With the pandemic slowly being resolved and its effect slowly but steadily winding down, companies are starting to summon their employees back to their offices. Most companies try the hybrid method of having their people come in at scheduled intervals in order to curb the possibility of contracting and spreading the dreaded COVID-19 virus.

Others maintain that a part of their full workforce still remains at home, particularly if their tasks don’t necessarily require a physical presence. Of course, with the right enforcement procedures and a reliably obedient workforce, the fears of getting the disease can easily be alleviated.

Perhaps another pressing form of anxiety comes in the form of this “new normal”where people have to return to the office and see their colleagues after a long 2 years. This can potentially affect productivity and get in the way of your business’ bottom line. That being said, here are a few things you can do to keep your office for lease in Mandaluyong a productive place.

Establish And Enforce Regular Break Times

Often, what leads employees to have unproductive practices like browsing their phones or chatting with colleagues near the water dispenser is their short-term burnout. While it’s true that lunch serves as a momentary reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the day, it’s simply not enough.

The solution is to provide more breaks for employees to break the monotony that can otherwise be brought about by spreadsheets and tasks. It’s a proven fact that breaks help relieve stress which, in turn, helps improve productivity and performance. Work stress has also been known to contribute to cardiovascular disease, sleep disorders and fatigue, making relieving it an absolute must.

Ideally, two breaks before and after lunch is recommended, but don’t hesitate to have them go on additional breaks in case they really need it. Not only will these frequent breaks give them a breather, it’s also going to send the impression that your company cares for its employees.

Take Advantage Of Technology

When it comes to productivity, the adage “you cannot improve what you cannot measure” is a fundamental principle you ought to follow. In this regard, looking at the amount of tasks and the time it takes to finish them is a good metric when it comes to determining whether your employees are being productive or might need some help in terms of performing better.

While trusting your colleagues how much time they spent on each task is a viable strategy to determine performance, having a tool to help you with this is strongly recommended. Project Management tools like Proofhub or Trello are excellent examples of tools you can use to monitor your colleagues productivity.

If you’re doing this for the first time, look at the statistics that these tools offer and set a baseline for one month. Of course, it’s important to brief your employees on the use of these tools so they’re aware that their performance is going to be monitored more closely. After the second or third month, see how your employees have performed and check which ones need help. At the end of the day, you’re not only helping your business grow, you’re also giving your employees points of improvement.

Determine The Importance Of Meetings

One fairly important contributor to employee unproductivity is the setting of otherwise unimportant meetings. Studies have shown that meetings tend to negatively affect the workplace in general, especially if conducted inefficiently.

In order to remedy this, it’s important to determine the purpose of this meeting and ask yourself: Could this have been an email instead? If so, go ahead and email your employees and have their respective direct supervisors cascade any additional information or instructions that you might have.

Eliminate Workplace Distractions

It goes without saying that distractions kill productivity. There are many kinds of workplace distractions, but the most common ones are made by mobile phones, social media and Internet browsing. While these provide a momentary respite from work, on repeated instances, it can take a lot of time out of what otherwise might be a productive workday.

The solution to this is to have a locker installed near your workplace and to have your employees deposit their respective phones in them. Secondly, in case of emergencies, have readily available lines of communication (both landline and mobile) that their loved ones can reach. Secondly, block social networks that are irrelevant to your business – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, any social network you think will impede on work tasks.

These might seem a little bit draconian, but it’s important to let your employees know that these would also benefit them in terms of focus and productivity. In order to soften this, remind them that you’ll be giving them additional opportunities to take a break which will allow them to check on these social networks and on their loved ones.

Furnish Your Workplace With Productivity

An additional factor that affects your employee’s productivity is the kind of environment they’re in. If it looks and smells messy and disorganized, their performance might be affected so it’s important to have it cleaned and maintained on a regular basis.

You also need to make sure that your office for lease in Mandaluyong is decorated with furnishings that contribute to your employees’ creativity and productivity. For example, having blue, green, yellow and red are vibrant colors that can affect different people depending on their job description. The important part is that they feel what those colors embody and it allows them to employ it in their work.

Plants are welcome additions to the office as they provide a sense of life in a corporate setting. Of course, having flora in your office offers more than just an aesthetic change, it also helps in keeping your office well oxygenated.

Additionally, it’s strongly recommended that your chairs, tables, keyboards and virtually anything that’s utilized by the human body is ergonomically designed for comfort. Back, wrist and overall body pain can negatively impact productivity. Having ergonomic supplies helps your employees avoid these aches and pains.

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