Corporations and small to medium businesses always aim to have happy and productive individuals in their teams to make sure that the demands in their respective industries are met. While it’s true that a large part of productivity depends on careful HR selection, proper project management techniques and effective communication, the working conditions of your office for lease in Mandaluyong also plays a major role.

If your workspace has poor working conditions, there’s a big chance that your employees spend a great deal of their time fixing their environmentThere’s also the worst-case scenario of your employees leaving because of such poor conditions and potentially writing online reviews about a bad working experience. This can both eliminate the two most crucial things keeping your company alive: 1) productivity and 2) people.

With those in mind, it’s important to take care of your office space for lease while at the same time making it comfortable enough for your employees. The best case scenario would involve your employees looking forward to work because it’s comfortable enough to stay in, but professional enough that it increases their productivity. Here are 8 guaranteed ways to optimize your leased office space for productivity.

1. Maximize Your Office Space

This involves taking a quick look at your leased office space’s floor plan and having someone design it so you’re able to maximize your space. Ultimately, how it’s laid out should depend on the kind of business you have and how much space you need for it. If you have a call center business, you need to have a space for your representatives to work in segmented per brand or client they’re working with while at the same time having enough space for the rest of your business’ departments. If you have an ad agency, you might want to have more space for creatives, with relatively smaller spaces for analytics teams and shot-callers.

Whatever the case may be, review your office space’s floor plan and consult with your property manager if there’s any way you can be involved with the layout. You also need to make sure that pathways are wide enough for human foot traffic that go to and from your workplace. While it might seem trivial, having a lot of unoptimized foot traffic in your office can be a source of distraction for your people.

2. Regularly Clean And Sanitize Your Workspace

To most people, dust on surfaces or grime on the floor are a trivial matter. It’s a matter of just having maintenance clean it up perhaps after a shift. To some people, these can spell the difference between having a productive workday to meet a quota, or having them clean up the place for you.

Not only that, dust, grime and the like are natural habitats for all sorts of bacteria and microorganisms to grow in. And where there’s bacteria, there’s a potential health hazard particularly for your employees.

In order to avoid these unnecessary health risks, make sure to have your work spaces cleaned and sanitized on a daily basis. Coming out of the post-pandemic world, it’s important that every surface, every item, every piece of furniture and equipment are cleaned and sanitized so as to prevent the spread of any disease besides COVID-19.

3. Enforce A Clean As You Go Policy

When you own a leased office space, you’re responsible for the safety and health of the people who work in it. This is why you have a maintenance team to help clean floors, surfaces and occasionally air conditioning and airflow systems on a regular basis.

You don’t have to do this alone however. It’s also important to involve your employees in keeping the area safe and clean for each other. Set up orientation programs and put up Clean As You Go posters in places where your employees eat and socialize. You’re not only making sure that your rented workspace is clean, you’re also empowering your employees by giving them accountability for cleanliness.

4. Properly Maintain Your Air Conditioning System

Imagine having to work in an office that’s too hot or cold. It can get in the way of your calls, your creative or accounting work. Now imagine having an air conditioner that’s too noisy – that’s a potential distraction. Now imagine a leaking air conditioning system, apart from the smell of freon in the air, you might also encounter a potential slipping hazard.

The solution to these problems is to have your air conditioning system checked on a regular basis. Making sure they’re clean and working properly and if possible, have experts take a look. You’re not only making sure that your employees are safe from harm and distraction, you’re also providing an optimal environment for them to be productive.

5. Be Mindful Of Your Aesthetic

When you’re aiming for productivity, you need your office to look the part. From an interior design point of view, you need to make your workspace conducive for creativity and, as strange as it sounds, relaxation. Regardless of your business’ industry, if it’s work, there’s always going to be stress involved.

If you’d like a place that encourages intensity and the hustle culture, that’s fine. But do keep in mind that a large percentage of people would like to have the space between working moments focused on just recuperation. These can come in the form of a lightly-colored or neutrally-colored wall, plants that smell nice or just the quiet hum of nothing. See to it that your place has these elements and your workers will enjoy being in the office, guaranteeing a boost in productivity.

6. Minimize The Noise

The clicks and clacks of numerous keyboards, chairs rolling to and from point As to point Bs, whispers about deliverables and occasionally phone beeps and rings. These are some of the common noises you hear whenever you’re at work and, to be frank, whenever you’re in the Metro. Normally, they’re not disruptive but given enough frequency and modulation, they can get in the way of a harmonious work day.

While it’s true that you can’t fully get rid of the noise, you can still minimize it. Having a poster that reminds people to keep their voices down in a working environment is enough to do that. Making sure that your equipment is well-oiled and not in a state of disrepair is also a good way to ensure that noise is minimized.

7. Give Each Individual Enough Working Space

One other thing you can do to make sure that your employees’ productivity output is maximized is to make them feel superbly comfortable. Make sure that their respective cubicle and/ or office location has enough space for them to move around to stretch in. Make sure that they have space in their work desks to put pictures of their family in so that they’re reminded why they’re working hard.

It also helps to invest in ergonomic chairs and equipment. Not only are you making sure that your employees are comfortable, you’re also preventing any long-term injury that can otherwise compromise their productivity in the future.

8. Create A Space For Rest And Relaxation

Breaks are important for employees because 1) it helps them stay focused with the tasks they have to complete for the day and 2) it helps relieve stress, keeping them on point at work and preventing any potential mental health issues that might occur.

This is why it’d be great to have a place where your employees can rest their eyes from their monitors or where they can take deep breaths. Having a lounge where employees can socialize and or just breathe is crucial if you want them to stay productive.

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