Christmas is around the corner once more, but that does not stop office work from coming in. Keep the festive spirit alive among employees by maintaining the holiday spirit in your commercial space for lease with these six tips below that will surely bring your team together through the yuletide season!

Cue The Christmas Jams

Nothing brings the holiday spirit better than hearing your favorite Christmas carols. Did you know that aside from the fact that holiday music can perk your mood up and keep the Yuletide spirit around your office space, it actually has many benefits on employees’ well being?

Growing up, you definitely had your fair share of Christmas carols, and there is nothing like hearing your favorite songs during the holidays as these classics work wonders on your mood. The nostalgia that listening to Jose Mari Chan sing “Christmas In Our Hearts” brings you is actually a pleasant effect in which your brain’s pleasure circuit is stimulated, releasing chemicals that are responsible for your happy feelings. Aside from this, it gets you in a cheerful mood for the holidays, giving you that cheerful Christmas vibe that can influence those around you.

Another benefit of listening and jamming to your favorite Christmas tracks is an improved memory. It is beneficial to one’s attention span and executive functioning. Studies even show that music therapy involving holiday songs help maintain and rehabilitate cognitive abilities in the elderly, as some patients with imapired memory have been shown to light up and even sing along to their favorite Christmas tunes. Who knew Christmas carols can even help sharpen memory and cure mental problems?

Apart from being a great way to boost your memory, it turns out that listening to Classic Christmas tunes is also good for your heart. It brings your blood pressure and heart rate into healthy levels, thus keeping office stress at a positive level as you get to sit back and enjoy your favorite tunes.

Surprisingly, Christmas Music has so many good effects to bring to your office space. Not only does it maintain the holiday spirit within the commercial space, but it gives the employees a healthier environment and brings them together. Just make sure to keep them in levels that won’t distract others at work!

Host A Holiday Movie Marathon

Maintain the holiday spirit in the office no matter how busy your day gets by playing holiday movies in the background. Perhaps show them on one of the screens in the office, or dedicate a room where employees can go in during their break times to watch Christmas Classics like the Home Alone trilogy, It’s a Wonderful Life, Elf, or The Grinch.

By Doing this, you will encourage hybrid set-up employees (those who juggle between remote and office work) to go into the office to enjoy movie breaks with their peers at work, boost people’s productivity by refreshing them during downtime, and even entice them to set goals to finish work early in time for the showing of their favorite movie. This activity is festive, and can increase office morale in line with the holiday spirit!

Play Christmas Dress Up

Couldn’t get enough of your recent halloween costume party? Boost office engagement by having Christmas themed dress up days at work. Take it up a notch by adding incentives such as prizes for the most extra or best dressed!

Theme days such as holiday sweater day, santa hat day, or dress your team member as a Christmas tree day will definitely lighten up the mood around your busy and deadline-chasing office atmosphere. It is also a great way to showcase each and everyone’s creativity and bring people together.

Have A Decorating Contest

What office space does not love contests? Hold a decorating contest to bring more fun and enjoyment into the atmosphere of your workplace. It is a great way to see your employees bond over the spirit of competition and the holidays that they will surely appreciate and enjoy. It is also a great way to leverage your employees to decorate the office, saving you costs in installing Christmas decorations. (don’t tell them you read this tip here).

For a more environmentally friendly approach, have them avoid buying decorations but utilize some of their old decor at home and use festive plants to add a great touch of the season to your office space decor. Maybe help them out by adding a bowl of holiday fruits throughout the office.

A great way to spice things up is to set themes such as holiday movies for each team in the office to make a more vibrant atmosphere once the contest is over. Don’t forget the main piece of your decoration. Have the winning team decide how to decorate the Christmas Tree in the office, and maybe have them wear costumes during judging time. This will also be a great opportunity to bring out the office camera and take holiday pictures as a team.

Exchange Gifts

What better way to Celebrate the season than conducting an Exchange gift event? Secret santa gift exchanges are one of the most traditional and fun ways to celebrate the holidays and re-evaluate your relationship with your colleagues. By picking someone during secret santa, you get to reflect on your closeness or how much you know the person in order to find out what is the best holiday gift for them. It is a great way to keep people in the office closer together.

Most gift exchanges usually come with a spending limit so employees know how much they should shell out for a gift. Everyone who wants to participate brings a gift so this way, you eliminate that dreaded feeling of someone getting you a gift, but you not getting them anything in return.

Extend the Spirit to Charity

Christmas isn’t always about receiving gifts, listening to holiday songs, and attending parties. It is the season of giving. Extend the holiday spirit of thoughtfulness by hosting donation drives or simply by putting up a bin where all employees can put old clothes or toys that you can give to those in need.

Thanks to the internet, it is now easy to find local charitable organizations that can be a recipient of your donation drive. If you have a day to spare or a few hours after work, you and your team may head on to the local barangay hall to present your gifts to those in need. It is a way of giving back to the community and an excellent team bonding experience that will surely boost the holiday spirit.

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