Work stresses have been attributed to several factors, including expectations that need to be met at a fast pace, the physical status of a commercial space for lease, a change in management, and/ or roles and even work-related conflict. If not managed well enough, employees will either underperform or may leave.

While it might not seem like a problem, ex-employees might label the organization as having a “toxic” work environment both in company review sites and, worse, in social media . This is why companies invest in initiatives that help relieve stress like coming up with a proper workflow and enforced breaks.

Of course, one of the more popular and effective ways to lessen the stress and loosen the crippling tension often associated with hard work is to lighten up. Good team leaders and managers know that catching breaks is essential, great ones make it so it’s “fun” and memorable.

While it might seem contradictory to each other, the concept of fun and work being able to integrate with each other is actually ideal for a commercial space for lease. Apart of course from breaking the monotony of working in a cubicle or out of the field, it’s also a great opportunity for co-workers to bond and have a get to know each other better in the workplace.

If you’re looking to make the workplace a more conducive environment and have happier employees, here are a couple of tips that can help you out.

Enforce Breaks

Most organizations allow breaks upon their respective employees. Often, these breaks come in the form of 2 15-minute breaks to break the momentum so workers don’t experience burn out and an hour of lunch.

Oftentimes, because of momentum, most workers and employees don’t take advantage of their 15-minute breaks anymore just to get more stuff done. Unbeknownst to them, this can cause a minor decay in productivity and quality of work that can otherwise affect their overall performance.

If you want to enforce these breaks, you can actively invite several members of a particular team out for a quick snack outside of the premises. For lunches, feel free to treat departments to lunch every now and then. It helps if you have several restaurants or dining places close to your office, preferably within walking distance. This allows you to casually invite your employees to breaks without having to compromise the time they have for work.

A perfect example of this is the Greenfield Tower in Mandaluyong. Being located in Greenfield District, it’s just a few minutes away from several commercial establishments and restaurants. It fulfills the masterplan of a holistic urban community with lots of spaces full of trees, greenery and other landmarks that provide a sight for sore eyes.

Recognize Your Employees

Another way to curb stress or burn out is to recognize your employees. It helps that your workers feel that they’re working for an organization that understands how they feel as it can literally spell the difference between them staying and leaving.

The conventional way to do this is to have an employee of the month award or anything similar that rewards employees. Besides being an excellent way to foster healthy competition among employees, it can also help increase productivity.

Another creative way to do this is by recognizing employees’ birthdays and special occasions in their respective lives. Be it an announcement over the speakers or just a simple card left on their table, being able to let them know that you care for them in these little gestures is important.

Hold Office Events

Another important initiative you can do is hold organization-wide office events. Of course, there are Christmas parties and Halloween dress-ups, but having events that come as a surprise can raise the fun factor. Without having to compromise productivity, you can hold small events that can break an otherwise monotonous routine concerning work.

One way you can do this is by holding a scavenger hunt where people can passively look for items whilst they work. You can have a raffle that allows employees to participate in or have a wheel of prizes that employees who are celebrating their respective birthdays can spin to get a gift. You can also have trivia contests once a week where winners can be recognized and get a prize.

Apart from making things fun and exciting for everyone in the office, it also helps in team building. With groups of people cooperating and having shared experiences with each other, you can facilitate long-term friendships within your company, making your employees’ stay in it more meaningful and fulfilling.

Consider Your Office’s Ambiance

You need to make sure that whenever your employees enter a place of work, their senses don’t get bogged down by the monotony of a normal office. Insert a little bit of fun into your workplace by allowing your people to integrate parts of their personal lives into their respective desks and cubicles – from photo frames of their children or family to small posters or accessories that kind of remind them of their home.

When it comes to the design of your commercial space, feel free to get creative. For walls, use colors that are light to the eyes and can lessen stress. Light blue and green hues are known to be light to the human eyes and are great if your employees need to look off of the computer screen every now and then.

Decorate your office interior with accessories that facilitate the stimulation of a creative mind. Make sure the furniture is clean and comfortable, with them being maintained on a regular basis. If possible, have plants present across your office. Besides providing fresh oxygen every single time, they’re known to brighten up the ambiance and lessen people’s collective stress.

Lastly, if possible, have music playing in the background that isn’t loud enough to hinder productivity.There are several lo-fi and ambience music that help promote focus and productivity that you can have playing in the office occasionally.

Of course, it helps if your commercial space for lease allows you to facilitate these activities.Located in Greenfield District, Mandaluyong, Greenfield Tower is the epitome of a modern and accommodating workplace. Besides being surrounded by wide open spaces full of trees and greenery, the dining and commercial establishments are an excellent place to take breaks, hold events and facilitate team building activities.