The New Year signifies the new beginnings. What better way to welcome 2024 than preparing yourself and your home for a new chapter in your life. While there are many rituals you can follow that may bring good luck as you embrace the upcoming year with arms wide open, prepare your home by cleaning and focusing on removing the old to make way for new blessings to come.

Here are two ways on how to prepare your home in Laguna for the New Year.

Remove Things That Don’t Have Value

Before starting to revamp your home in Laguna or arrange furniture according to next year’s Feng Shui horoscope predictions, the first thing you need to do is to declutter your whole space.
Decluttering and cleaning usually get interchanged as they both result in lesser mess around.

Here is a simple analogy to clear things out. Decluttering is getting unnecessary things out of the way, and cleaning is to sweep, mop, scrub, or remove dirt. By knowing the difference between the two and completing one before the other, you can get things done easier and more efficiently.

If you are familiar with the KonMari method by Marie Kondo, the third step to her cleaning process tells you to keep only those things that speak to the heart, and discard items that no longer spark joy.

A great way to start decluttering, the Marie Kondo-way is to tidy by category, not by location. Begin with clothes, then move on to books, papers, komono (miscellaneous items), and, finally, sentimental items.

Go over this list in every room in your house, and make sure to account for everything you own. From all the clothes in your closet, to the little things you will find in your multipurpose drawer, and piles of things you have on top of various areas in your home.

As you go over these belongings around your home, remove things that are broken, check for expired products in your kitchen and medicine cabinet, and have a good look at the non-perishables and reflect if you need or want each item, and discard those that no longer appeal to you .

You can always be creative in discarding these things instead of simply tossing them to the garbage can. You can give a friend or family member some things that are in good condition but no longer appeal to you such as appliances that you have already upgraded, clothes that don’t fit you, or furniture that you plan to change.

Turn a profit by selling these items in a garage sale or post them in a buy and sell social media group. If you feel like giving, you may donate them to people in need, or give them to a charitable organization and let them take care of finding a new owner for these old possessions of yours.

Do this routine until every item you have in your home has a designated space, and speaks to you.

Clean Your Home

Once you have gotten your everyday items tidy and out of the way, it’s time to bring out your broom, mop, and bucket and start removing dust, cobwebs, and other dirt that are hiding in the corners of your home.

Before you begin the cleaning phase, make sure to check the cleaning supplies needed. It’s best to prepare these beforehand, get new ones if needed, and discard your worn out sponges, cloths, disinfectants, etc. as they may just give you a hard time instead of helping you clean. Also make sure that your water buckets and gadgets like your vacuum, air purifier, and humidifier are freed from stored dirt from your last cleaning session.

If you are replacing your cleaning materials, try to be more nature caring by switching to eco-friendly products. Another thing you can do for a change is try to use lemon scented products. They leave a fresh aroma after you clean, and the smell of lemon is a natural stress reducer. Also try to fill your humidifier citrusy scents, as these are known to have a purifying effect and absorbs bad energies.

Since you are cleaning for the new year, make your cleaning symbolic by following these steps.

Clean your windows and open them to let the fresh air in and vent out the trapped air inside your home. Why is this important during the new year? According to Feng Shui experts, windows are the eyes of the house and the eyes of those who reside in it. This is why it is important to keep them clean and clear.

Having dirty windows can lead to blurry perceptions of the world around you. By keeping your windows clear, you will be welcoming the new things in your life during the year to come. Another thing is that they let out bad energy and attract good energy. By having clean windows, you allow the energies to freely circulate in your home.

Pro Tip: Slice some lemons and boil them, let it sit until it cools down and pour the juice into a spray bottle. Now spray the lemon water around your home entrance and windows or submerge a cloth or rug and use this to clean your windows and entrances. This is another way of clearing out bad energy.

Once your windows are clean, wipe down surfaces next. Feng Shui states that dust is old and dirty energy. Get rid of them in your home by going through each corner in every room. Invest in a good air purifier to help you control the dust particles around your house throughout the year.

Next step is to sweep and mop your floors. This may sound weird, but yes, there is a special way to do this for new years.

When you sweep and mop, start on the spot farthest from your entrance door and continue in that direction. The meaning in doing this is getting rid of the old and making room for the new, which is why you clean in a manner that starts from the inside and heads towards the exit of your home. By doing this, you are dragging outside the old energies that do not belong in your home anymore.

Pro Tip: Create your own mopping solution by mixing vinegar and sea salt. Try to add a few drops of your favorite essential oil scent for an aromatic finish.

Now that you have cleaned your home in Laguna in time for the New Year, you can now proceed to rearrange your furniture, decorating according to your horoscope, cleansing your home with aromas, and filling your home with plants, flowers, and fruits. By doing this, you will now be able to let positive energy enter and flow around your home. That way you will have a harmonious and balanced environment.

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