Running a business lets you wear many hats for both your clients and employees. One of the hats you wear is that of the one responsible for finding an office that will make sure that you get your work done while keeping your employees happy.

This step can be daunting at first as there are many factors you need to balance out. To streamline this process for you, here are 3 tips on how to select the ideal office for lease in Mandaluyong.

Choose an Ideal Location

When it comes to choosing the ideal office for lease, one of the most important factors to consider is the accessibility to your employees. No one likes to start their day with a long, challenging, commute that will wear them out even before their shift starts, only to expect the same journey on the way home.

Most employees value work life balance. One of the best ways they can attain this is having their workplace near or easily accessible from their residence, or key locations such as schools, shopping malls, grocery stores, restaurants, bars, and other business districts their loved ones may be working at.

Because of this, one of the first factors a business needs to consider is the location of their office. For employees, the ideal location is a perfect balance between convenience and accessibility.

Offices in the metropolitan area that are close to city centers are often more costly in terms of rental rates, but can save money in the long run in terms of longer employee retention and lower turnover rates. This is because one of the factors that employees consider when sticking to a long term job is the ease of getting to and from work.

An ideal office location would be one that is well connected or at least within walking distance to thoroughfares, transport hubs, and public transportation such as train stations, bus stops, or jeepney and UV Terminals that offer access to major roads and highways, as there help keeping transportation easy and commuting time down.

This is also important when your office has clients who visit your office frequently, or a recruitment hub where applicants go in order to apply and be interviewed.

Facilities and Infrastructure

Another important factor to consider when choosing an ideal office space for lease in Mandaluyong is the nature of your business and the facilities and infrastructures your line of work will need in order for it to efficiently run.

Most businesses nowadays have difficulties functioning without high speed internet connectivity. With that being said, an office space with a reliable connection to the internet is an essential need when it comes to choosing an office space. Look for office spaces that have such connectivity and are billed together with rent.

Having stable and fast internet in the office is a great way to prevent hindrances when it comes to productivity. The next time you have a look at a potential office for lease in Mandaluyong, look for one that offers state of the art internet connection, and can accommodate changes in the infrastructure according to the needs of your business.

Aside from considering the business needs, also factor in the needs of your employees. Your office staff would need an area to take their breaks in, and a place to eat their meals that is open any time of the day, especially when you have a business that runs around the clock.

Find an office space that has a pantry area which can be a mini kitchen and dining area that includes chairs, tables, a kettle, microwave, toaster, a sink, and accommodation for a concessionaire who can sell employees cooked meals and provide them utensils and tableware.

Pro Tip: Make employees happy by installing a coffee machine in your pantry area.

One other thing to consider is ample parking space. Staff that drive to work will need parking. Try to consider the ratio of those commuting to those driving a car to work. Go for office spaces with ample parking in order to avoid instances where employees would be tardy because of long parking queues. This is a common mistake of many businesses with high employee count.

If there is no parking within the building, perhaps a nearby parking space that can accommodate your employees with vehicles will suffice. Just make sure that the parking space is secure, if not covered, and in a well lit area to avoid any damage to the cars and risks of danger to employees as they walk to the parking area.

Once you have tended to the needs of your business and employees, think of potential visitors such as clients and applicants. Factor in space for a board room or a meeting room as this enables the business to put a professional front when meeting with VIP’s, potential clients, and applicants.

For offices with limited spaces, try to ask if there is a bookable room you may use whenever there are scheduled visits from these guests.

Employee Wellbeing and Office Culture

In today’s modern age, the time of employees being confined to fluorescent-lit cubicles is long gone. Most employees now find motivation in office spaces that offer a more open and flexible workspace, breakout rooms for brainstorming, and security measures that take care of company property.

By having these in your office, you create a positive and safe working environment for everyone. Look for an office that can cater to these as they don’t really need a lot of extra spending. In addition, they have a very significant effect on the overall wellbeing and productivity of the staff.

Physical health is also important to today’s employees, so offices with access to outdoor space for some fresh air or a walk is a valuable trait in an office. Similarly, employees who take their bikes or scooters to work also appreciate a secure bike rack and on-site showers.

Some offices even reach an agreement with a local gym to offer discounts to employees in exchange for consistent business, so this may be something you would want to consider.

Another thing that boosts morale among employees is your company’s culture.

Evaluate your business and see what kind of culture you want to instill among the workspace. Do you plan to have a fun and dynamic activity during happy hour Fridays? Do you plan to let employees bring their pets to work on selected days? Or do you have a formal company culture that strictly requires employees to be in their best business attire and behavior during certain days of the month or during client visits?

Get a firm grasp on your company culture and see if the office for lease you are eyeing can accommodate them before choosing your new office space. The office is where your employees will be spending the most of their day in, and will be a symbol of your company values and mission vision. When clients and potential hires visit your office, they can gauge the success of your organization through the culture that the environment displays.

By considering these traits before looking for the ideal office for lease in Mandaluyong, ensure that you will have good days ahead in your workplace far from worries or setbacks.

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