To achieve balance in life, everything must be done in moderation. Both work and play need to be regulated to maintain this balance. A little too much play, and you may fall short of your goals. With too much work, you may feel too stressed to appreciate the little things in life.

Too much stress exhausts the mind, impairing people’s creative flow, dulling their train of thought and strategic thinking, and leaving workers unmotivated and most likely to eventually leave their job. From a business owner’s perspective, this greatly affects income, as it draws costs for factors such as absenteeism, assignment turnovers, and dwindling productivity. Identifying and reducing burnout in the workplace is crucial for keeping employees and looking after their overall well-being. Since people spend a big amount of their day at the workplace, it is beneficial to learn about practices that manage and reduce burnout, as engaged employees drive real results which are always good for the people, and definitely better for the business.

Hailed as the country’s “Tiger City” due to its dramatic economical rise, Mandaluyong’s promising economic growth attracts businesses to house their offices around the area. When working within its busy streets it is crucial that stress levels are regulated so that employees can foster a great work-life balance no matter how hard their day may be. With that being said, one must learn how to cure burnout in the office. Here are some tips on how to have fun in your office for lease in Mandaluyong.

Promote A Well-Being Mindset Thru Recovery Time

Stressors have different ways of impacting people. How they think or deal with being stressed affects their ability to cope and recover from it. Stress is generally subjective, some get excited with that “fight or flight” response when faced with it, and others get enfeebled. Find the difference between Acute stress, stressors that keep you motivated and Chronic stress, also known as “bad stress”. Your response to bad stress often results in both mental and physical problems, leading to burnout.

Everyone needs to take a break in order to recover. It is the most basic way to deal with bad stress. Employees who tend to push themselves too hard by going full throttle all day at work tend to end up being more unproductive in the long run, leading to burnout instead of success in accomplishing tasks. Take time to step back from work to address your well-being, and take a break when you feel too much stress crawling upon you.

The Greenfield Tower in Mandaluyong City is a 28-floor high-rise office building within a holistic urban community containing residential, commercial, and office buildings. Employees can do more with their recovery time as there are various conveniences within the building that employees can enjoy without having to step out of the office. Its lower ground floor has multiple commercial establishments, and its top floor houses a signature restaurant.

Develop Productivity Through Social Connections

People are socially-oriented creatures who rely on interaction and connection to strive and survive. The more an individual relies on somebody else’s support system, the better off they tend to be. Social support has positive effects that can fend off stress, promote health, well-being, and engagement. In a work setting, these benefits translate into better work performance.

Work relationships play a big role in an employee’s well-being. Most full-time employees spend countless hours in the office, which is why relationships help manage stress levels and keep general feelings of positivity. This does not only play a role in better performance, but it is also beneficial for the employee’s health.

One of the perks of having a strong social connection within the workplace is increased happiness, as it is said thatone of the ways we can make ourselves happy and feel more fulfilled in our workplaces is to build friendships with the people that work with us”. Another perk is having a less stressful environment. No person under stress performs his or her best, which makes this very beneficial to the workplace. Employees with friends or social connections at work tend to involve themselves more and be loyal to their work. A good working relationship among peers helps develop a culture that emphasizes respect, loyalty, and trust among workmates. Employees who maintain a good social connection become more dedicated and motivated in the workplace, driving productivity.

Located within the Greenfield District, the Greenfield Tower is surrounded by multiple establishments that can promote socializing, especially among co-workers.  Bond as a team outside the office walls with various activities around the district that can be enjoyed with your office peers.Regularly have team lunches in one of the restaurants around as Greenfield District is a popular culinary destination. With an array of popular choices such as Yellow Cab, Starbucks, Pancake House, and Wendy’s. Fill your belly with food and drink while you empty out the stress earlier in the day.

Commemorate milestones, and celebrate victories as there is plenty of room to celebrate around Greenfield District. Take a trip to the Greenfield District Central Park, or take your colleagues out to the strip of bars and restaurants such as Blackwood Bistro, Ramen Bar, Habib Persian Cuisine, and the District Food Truck Fest at the area and at the Mayflower Parking as celebrations and recognitions motivate employees to achieve more goals.

With the plethora of ways to connect with each other, Greenfield Tower is an office for lease in Mandaluyong that definitely drives social connection through easy transport.

Conduct Team Buildings And Vacations

Studies show that taking time away from the job can have various positive effects such as stress reduction, improved productivity, and a lower risk of heart-related diseases. Taking time away from the usually busy environment tends to make you feel better and reduce your burnout, keeping you more creative and productive rather than overworked and under-rested.

Vacations among office mates can be maximized by incorporating team-building activities.  Fun team-building exercises can be a great way to bring colleagues together while taking a breather from the busy office walls. There are a number of excellent activities for cultivating a sense of unity and camaraderie among employees such as sports fests, out-of-town barbeques, escape rooms, and outdoor games. Team building exercises should be used to help colleagues unwind, have some fun and build connections.

Located less than 200 meters away from EDSA and Shaw Boulevard, Greenfield Tower is accessible to various locations, making it easy for colleagues to travel collectively, whether via public transport or private vehicles. It is accessible to and from mass transportation systems such as the Metro Rail Transit 3 (MRT) and provincial or city buses. Regardless of where the team wants to hold its getaway, the location of Greenfield tower makes it easier to get there.

With its accessible location, neighboring establishments, and future-ready design, getting burned out will no longer be a problem for employees working in Greenfield Tower. To learn more about how to have fun within this state-of-the-art office for lease in Mandaluyong, visit this web page.