Ever since COVID-19 hit the world on an unprecedented scale, companies have been scrambling to adapt. Some of them have decided to batter down the hatches and temporarily halt operations, while others kept on, adjusting to the needs of the current time. A year and some change later, the few that have adapted to the change have survived and it took a great deal of struggle to get used to.

It’s a well-known fact that most people who are used to the conventional office setting have had a hard time adapting the work from home setup. Particularly in the Metro where people are used to the hustle and bustle of the office set up and cubicle workspace. While currently, there are companies that are allowed to resume conventional operations, some individuals still prefer to stay at home – and with good reason.

If you’re looking into optimizing your Condo in Mandaluyong for a work from home setup, here are a couple tips you can follow.

Create Boundaries In Your Home

The main reason why most people are used to the office setting is because there’s a clear and physical boundary between work and home. Conventionally, being in the office means activating whatever mode is needed to get the job done. There’s no crying baby to rush to, no stove that needs turning off, no urgent sense to talk to someone from the family. At home, it’s the complete opposite and, what’s more, it’s the sanctuary from the busy life of the office. The assumption is that working from home won’t be as productive as working from the office.

This can all change if boundaries are established, both physical and chronological. The first step is to declare one particular room in your condo as your workplace and anything outside of that is your home. If your condo is just one room, create a physical partition. Order a set of curtains from an online seller and declare that selected part of your area as your workplace.

Now of course this would be easy if you live alone. But what if you have a family? It’ll be a challenge, but get into a conversation with everyone involved. Let them know that, considering the pandemic, there’s going to be a few adjustments for everyone at home pertaining to work hours and personal hours. It will definitely take some getting used to, but given proper discipline and adherence to agreements, it would work out.

Get Your Workplace In Tip Top Shape

If you want to keep focused at work, you need to make your workplace look like an office. In a nutshell, that means that you might need to invest in a few new things to keep your workplace completely separate from your home.

A new office desk should give you a feel that you’re working. Other than that, it might also make sense to have separate phones/ laptops/ desktops for work and for home.This is so you maintain that boundary of work and home. Also consider getting an ergonomic chair so your lower back gets fully supported. Have proper lighting so your eyes don’t hurt when you’re working.

Plan Your Workflow

Chronologically, it’s important to make a clear delineation between work time and home time. In practice, start exactly when work’s supposed to start and end it when it’s supposed to be ended. That means leaving your work laptop/ desktop completely and tending to your home stuff after a quick shower and snack, post-work.

When you plan your entire work day, you don’t only strengthen that boundary between work and life, you also get to be more productive. Consider having only 8 hours of work and keep within these hours to get your to-do list done for the day. It helps to have productivity management tools at your disposal. Project management tools like Trello can help you keep track of tasks and bigger picture todos, while time management software like the Pomodoro clock can help you manage your time on a micro-level.

That about wraps it up for tips that can help you optimize your condo in Mandaluyong for working from home. Of course, having a condominium unit whose floor plans allow for the seamless delineation of work and life helps. Greenfield has condominium units that can help you achieve this. If you’re interested, feel free to visit the projects page on their website https://greenfield.com.ph/ or give them a call at +63917 534 7336.