Having your own condominium in Mandaluyong can be considered a milestone for young professionals and families alike. If you work in the Pasig or Mandaluyong, and even BGC area, it makes financial sense to move closer to work mainly mostly because you can avoid traffic and lessen fare expenses. Besides that, with easy access to amenities like shopping malls, restaurants, and markets, as well as having wider sidewalks and open spaces, owning a condo in Mandaluyong is certainly a convenience.

However, just like any vehicle or any mechanism with many different functioning parts, a condominium requires consistent maintenance.  After all, anything worth keeping requires the appropriate time and attention – this includes your condo. This is why it’s important to remain vigilant about the state your condo’s in.

The process of maintaining or preserving the integrity of your condominium can be a fulfilling task if done correctly. Here are a few guidelines for maintaining your condominium in Mandaluyong.

Make A List

On a piece of paper or a Google Document/ Spreadsheet, list down the things that your condo requires constant maintenance. Segment these items into how frequently you need to have them checked on and maintained.

After completing this list, take a quick audit of how these items are doing. Is the air conditioning working well? Do the lights flicker on and off? Are the pipes under your sink not leaking? Are the floors and walls just accumulating dust and not mold or any other harmful substance? Are your doors and windows opening and closing without a loud and terrifying squeak? These are a couple of things you have to ask yourself when inspecting your condominium for maintenance.

It is also a good idea to Ask your building admin or realtor if they have maintenance and engineering services who can do this for you. Hiring these firms ensures that you get a comprehensive list of items that need to be repaired or replaced. For example, a plumber can prescribe what specific kind of vulcanizing solution you need for your sink to prevent leakage, all while being provided a list of pipes that may need fixing.

Put Up A Schedule

Once you’re done putting up a list of items that require maintenance, it’s time to put up a schedule. This is why it’s important to segment them by how frequent these items need to be checked on.

Depending on the need, electrical and plumbing can be held on an annual basis. Of course, if after the first inspection and repair, it still doesn’t work, it might be best to call in for help from the electrician or plumber on a regular basis.

The same can be said about pest control. If you notice a regular appearance of rats or you notice your furniture getting chewed up by termites, it might be time to call in the experts. If after a purge and you still see these pests, might be best to call attention to the building admin.

Air conditioning can be done on a quarterly basis, depending on how much you use your air conditioning unit. If you use it frequently and it just doesn’t do its job well after maintenance, it might be time to get a replacement.

Doors, windows, shelves, and other items with hinges can be maintained over the weekends. Other items like carpeting and other surfaces can be done on a daily basis considering these are used all the time. After all, not only does this prevent dust from accumulating and ruining your condo aesthetic, it also prevents bacteria and mold from spreading.

Transform this list from a word document to a spreadsheet and have dates put on each of these items. Sort them on a yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily basis and have cells that indicate whether they’re accomplished or not. If you have the resources, you may also use online tools like Trello to manage these tasks.

Invest In The Proper Equipment

Of course, having the right tool for the right job is always important. There’s no denying the effectiveness of a broom and dustpan when cleaning your rug, but having a vacuum cleaner allows you to reach into places that can otherwise be missed by the former pair.

For doors, closets and any other mechanism that uses hinges, having some WD40 spray helps prevent rust, degradation and occasional squeaking. For carpets or any other similar surface, having a set of brushes and brooms is helpful for taking out dirt that a vacuum cleaner missed. For your electric utilities, have an electric tester ready to help verify if sockets produce electricity. It also helps to have spare bulbs, breakers and rubber gloves. For tables, chairs, pantries or any other related surfaces, invest in microfiber towels and the appropriate cleaning solutions to keep them nice and tidy.

Investing in tools and equipment that help maintain and check on your condominium prevents you from spending more in the long term.

Look For Experts

While there’s a certain pride in fixing, say, your own plumbing or your lighting, it might be best to have experts look at those every now and then too. Not only does this make sure that your condominium is in tip top shape, it also saves you time that you can otherwise spend pursuing other things.

Hiring electricians, plumbers, pest control, even carpet maintenance services doesn’t only make sure you get proper maintenance done. They also give you a sense of relief and assurance that your condo has been taken care of by the most knowledgeable in the field.

Ask your building administrator about servicemen who can help inspect the different parts of your condominium. This saves you time from having to look for yourself, if you don’t know anyone who specializes in the craft. Alternatively, as if your admin if they have an inspection service – this can help you out significantly when maintaining your condominium.

As the adage goes, prevention is better (and cheaper) than cure. The same can be said for maintaining your condominium unit. Given enough diligence and proper care, you won’t have to spend more than you should on keeping your condominium in Mandaluyong a sanctuary of convenience.

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