While it’s true that safety and security are valid concerns whenever you’re in the Metro, it seems to be a minor issue if you live in a condo in Sta Rosa. Developers make an effort to keep their residents safe from unwanted visitors and man-made emergencies, but even the most prestigious and gated communities are not guaranteed to be spared when it comes to natural emergencies such as calamities.

These events are inevitable so the best way around these matters is preparation. Here are some steps on how to prepare yourself for emergencies when you are in your condo in Sta Rosa.

Prepare Your Home

The thing about emergencies is that they just come without warning. There is no way to prevent it, but by preparing your home for such events, you can avoid or minimize the negative effects that may come your way when these emergencies such as calamities happen.

Check For Leaks

The first step is to ensure that your condo is free from leakages. In times of excessive rain during typhoon season, the last thing you would want is puddles to build up on your floor and leaks to be running down your walls, ruining your furniture and paint. Make sure to regularly check for plumbing problems around your condo unit and report any to the buildings admin.

There is usually a dedicated team that tends to these issues, and its best to contact them during a normal day rather than try to call them during the wee hours of the day or during emergencies as unchecked leakages become worse during a typhoon, and will be more tedious to repair, especially when damages amplify because of the weather.

Having potential leakages have a lot of warning signs, so it is best to keep a lookout for them. According to most plumbing experts, early signs of leaks include unusually high water bills, suddenly low water pressure, and mold growth. Remember, prevention is better than cure. Call the maintenance team of your condo or your trusted plumber as soon as you encounter these symptoms.

Check Your Wires

During calamities like typhoons and earthquakes, electricity problems and power outages usually occur. Make sure you check your condo for burnt electrical wires and worn out or faulty sockets that may be vulnerable to water. In the event of typhoons, there are cases when power goes out. During this time it is best that lights are switched off and electronic appliances are unplugged to ensure there are no damages to be made and exploding electrical circuits are avoided.

Burnt wires may also cause unexpected fires to your household, which makes it critical to look out for them regularly to avoid these kinds of events. If you are concerned with the current situation of your electrical system, you may always seek help from your condo’s maintenance team, as unlike faulty drainages, electrical issues left unchecked may tend to pose a risk to you and your home.

Mind Your Windows and Doors

During natural calamities, your windows (and the door to your balcony) are all that stands between you and the wind, water, and debris that the weather brings. Make sure that before times like this, you have taken steps that would prepare your windows and your balcony food to make sure they are completely sealed.

Start by regularly cleaning the tracks of your windows and doors. Dirt build up can obstruct their function and eventually cause damage so make sure that their tracks are clear of dirt and debris. Keep your windows closed properly and ensure that there is nothing loose placed outside your windows such as small pots or furniture that can take flight during storms. If there are any trees or branches that you think may be a risk during strong winds, call your condos maintenance team to have them trimmed.

By maintaining your windows and external door in good shape and free from debris, keep you and everything inside your home safe from what is outside during emergencies.

Things To Do When Emergencies Strike

When the power goes out, the first thing you do if you have time is to unplug all appliances and electronics and turn off your air conditioners regardless if you plan to leave or stay home. By doing this, you can prevent damages to your gadgets and devices once the electricity comes back on. Leave on one light switched on to be aware when the power is back on.

In the time water lines could be compromised, make sure you have basins filled with water and get ready to shut down the water line. Use your gathered water for sanitation purposes such as hand-washing, manual toilet flushing, and wetting used kitchen utensils to avoid attracting insects.

To manage risks of water or debris entering your condo, move your valuable or hard-to-replace items such as gadgets, antiques, and jewelry in secure places to avoid them getting damaged.

Keep Your Documents Safe

Keep important documents and hard to replace papers gathered together in a safe or part of your home that is not prone to getting wet, blown away by wind, or damaged. Perhaps use a waterproof container such as a durable zip-locked bag

Here is a list of documents that you may want to keep safe:

  • Passports
  • Birth certificates
  • Shot records
  • ID Cards
  • Leases
  • Titles
  • Warranty Papers
  • Contracts
  • Wills
  • Pet Records

These essential documents mean a lot and are hard to replace when the time arises, so it is important to keep a checklist of these and store them in a safe place to keep them safe from untoward incidents brought forth by emergencies.

Prepare Your Family Members

In emergencies, you want to ensure that your family is aware of what to do. Have a talk with the household and make sure that everyone, including your children will know how to react to certain types of situations. Familiarize them with the different types of emergencies that you may encounter such as power outages, bad weather, earthquakes, and fires. Once this is established, give them instructions on what to do, what to switch off or re-arrange, what to take, and where to go when evacuations are needed. Have them familiarize themselves with alternate routes and emergency exits in your condo as well.
Participating in calamity drills conducted by your community to help reduce moments of panic during these times. By keeping each member of your household prepared for matters like this, you can overcome emergency situations as a team in your condo in Sta Rosa.

By following these tips, ensure you, your family, and your home are prepared for emergencies that may occur. Another great way to prepare for emergencies is to find a condo that looks after the safety of its residents. If you haven’t found one yet, have a look at Greenfield Development Corporation’s luxuriant low density condominium, Zadia. This Greenspired metropolis has facilities such as a 24/7 security service, a fire alarm and sprinkler system, a stand -by water supply, Water Storage Facilities Overhead Tank & Cistern that prepare its community for emergencies.

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