During these post-pandemic times, the criteria for choosing a home have changed. Since remote work is a norm now, people tend to leave the overcrowded streets of Metro Manila and relocate elsewhere. A common choice is within the Greater Manila Area, where cities are as developed with the absence of too much congestion and traffic. Within the GMA, a great city to consider living in is Laguna. Known for its rich heritage and vibrant economy, many people decide to purchase their first home here.

With a friendlier price range compared to single-family homes and the presence of amenities available to use, condo units are an excellent choice for first-time buyers. One of the first things to consider when looking for a condominium is how much it sells. Instead of spending money to have a unit appraised, there are factors you can look into that will help you expertly appraise a condo for sale in laguna.


In the real estate world, the infamous quote “location, location, location” is an almost overused phrase coined in 1944 that emphasizes that where a home is located is the most important factor in its value. These values are correlated to variables such as accessibility to schools, hospitals, and commercial developments, neighborhood, traffic, socio-economic level, and proximity to green areas, among others.

An ideal location is subjective to different home buyers, depending on their needs and preferences. But when it comes to appraisal, there are objective factors that determine value. When choosing a condo for sale, the city or town where you choose to live will affect how much the property will cost. Since land is a finite resource, look for areas that have room for expansion. These areas would usually cost less compared to fully developed cities. Aside from this, the future amenities in an area help improve property value. Plans for commercial development, new schools, hospitals, and civic structures dramatically increase property value in an area, turning your condo purchase into a good investment.

Investing in a condo for sale in Laguna is a smart choice, especially when considering its location. Hailed as the Lion City of the South, its thriving and roaring economy is compared to that of the King of the Jungle. Laguna has one of the fastest-growing economies in the Philippines. It houses the headquarters of the country’s major corporations such as Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines, Mitsubishi Inc, Monde Nissin Corp., Santa Elena Golf Club, and the country’s first world-class theme park, Enchanted Kingdom. Aside from this, the city is home to multiple industrial estates such as Laguna Technopark, Sta Rosa IT Park, Toyota Special Economic Zone, and Greenfield Auto Park. These estates have provided employment opportunities to almost 90,000 people and contributed 7.9 Million USD to our country’s export earnings.

Size and Layout 

Size matters. This statement is true when it comes to estimating your future home’s market value. The value of a property is estimated based on its price per square meter. This value is derived from the sales price divided by the square meter of the home. It is a general rule that as the size increases, the price increases. The price per square meter can greatly vary depending on the other factors discussed in this list.

Aside from the square meter of the property, a condo for sale’s usable space is also taken into consideration when determining the value. Parking spaces are generally not included in computing for usable space. Livable spaces are usually what matters most when appraising a condo unit for sale. If the developer maximizes the livable space in a condo, buyers get more value from it. Another factor in pricing a condo for sale by size is the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. The more beds and baths in a property, the higher its price.

Another factor that affects a condo for sale’s value is the layout and how it flows. It is the first thing you will notice as you enter the property. Units with a balcony, especially those with a good view of the surroundings tend to have a higher price tag than those facing another unit. Aside from the size, in high-rise condo units, the higher floor the unit is in, the higher the price it will sell for.


Amenities are important to a property’s value. Well-kept amenities indicate a stronger and cleaner community. Properties with state-of-the-art features and desirable amenities normally have a higher value. Many condos for sale offer amenities for their residents. Usually, home seekers see amenities as make-or-break decisions when considering a home.

Depending on a property’s location, the most desirable amenities differ. Some condos have basketball courts, pools for both adults and kids, a gym, clubhouses or function rooms, and function halls. These amenities are social spots within the property and are extensions to your unit which normally come with a team who manages and keeps track of its management and upkeep.

Aside from the physical amenities in a condo for sale, proximity to the everyday necessities of homeowners is one of the sought-after amenities that affect a condo property’s value. Research states that in 2021, millennials made about 43% of real estate purchases, making them the largest home-buying generation in the market. Their generation leans towards condo units that are pedestrian-friendly, giving them walkable access to grocery stores, work, school, and outdoor activities. With that being said, the presence of commercial establishments within a walking radius increases the value of a property.

A condo unit for sale with state-of-the-art amenities located close to wants and leisure can boast higher appraisal values.

With the following factors to look into when considering the value of a condo for sale in Laguna, one could be more confident in getting the most value for their money when choosing which property to buy.

Homebuyers get to experience the best of both worlds in Zadia,  a 3.6-hectare five-building low-density condominium development located in Greenfield City. Here, residents get to revamp their lifestyle through green living. The property itself is a green land, surrounded by lush greenery from its landscapes and open fields to its green interiors.

Amidst the tranquil surroundings that turn you away from distraction,  residents still manage to keep up with the active city life. Located at the heart of Greenfield City, Zadia is likewise situated close to Paseo, Laguna Central, Arcadia, Nuvali, and Villar Malls, restaurants, bars, cafes and outlet stores, and shopping bargains. This catches the attention of millennial homebuyers, providing their needs and wants within a close distance.

Ideal for individuals on the go or starting families, Zadia has studio units ranging from 23.65 sqm to 31 sqm. Combined studio units are also available for homebuyers who opt for bigger unit cuts. These units can be turned into a 1 bedroom layout, providing space for a living room and a private space for personal affairs.

The property houses amenities such as an indoor and outdoor basketball court, a tennis court,  a bustling clubhouse, a sparkling pool, and a spacious play area.

To learn more about this exquisite property that gives buyers more value for their buck, visit their website by clicking here.