Investing in a condo for sale in Mandaluyong is actually a wise spending decision in the long run. Not only is it a form of passive income, you’re also gradually expanding your portfolio, making you a better, more marketable investor.

Of course, any good investor should know that property appraisal is a valuable part in real estate. Not only does it give you an idea of how much income you can get, it also gives you information that can otherwise help you make better, more strategic decisions when it comes to acquiring or disposing of real properties.

So regardless of whether you’re a starting investor or have been doing so in the past few years, property appraisal is always a basic step whenever you’re choosing property. Here are a few pointers to remember in order to properly appraise a condo for sale in Mandaluyong.

The Location of the Property

The adage, “location, location, location” doesn’t solely apply to businesses. It also mostly applies to real estate investors. This is because the property’s location is one of the most important considerations you have to make when investing in it. Is it accessible to central business districts in the region? How easy is it to get from the property to any other location? How accessible are malls, hospitals, schools and any other place of interest?

Mandaluyong, for example,is at the center of the industrial artery that is EDSA road. This makes it a prime location for those who work in business districts like Manila, Makati, Taguig and Quezon City. Properties in the area inherently have more value because of their accessibility. One property you might want to consider would be Greenfield’s Twin Oaks Place. Not only is it located within Mandaluyong, it’s also revolutionized condo and city living  with its future-ready “smart” concept.

Regular Maintenance of Property

When looking for property to invest on, ask the developer or whoever is concerned about how regularly its property units are maintained. Does this ultimately fall on you as the owner/ investor or is it something that the property management does on a regular basis?

This is important because a property that’s well and regularly maintained is one that has a high value. It also helps you come up with a cost-efficient and dependable maintenance strategy in case you’re responsible for the property’s upkeep.

Features And Amenities

Apart from the location and maintenance policies a property has, another important factor you need to look at would be its features and amenities. When doing so, it’s important to answer these questions: WIll it add value to the future renter/ owner’s lifestyle? Will it provide convenience to the person who will be living in the unit?

If the answers to these questions are a resounding yes, then it’s a good investment to make. This all stems from the fact that having these features and amenities help increase the property’s value, making it an automatic win for you, the investor.

Twin Oaks Place, for example, is a good example of a property with features and amenities that add to its value. Being considered a “smart home”, you can literally activate any function or appliance in the unit through a particular phone app. If you’d like to have the windows closed for example, or if you’d like to regulate unit temperature, all of these and more at the touch of your fingertips. In terms of amenities, it has a swimming pool, various function rooms, a residential lobby, an amenities lounge and a fitness center that you can take advantage of.

The Developer’s Reputation

Finally, one important consideration you need to make is which developer you want to work with. It doesn’t matter whether you’re living in a prime location or have property that’s forecasted to give you more value in the long run, if the developer you chose to work with has a bad reputation, it might not only affect your portfolio, but also affect your property’s value indirectly.

In this regard, choose a developer whose values reflect yours. As an example, Greenfield has a mission of building future ready, world-class, sustainable and well-planned Filipino communities. Not only does this mean that its properties are meant to be owned and maintained by families in the long run, they’re also smart homes that don’t crumble because of time or erosion. Rather, their homes are those that withstand the test of time and are adaptable to it, making them a worthy addition to your investment portfolio.

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