MANILA, Philippines –  If you’re anything like us, you’re probably still nursing a holiday hangover. But if there’s one thing we’re so done with, it’s the holiday rush. The sight of any more red tags just gives us war flashbacks. The traffic! The long lines! The crying children! Though if yo’ mama taught you right, you know better than to spend all your energy and pamasko before the holiday clearance sales begin. That is, of course, ‘til before y’all discovered Greenfield City’s Paseo Outlets.

I know what you’re thinking. Why travel all the way to “south south” (like Sta. Rosa, Laguna south) just to shop some more? Well, Paseo is the country’s largest premier outlet center and since outlets basically mean discounts, it seems like a pretty good deal. Here, red tags are the norm. Over 50 international brands are on sale every day (believe it, it’s their official hashtag). Usually when you think of outlets, sports stores like Nike come to mind. While Paseo boasts of having two—Nike Park and Nike Factory Store — it also carries brands like Samsonite, Aeropostale, Skechers and—would you believe it?— Pottery Barn and West Elm. So yes, you can finally buy your mom something nice from those stores other than a candle. If you’re feelin’ lucky, take a trip to the two retail rows (yup, you read that right) of Bench Depot and you’ll definitely find steals from the many international labels it carries. Think: Under Armour, Charles & Keith and Cotton On.

And what’s a southern trip if you’re not impressed with all that open space and greenery? In fact, Greenfield City’s Paseo Outlets lies within 15 hectares of it. It isn’t your typical box-type building — the stores are set in retail rows with beautiful gardens and parks in between. At some point you might even start to wonder if there are no other people in the area, or if it’s really just that spacious. Paseo is lined with trees and plants and is perfect for chilling, taking photos, and just livin’ out that south girl aesthetic. Go grab an all organic and vegan bite at Wheely’s Cafe and get some Laguna-pride yogurt from Two Cold since you’re already at it. Just kidding. But really, you shouldn’t leave Paseo Outlets without trying the other kinds of treats it offers. The location makes for the perfect road trip. But if driving isn’t your thing, there are many easy commute options from wherever it is that you’re coming from. Just think of it this way: would you rather go south to score some great finds or waste time on things like, idk, waiting for mall parking for 30 minutes?

Here’s hoping we make better decisions in 2018. New year, no pressure.