Christmas decorations are everywhere, you may have heard Mariah Carey’s version of Silent Night on the radio at least twice, and shopping centers are already unusually crowded on a weekday. You probably feel it too, Christmas is around the corner.

It is the time of festivities and get-togethers, the last thing anyone would want is to come across unnecessary troubles. So, avoid the Grinch who ruins Christmas with these tips on how to peacefully celebrate Christmas in your condo in Mandaluyong.

Think Like Santa Claus

Since you live in a condo where you are intimately distanced from your neighbors, avoid getting into conflict with them by being sensitive when it comes to the festivities. Remember, it’s  a time of giving, so try to be considerate, and it will surely  go a long way.

Since it’s  the holiday season, make sure that when you host a gathering in your condo in Mandaluyong, give your neighbors a heads up, let them know when you will be having the party and briefing your guests to limit unnecessary noise to avoid disturbing neighbors close by.

A great tip is to consider inviting them over to be part of your festivities or give them some of the food you have prepared to share the holiday spirit.

Silent Night, Holy Night

Remember the part of the song that goes “silent night, holy night, all is calm…” Keep that phrase in mind to avoid stirring any unwanted tension during the season of goodwill by maintaining your celebrations and guests in check to avoid disturbing people around you.

If you plan to hold a party or gathering that would continue into the night, keep the party inside the house and close your doors and windows to contain the noise inside. This will also contain the uncontrolled noise from your guests inside your condo unit.

Try to limit those who will be Rockin’ around your Christmas tree at the same time by keeping your guests to a minimum if you should hold gatherings in your condo unit. Apart from keeping the noise down, you will also have a smoother sailing party with less to worry about.

You may want to add for biggest groups, you can opt to rent the function rooms .

During the holiday season, the top complaint that most condo security personnel get are reports of loud music and excessive noise. To avoid this, ensure you are considerate whenever holding conversations and keep the volume of your music down, especially as the night progresses.

While Christmas is a great time to come together with your friends, families, and neighbors, there are many people around the community who maybe spending time alone on Christmas day, why don’t you share this year’s blessings by playing Santa in your own small way, by giving a cup of coffee or a bowl of treats to a neighbor, aside from sending a Holiday card. In this way you may create new found friendships in your condo in Mandaluyong.

Since this is the season of goodwill, a display of courtesy towards those around you at home can ensure that you will be ending 2022 in a harmonious manner with your neighbors. Who would know? Maybe you and your neighbors may have a more fruitful relationship towards the year to come.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Now that you have established how to maintain a peaceful Yuletide season with your neighbors, it’s time to learn how to peacefully celebrate Christmas within yourself. Set a goal of having a peaceful Christmas by thinking in a positive way. Instead of dwelling on the negative experiences that you have faced and pondering about factors that you can’t control such as chaotic queues in the mall, constant traffic everywhere. Set the goal of having a merry Christmas yourself and make a plan on how to make it happen.

Stick to your plan regardless of whatever may come your way. By doing this, you will be focused rather than overthinking about things that will muddy up your Christmas .

Set Limits 

“Overwhelming” is a surprisingly accurate way to describe the holiday season. With tons of places to be, gifts to buy, people to greet, decorations to put up, food to prepare, and things to accomplish before Christmas eve. This list actually goes on, and being too overwhelmed can bring the opposite state of peace, which tends to kill the Christmas vibe.

Instill peace in the holiday season by making Christmas less overwhelming. Achieve this by setting limits. Here Is a list of things you can do in order to maintain a peaceful mind throughout the holiday season.

  • It’s not your obligation to give everyone you know gifts. Just give to those you intend on giving gifts to. You can also set a limit on the amount of money you will spend on gifts.
  • Limit the number of Christmas parties and activities you will attend. You don’t have to go Christmas caroling right after a company office brunch then participate in your community Christmas play. Pick those that mean to you the most and stick with them. You don’t want to exhaust yourself during this festive season.
  • Set a limit on the amount of food you will prepare and eat. You don’t want to over prepare and have too much food as it may just spoil. Being too full may cause you to get sleepy and give you a hard time to attend other festivities during the day.

By setting a limit on these things, enjoy Christmas the right way. Away from stress and overthinking.

With these tips on how to peacefully celebrate Christmas in your condo in Mandaluyong, make the best out of this season.

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