With the rapid population growth and urbanization around the world, developers focus on creating housing products that are more space-efficient such as convertible furniture and micro-apartments in order to keep pace with the rising demographic changes. Countries maximize their residential space by absorbing more people while keeping costs affordable, and not compromising their comfort and privacy. One of the ways to accomplish this is through the development of apartments and condominiums.

Compared to other countries within South East Asia, the Philippines is experiencing faster growth in population. As one of the world’s fastest urbanizing countries, urban areas in the country present their own challenges. The increasing volume of traffic and prices of land in Metro Manila have directed the growing movement of development to the surrounding areas of the NCR, resulting in more citizens relocating to areas within the Greater Manila Area. With the ability to keep pace with the modernization while keeping a lower population density compared to Metro Manila, many homebuyers purchase residential properties in cities in the Greater Manila Area such as Laguna.

Given that, it is a wise choice to invest in a condo in Laguna. Being accustomed to detached housing, some first-time condo owners find it challenging to adjust to downsizing their property. One of the biggest changes for them to adapt to is the limited personal space condominiums offer. Due to shared amenities and common areas, residents are left with a smaller private area, which may initially be alarming to some. With the help of some methods, there are ways to maximize your condo’s space and make it appear bigger. Here are tips on how to save more space in your condo in Laguna.

Extending Visual Space Through Landscapes 

People tend to feel cramped up by seeing small spaces with low ceilings. Research shows that there are some people who find it difficult to carry on tasks or work in the same area where they relax or store their belongings. These people feel trapped, restless and agitated. Rearranging your condo’s interior can help alleviate this discomfort.

Make the most out of the views from your window. Face your living areas and furniture towards the window. By doing so, the landscape or view outside your window becomes an extension of your inside space. This helps increase your perception of the room’s size. Lighting also helps create the illusion of size. By placing lights on walls and directing them to face the ceiling makes its illumination spread to the surfaces. Adding standing and desktop lamps also help spread and reflect light. Strategically placed mirrors help the illusion as well, by reflecting both natural light and the outside view.

Mind Your Colors

Professional designers stated that with the help of proper colors and lighting, spaces can appear to be larger. With its unique ability to transform any room, the proper selection of colors can set the perfect tone for your space. There are a number of tips to use color to enhance your perception of your space.

A way to best expand your space is by using clear colors.  A palette of sharper colors such as hot red or electric blue in design pieces at home with ample distancing from each other enhances a space’s clarity and openness. Another technique is by coloring unexpected accents. Bringing splashes of color to window sills or the inside of a bookshelf creates depth in a room, making it appear more spacious by comparison. If you want a more minimalistic approach or theme, use monochromatic colors. These shades can help the room feel larger as your eyes make their way around it. Coordinate your wall paint and furniture so there is no interruption with other colors. If you want a more spacious feel in your space, paint the wall opposite your door a slightly darker shade of the color you used on it. The wall will appear to recede, adding visual space. For a higher headroom, paint vertical stripes onto your walls.

With the help of proper color themes, there is no room that can’t appear spacious with the right choice of shades.

Choose Neutral And Multi-Functional Furniture

One of the frustrations of living within a small area is not having enough room for furniture and possessions. Finding the right space for placing your appliances and belongings is a challenge given your limited space. But with the help of proper design and layout, even the smallest spaces can feel big. One of the most effective ways to create space where there isn’t any is by using multi-functional furniture.

Thanks to modern innovation and design, Furniture designs have become more accommodating to small living spaces. By using the right furniture, you will be able to utilize your space more efficiently. Just like people,  pieces of furniture can also multitask within your condo. In today’s modern interior design, multi-functional furniture has become a standard in designing a home. Because they serve multiple purposes while occupying a smaller amount of space, these pieces of furniture help reduce clutter, which is the bane of every small home. By taking away an excessive number of pieces in a room, it allows you to keep your space tidy which in turn makes your space more inviting and efficient. By eliminating the need to purchase multiple pieces of furniture since you have a single piece that can perform the functions of two or more of them, multi-function furniture saves you money as well.

Try and fill your condo in Laguna with these space-saving pieces of furniture. There are myriad options for multi-function furniture for small spaces, with surprising innovations mixed in. Instead of having a couch and a bed, opt for sofa beds, these are ideal for condos and their limited spaces as these durable double-duty pieces of furniture can be used as a couch during the day and can easily transition to a bed with a few folds. As you wake up from your sleep and prepare to head out for the day, it’s natural to look in the mirror to make sure your hair is brushed up properly, instead of taking trips back to the bathroom or having multiple extra standing mirrors, invest in a shelf that doubles as a body mirror. These shelves also come with hooks, making them ideal to be placed by your door, where you can take a last look at yourself before leaving as you get your keys. Whether you need more space to work, accommodate guests, or store your belongings in, multi-functional furniture is a must-have for your condo unit.

Maximize your space with these tips and live without having to worry about space in your condo in Laguna.

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