyong free from clutter, be able to maximize the space in your home.

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