After the pandemic hit the world in 2020, it’s an understatement to say that we  have gradually changed the way we live. Apart from the shift from office  to remote work setups, and a gradual economic shift that influenced many countries’ citizens’ well-being, there’s also been a worldwide rise in the prevalence of anxiety and depression due to the limited activity and restrictions . 

With the new normal starting to resemble more and more like the familiar “old normal”, people are getting back to their pre-pandemic lives. However, aspects of the pandemic that will remain like hybrid work schedules and remote work setups. There are  also several approaches to physical and mental health that the pandemic has taught many people. For example, you don’t need to be outdoors to keep yourself physically healthy.  Here are a few tips on how you can maintain peak physical and mental fitness while in your condo in Laguna.

What Does Fitness Look Like

Define what fitness looks like. Contrary to popular belief, it’s more than just having a set of washboard abs or having a stunning figure. That’s just the physical side of fitness and constitutes one aspect of wellness. You also need to figure out what being mentally and emotionally fit looks like.

According to Psychologists, Being mentally fit means being able to endure stress and hardship without breaking down in terms of behavior. It’s normally followed by emotional fitness in that you can take on particularly distressing situations reasonably and relatively calmly. Being physically fit doesn’t have to look like what was mentioned, but they are great aspirations to have. Considering these 3 facets of wellness, what does peak fitness look like to you now? 

Perhaps it really is having washboard abs and a stunning figure while also being mentally and emotionally ready  to handle any stressful situation. Maybe it’s just having a relatively good body mass index based on your age, having a regular workout routine and making sure you have a good relationship with all your friends and family who act as your support group when it all becomes too tough to handle.

Optimize Your Schedule

When you’ve decided on your workout of choice and took into consideration the frequency needed to attain your goal, it’s time to make adjustments to your schedule in order to accommodate your overall action plan. For most people, this is arguably the easiest step because it involves moving dates and appointments around. For others, it can be particularly difficult given the nature of their work or just how their life is arranged.

It helps to list them down on a calendar as you are reminded about activities or tasks that you need to complete within the day. Smart or Fitness watches are also a good investment when it comes to setting a schedule that is coherent to your physical lifestyle. Make sure that your smartphone is linked to these apps so you’re constantly reminded so that you don’t miss any of the tasks you need to complete.

When it comes to workouts, ideally it should happen in the morning in order for you to focus on work-related tasks and items and so you can get a good night’s sleep after all is said and done.  There’s nothing wrong with having a more nocturnal schedule – just make sure that your workouts allow you to get plenty of sleep. If you feel like you do overtime more often than usual, make sure to implement that into your daily calendar. As for your mental and emotional health, there are many activities that can help cater to this ranging from just having some alone time for yourself to talking with a therapist.

 The secret to making an optimized schedule work for you is to actually follow it. If you feel like you need help to follow it, look for a support buddy to work out with. Not only is it more fun for you, it also gives you someone to hold you accountable for missed workouts and tasks.

Eat Healthy

There’s this saying in the world of fitness that goes: “Abs are made in the kitchen”. Disregarding the fact that the existence of abs aren’t the end all and be all of peak physical health, it still makes sense that a large factor in determining your overall health will be what you eat. After all,The 80/20 principle for weight loss refers to the thought that 80% of your weight loss comes from diet and 20% from exercise.

But food doesn’t only affect the way you look or how effectively your body works. It also affects how you feel as a whole. Studies have consistently shown that healthy diets have more or less contributed to keeping anxiety and depression away. They have also suggested that your brain works better when you get better quality food in your system.

As a start, get rid of processed and canned foods from your diet. Apart from not being helpful, it rarely contributes anything helpful to your body. Have a healthy balance of carbohydrates, vegetables, meat and fruit in your diet so you can get all the nutrients you need. If you feel like you need to get professional help, it’s best to see a doctor and dietitian and inform them of your goals.

Get Plenty Of Sleep

Sleep is a crucial part of human existence. According to experts,  sleeping habits increase your chances of developing mental health problems. From a physical perspective, not getting enough sleep makes your body grow tired and doesn’t give it enough time to recuperate from injuries and the like.

So put priority in making sure that you get enough sleep. First, observe your sleeping patterns and take notes. Next, try different methods in order to get better sleep. Try different positions, conditions and if you’re still having trouble sleeping, seek  professional help.

Workout From Home

Workouts can vary from strength training with weights to martial arts. Knowing which one is best for you ultimately depends on your personal preference and your goals. However, it helps if you have a workout program that you can easily perform at home with little to no equipment  required. For example, calisthenics requires nothing more than your body weight in order for you to take part in this exercise.

If you prefer training with weights, you can set a separate room or segment your unit so that you have a place specifically designated for your equipment. Ideally, your weights and bars can be easily kept and stored so you can use that room  for other purposes after your workout.

Of course, living in a condo in Laguna like Zadia can help out in this aspect. Not only will you get access to a multipurpose court, a swimming pool and other amenities that can contribute to your health, you also get access to the rest of Greenfield City’s features and amenities. 

With wide open spaces, and grass-laden roads, this community gives you the space you need to reach and maintain physical and mental fitness. If you like to get more information, feel free to visit this web page:


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