Pests are a major concern for homeowners everywhere. They can do a lot of damage to a range of things – from the household itself, to the people who consider that place a home. These threats also range from mild nuisances like damaged woodwork and itchy skin, to life-threatening dangers like dengue and lyme disease.

In the same way people from residential homes are in danger of these pests, office workers and employers need to be wary of pests in the workplace. Apart from the dangers mentioned above, it can also be a disruptor in your employees’ productivity. Imagine having to go to the pantry and see a cockroach fly around – that’s going to have to account for extended breaks and people taking their food to their work stations. That action will prompt food bits to go into the working floor, prompting cockroaches to swarm there – total chaos. There’s also the matter of employee reviews which could severely affect your company’s name and reputation.

So the best thing to do when you’re faced with the threat of pests? Prevent and eliminate them from your place of work. Here are a couple of tips you can follow to keep them away from your office for lease in Mandaluyong.

Recognize The Office Ecosystem

An ecosystem is, by definition, a biological system of living organisms that interact together and with the environment they’re placed in. In the workplace, it doesn’t only span your employees and yourself, it also covers creatures like office plants and insects. Knowing how this system works allows you to make informed decisions about how you can affect it without disrupting the balance.

For an office ecosystem however, invasive species like cockroaches, house flies and mosquitoes are harmful for your employees. This is why they’re known as pests – they’re unwanted and need to be eliminated. Otherwise, they’ll cause all sorts of disruptions and that can potentially result in consequences that can pose a threat to your business.

Food Placement And Consumption Matters

If there’s anything that attracts creatures, regardless whether they’re pests or people, it’s the existence of food. Think of it this way: remember the last time you treated your employees to pizza or some other celebratory food item? Apart from the milestone or the event associated with your treat, it’s the food that brought them to one place. The same can be said for pests that can thrive in your office for lease if left unchecked.

With that being said, the best way to avoid pests is to not allow food into the office. Now it’s important to note that while it’s still a perfectly good idea to have a designated pantry in your office, the mere fact that there are food items in your office can bring pests there. At the very least, you can control their existence from a very specific part of your office.

You should prohibit your employees from eating in workstations. Food, drinks and snacks should only ever be allowed into the pantry or dining area. Food must also be stored in sealed containers to make sure that crumbs don’t fall off whenever it gets transported.

When it comes to eating food in the designated dining area or pantry, have your employees follow the Clean As You Go (CLAYGO) policy. Apart from having an additional layer of maintenance besides your janitors, it also teaches your employees the value of being aware how they affect the environment around them.

Keep Surfaces Dry And Sanitized

Whenever a person takes a drink and spills a little bit of moisture on a table or surface, apart from the risk of potentially causing a stain, it also potentially allows bacteria and other similar organisms to inhabit that surface. Where there’s bacteria, there’s organisms that consume them that can potentially harm you and your employees.

The solution? Apart from not allowing drinks into workstations and requiring your employees to drink from bottles and sealable containers, make sure to always keep surfaces dry and sanitized on a regular basis.

Take The Trash Out Daily

In terms of being environmentally aware, it’s important to segregate trash the same way you would in your household. By categorizing them into recyclable, residual and biodegradable, you more or less have an idea which kind of waste is potentially harmful to the environment and which ones can help save it.

Obviously, garbage that’s biodegradable attracts pests like cockroaches and flies. The best solution to handle this is to take the trash out on a daily basis in order to prevent these pests from getting into your office.

Buy Plants That Naturally Repel Insects

Plants are natural fixtures in the office that don’t only relieve stress and provide an otherwise lively ambiance to a corporate office, they also have the potential of repelling insects and pests. Also, they’re a better alternative to regular chemical insect repellent sprays and such.

Houseplants like marigolds, lavenders and rosemary are not only aesthetically pleasant, they repel insects like mosquitoes that are carriers of deadly diseases like dengue and malaria. They also smell great which can completely shift your office ambiance from bland corporate to lively workplace.

Hire Expert Exterminators

Of course, if there’s already an outbreak of pests in your office, the most logical thing you have to do is call exterminators. But they offer more than just kill pests – they also help prevent them.

Most pest control service firms don’t only get rid of the pests for you, they also get rid of the things that allow them to thrive in your office. They do this through pretreatment inspection, residual sprays and other professional grade chemicals that inhibit the reproduction of these pests.

Coordinate With Maintenance

Another good move to prevent pests from thriving in your office for lease in Mandaluyong is to talk to the building administrators. More often than not, they’ll help you find pest control services that can help you get rid of your pest problem. Also, by keeping the entire building well-maintained, cleaned and sanitized, they help curb the possibilities of pests existing in the area in the first place.

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