Safety is one of human’s basic needs. According to American psychologist Adrian Maslow and his Hierarchy of Needs, safety needs which include the security of a person, their family, and health, come second to air, water, and food. These are among the five fundamental necessities influencing a person’s behavior and quality of life. Since the home is where you and your loved ones spend most of your time together, how to protect it should be one of the things you should consider most seriously. Every household needs to ensure that the home is secure and safe.

Factors such as location and displacement play a big role in the safety of your household. Look for a neighborhood with a safe community and prone to the heavy impact of natural calamities. It is also a good sign to see thriving local businesses, as people who have extra money to spend tend to frequent places that are nearby rather than travel long distances because of the convenience that the easy access brings them. Because of this,  establishments around advocate safety for their livelihood and the people around the area.

Known for its ideal balance of the busy city life and the quiet calm it’s known for, Sta. Rosa is known to be one of the ideal cities to live in the Philippines. Being a first-class city in Laguna, Sta. Rosa is filled with manufacturing plants, vibrant commercial hubs, historic spots, and tourist attractions. Its booming economy and being green yet modern makes it an ideal space to live in when considering the safety of your household and the well-being of your family.

There are numerous ways in keeping your house and lot in Laguna safe and secure. Thankfully, with Greenfield City’s residential developments, you have a partner in keeping your household and loved ones safe. Here are some ways to keep your home safe from external threats.

Ensure Your Home is Well Lit

A poorly lit home can limit the security of your household and possibly put your family at risk. Studies show that crimes are more prominent in streets with poor lighting as criminals prefer the cover of darkness to conceal their actions. Even a gated village is never fully safe from external threats. This is why it is important to take precautionary measures within your household.

Lighting also improves your mental well-being by setting the mood and ambiance in your household. Proper illumination helps clearly identify persons or objects around your home’s perimeter. It also creates a psychological deterrent to potential intruders or vandals around the area as this greatly increases their chances of being detected.

Proper lighting around your home’s entry points helps keep your surroundings easy to see and make you feel safer. After ensuring that the safety points are well lit, make sure that the dark spots in your household have sufficient lighting as well. Look for them in areas such as your garden or a corner of a room as it is hard to see these areas and it can cause unease even though there is no threat present. A properly lit landscape should ensure ample lighting for the property so you may see each corner and can make your home more appealing to the eye.

Here are some lights you may use around your house and the areas they are most effective:

  • Accent Lights – Use small accent lights for windows and doors. By leaving them open, people will be under the impression that someone is home.
  • Spotlights – Effective in spotting objects or people outdoors, even at night. Place them above your driveway and going to the sidewalk as these areas get really dark at night
  • Motion-Detecting Lights – Place them around your garden or lamp posts to detect movement during dark hours of the day.

Ensuring that your house and lot in Laguna is well lit should bring a sense of security while providing an unclouded environment for you and your family to worry less and enjoy more.

Develop a Routinary Maintenance Check 

You normally hear the phrase “protection starts from within”. The saying may be intended for a person’s overall well-being but this stretches to a household’s safety. Regular home maintenance is essential for keeping it away from budding threats. When your house is in a good state, it is less likely to develop issues that can turn into hazards or hindrances during untoward incidents.

Start by ensuring your locks are in place. See to it that your doors are secured, that the frames are sturdy, hinges are intact, and the locks can’t be easily picked, especially from the outside as 34% of trespassers surprisingly make their way through the front doors. Another common entry point for unwanted visitors are windows, so ensure that the locks click tight. Also, make sure latches work properly to keep external elements such as rain and dust from entering your property. Keeping your doors and windows in good shape also eliminates problems alighting your home during emergencies.

Ensure that members of the household always make it a habit to close doors and windows when leaving home and before going to sleep. Also, let them know which lights to switch off and leave open depending on the time of day. This simple routine goes a long way in safekeeping the home and discouraging unwanted activity.

Get to Know your Neighbors

Establishing a relationship with people around your community  safekeeping your home. This is the most efficient security system a household can have. This provides you with extra pairs of eyes to secure your home especially when you are away. With a community that watches each other’s backs, chances for break-ins are greatly decreased.

During times of emergency or crisis, it is reassuring to have someone nearby to turn to for help. From keeping a spare key, or seeking refuge in the event of calamities,  the best people to turn to are the ones next to you.

By keeping these tips in mind, keeping your house and lot in Laguna safe is not much of a task, especially when you choose the right community to live in such as a subdivision.

Within Greenfield City’s 400-hectare self-sustaining network of communities are three residential developments, namely Pramana Residential Park, Solen Residences, and Trava. These gated communities are monitored by a security team, instilling peace of mind to its residents.

With its own retail park, industrial zone, and business center, you can spend more time with the family without having to journey far away from home for work, necessities, and leisure. Residents of Greenfield City have the convenience of their wants and needs just a few steps away from home.

With sustainable building materials and pedestrian-friendly atmospheres, both the community and the environment’s safety is being looked after. Click here to learn more about Greenfield City and its properties.