As the year is about to come to an end, most would be planning for their Christmas breaks or will be busy with their Yuletide activities. With all the festivities here and there amidst all the undeniable joy and cheer that is felt across your office for lease in Mandaluyong, you may notice a slowdown in productivity within the office. This is because some may feel too excited to keep focused, or are too overwhelmed wanting to rush things in time for the holiday break.

Without doubt, remaining productive at work can be more challenging as the countdown to Christmas goes on. To help keep your office for lease in Mandaluyong up and running in spite of the holidays, here are some tips on how to stay productive.

Set Fewer Meetings

Don’t be a Grinch to your employees, productivity does not lie in the frequency of the meetings you take. Towards the end of the year, many people will be scheduling leaves at different intervals to fulfill their holiday plans. Some may take a day or two off work, and some may accumulate their leaves and disappear for a week or two, making it tough to schedule office-wide meetings

Go through this by scheduling fewer meetings. If you deem it not to be absolutely necessary, try to convey your message through your office group chats or through emails. If you must hold meetings, make the most out of it by making your message clear and concise.

Before people start taking their leaves , set a meeting already and discuss what is to be expected regarding your holiday deliverables. Try to go over everything that has to be completed and assess whether these are doable despite the absence of some members during the month.

Strategize In Terms of Workload

As you realize that there are many events during this time, plan your workload ahead of time and identifying what needs to be completed during the month and what can be parked until after the holidays. By doing this, the office can avoid dealing with too many on their plate, helping you create a schedule that can fit both work and social office activities. At the same time, you can be realistic about how much work can be finished while everyone is preparing for the festivities to come.

Another way is to keep your to-do list to a minimum. This doesn’t mean disregard everything else though. Instead of forcefully punching your way through completing numerous tasks, try to limit your daily to-do list to a number of tasks that you find attainable. This way you can safeguard the quality of the work you do as you give space to prepare and participate in any company activities. While most Christmas activities are done outside office hours, most take up precious time in planning and getting ready, so it’s better to keep your to-do list short each day. It’s better to finish a number of tasks per day rather than to start plenty of tasks but leave them unfinished.

Know What to Accomplish First

Once you have determined the tasks for the month, try to finish the heavier ones first. As the slowdown in productivity begins when December hits, and gradually grows towards the end of the year. So get your work accomplished before everybody goes into full blown holiday mode. Finish the big tasks and projects first so as you enter the holidays, you have more things to celebrate because you were productive during the month filled with festivities.

Change your Perspective 

As you know that fewer people will be in the office during the holiday season, use this time to do workload management. If you have tasks that require an entire day of focus or clients who need your undivided attention, take advantage of the quiet office halls and take on those tasks so you can give it some deep focus.

With less distractions from workmates who constantly talk about their Christmas plans and holiday getaways, zone out of the holiday mood and complete or accomplish a good part of these tasks.

Stay Away From Online Shopping at Work

Some offices restrict non-work related websites on company peripherals, but for those who can and who have access to the open web, do yourself a favor and stray away from online Shopping websites such as Shopee and Lazada when you are at work.

While this is a common way to de-stress or unwind from your tasks, going through social media shops or browsing e-commerce apps or websites for gift ideas is a slippery slope. A 2 minute glance over these websites could suddenly turn into 20 minutes of obsessing over a particular free shipping deal without you knowing it.

Impose self-discipline and incorporate avoiding online shopping during office hours throughout the workplace. Aside from eating up too much time, this is also a non-work related activity that can easily throw people off their focus.

Greet Your Clients

Reach out to the people important to your business and thank them for the fruitful year. There is much productivity in doing this as you may get to have a chat with them regarding what is important for the month and what tasks they don’t mind delaying in the next year. A quick catch up with them over the phone can strengthen your relationship with them for continued work in the coming year as well.

Remember, It’s the Season to be Jolly

It’s the holidays, do not stress yourself too much or bring forth stress towards your employees. If you find your team caught up with being overwhelmed with work or your personal holiday matters, pause, take a breath, watch a Christmas movie in the break room, or go down stairs and grab a bite. After all, it’s the season of giving.Give yourself a break before going back to work.

With these tips mentioned, find balance between embracing the Yuletide season and being productive in the office.

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