As you live a busy lifestyle in one of the Metro’s busy cities such as Mandaluyong, you should ensure that your condo is safe from hazards and threats to keep you at ease. . Here is a guide on safeguarding your condo in Mandaluyong from potential threats. 

Health Threats 

The first step to preventing safety threats or hazards is identifying what they are and being aware that they exist. Common safety threats at home are poisoning, allergic reactions, falling, choking, getting burned, and getting cut. Households with children are more prone to encountering these hazards, which is why it is best to take steps to safeguard your family members from stumbling upon an untoward incident at home. 

Poisoning – There are several household items that present potential threats such as cleaning supplies, medicine, and oil. Look for these items and keep them  out of children’s reach  . These cleaning liquids come in various colors and they might mistake it for a beverage and accidentally ingest it. Most of these bottles come with a label that suggests their hazard. In the event you must change its container, it is best to place these substances in bottles that are meant for storing chemicals rather than containers that are used for different purposes. Aside from substances that can be ingested, another potential poisonous hazard is gas leaks. Homes that have appliances that use fuels such as gas are prone to these leaks. Prevent them with regular maintenance of your appliances such as stoves, ovens, and heaters. Ensuring that your condo has a carbon monoxide detector is also a great preventive measure. 

Allergies – if you or a family member have  allergies or asthma symptoms all year round, it may be caused by allergens at home. Dust, mold, and pollen are the leading triggers that cause your family members to repeatedly wake up with stuffed noses. There are a few steps you can take to ensure your condo is kept allergen-free. 

In your bedroom, use pillowcases and sheets that are dust and mite-proof. Religiously change your sheets, pillowcases, and blankets and wash them at least once a week using warm water. When it comes to choosing or replacing your bedding, try to lean toward hypoallergenic  options.

For your floors, ensure that your carpet is regularly maintained by using a vacuum cleaner with small particle filters to avoid pollen or dust accumulation. If possible, try to minimize using carpets and replace them with washable rugs  

Regularly close your windows and rely on air conditioning, especially during the pollen season. Even though the Philippines is a tropical country, there are different pollen seasons per area.  According to the National Library of Medicine, the pollen in the atmosphere in Metro Manila is heavy in November, December, and January; in Los Banos during January, February, March, April, June, and November; and in Baguio City during February, March, April, and May. Regularly wipe your windows and ensure the frames and sills are free from mold and condensation. Try to use curtains that are made out of cotton or hypoallergenic  fabrics, and washable roller-type shades instead of blinds, as it is a hiding spot for dust particles. 

In the kitchen, make use of exhaust fans when cooking to remove fumes and reduce moisture. Modern stove top hoods filter cooking particles without venting them out elsewhere. Make sure that dishes and kitchenware are cleaned daily and sinks and faucets are scrubbed at least weekly to avoid mold and food debris. Also, segregate your wet and dry garbage in cans with an insect-proof lid and throw your trash daily. Keeping the kitchen free from  food crumbs will help reduce the chance that you’ll have rodents or cockroaches. Aside from preventing allergies, these can prevent insects from hanging out in your kitchen area. 

Lastly, you may use humidifiers or air filters to help ensure the air you breathe is free of allergens. 

Accidental Threats

Some threats that homes face are caused by untoward incidents. Surprisingly, according to a survey conducted in the United States, nearly 45% of unintentional casualties happened around the vicinity of an individual’s home. To ensure that you, or any member of your family, would not add up to this statistic, there are a couple of safety and precautionary measures that can prevent accidents or injuries. If there are spills of any kind of liquid, clean it up immediately as these can cause anyone to slip . Keeping your floors dry at all times helps avoid falls at home. Secure your rugs and prevent them from moving around by using non-slip pads or using slip-resistant rugs. Try to secure  your carpets to the floor by using adhesives such as double-sided tape for carpets and rugs. 

Children love to play. If you have kids in the house, be cautious of where you put hot liquids such as cups of coffee or teapots. Refrain from placing them on tables with  tablecloths or runners as children may overlook and pull the fabric causing the hot liquid to spill on them. keep hot liquids or surfaces out of their reach as much as possible. 

In the washroom, care for elderly or injured members of the family by installing grab bars. Wet floors are hazardous. Ensure there is something to  hold on to if anyone  should slip or fall. This could potentially save their lives. Also, make sure to keep electronics out of the water, this goes without saying that water and electricity is a   bad combination and will surely result in accidents.. Ensure that your electricity-powered devices such as blowers, phone chargers, and speakers are away from the water and in places where they can not be accidentally pulled in.

With these tips, ensure that you and your family are protected from potential threats that happen within your condo in Mandaluyong. If you want to find a home that gives you peace of mind and a sense of security by minimizing risk from external threats such as calamities, disasters, and unwanted visitors, choose condos as they work hand in hand with you to eliminate external threats and have security guards to help you look after your safety. Within Greenfield District are two of Greenfield Development Corporation’s high-rise condo buildings, Zitan and Twin Oaks Place. These condos have a round-the-clock security team and CCTV monitoring. To learn more about living here, click on the link below.