Creativity is an important aspect of everyday life. It’s not exclusively Whether it’s finding the proper solutions to otherwise complex problems or just figuring out what color palette goes with your interior, the creative spirit is an important factor to have. Which is why it’s important to nurture it and in a world that’s fast-paced, that can be very challenging.

There are several factors that hamper your creativity. One of which being the environment that you immerse yourself in. If you work in one that’s stress-filled and/ or uninspiring, you might find yourself going home uninspired and just wanting to take a rest afterwards. While some people don’t necessarily have this issue, sometimes it gets in the way of pursuing their artistic hobbies.

If left unchecked, it could lead to a feeling of discontent or even depression. If you can relate with the above-mentioned situation, it’s not too late. Here are a couple of things you can do in your condo in Mandaluyong to nourish that creative spirit.

Reinforce Your Boundaries

When it comes to boundaries, it’s important to commit – when you’re at work, focus on office tasks. When you’re at home, focus on life and relishing your time with your loved ones. These boundaries, either due to personal choice or because of a 2-year pandemic, have noticeably dwindled. This can cause stress and, directly, affects your inspiration to create.

In order to remedy this, whether you work from home or have a hybrid schedule, it’s important to reinforce boundaries. If you have a remote setup, make sure to have a room specifically made for work. Whenever you end your work day, lock its doors and leave your laptop or phone in it. This will help you avoid stepping back into work when you should be focusing on your hobbies and the like.

Make Space For Your Hobbies

Just like how you have a room made specifically for work, have one for your hobbies. Whether you’re a fan of drawing and painting, or an aspiring musician who plays multiple instruments, make sure you have a space in your condo in Mandaluyong for it.

It can be a small room or just integrate it with your bedroom and have these two areas partitioned. Make sure that your hobby room doesn’t include any item that isn’t relevant to your passion. You also need to furnish it accordingly, like how an artist would have a studio of their own.

For sketchers or painters, make sure that you have a table or an area that’s well lighted for your canvas. Make sure to have drawers and containers to store your pencils, paint, brushes and other items necessary for pursuing this creative path.

If you’re into physical activity, like dancing or strength training exercises (calisthenics, weightlifting), fashion your area like a gym. Make sure there’s plenty of space to move around in or place dumbbells and weights. Your floor should have rubber mats both for your safety and its own.

Meditate And Reflect

It’s a known fact that nourishing your passion involves actually pursuing it on a regular basis. However, after a long and busy day at work, you’ll naturally feel tired and drained. So much so that you can’t even write, draw, or follow any of your hobbies. This can lead to a decline in inspiration and can verily affect your quality of life.

In order to help fix this, you can do regular meditation. Apart from the established benefits of having self-awareness and being able to manage your stress levels, it also helps nourish your imagination and creativity. Do this on a regular basis and, even if you end up just resting and sleeping after work, that’s fine. At least you get to breathe and fill up your creative tank.

Nourish Your Mind And Body

Part of what affects your creativity and quality of life is how well you are physiologically. If you’re physically and mentally healthy, there’s a good chance that your creative facets can be in tune and you’ll always be inspired to pursue your passion. Otherwise, you might have trouble doing so, either because of health concerns and the like.

Firstly, watch what you eat. Having a balanced diet and eating lots of healthy food should help positively impact your body. Practicing mindful eating also helps prevent overeating and helps you enjoy your food.

Secondly, get some exercise in before or after your work day. Be it a small series of push-ups and pull-ups or a short walk in the park. It’s both good for your body and your soul as a quick change in the scenery not only gives you respite for your eyes, but also a quick bout of inspiration.

Establish A Routine

Often the lack of inspiration is brought about by an uninspired routine. When you feel drained of creative spirit, it’s probably because you’re following a routine that doesn’t help it or you’re following none at all. The solution is to come up with a consistent set of habits that help inspire you.

For instance, walking in your neighborhood after work is a great way to get inspiration from the environment. Running or doing any other form of cardio exercise before or after work is recommended because it gives you a boost of endorphins which can help inspire you throughout the rest of your day.

Whatever form your passion takes, it’s important to take steps that allow you to stay in touch with it in spite of work and life. It also helps if your condo in Mandaluyong helps you in your pursuit of creativity. Greenfield Development Corporation’s Zitan and Twin Oaks Place are located in areas that provide enough space for you to manifest your creative self.

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