Taking a walk with man’s best friend is a fun and fulfilling task that responsible dog owners are familiar with. However, especially if you’re a new owner, it can be a tad challenging if, say, you’re in a new neighborhood or have a new dog.

Aside from the potential pedestrian dangers, there’s also matters like the dog’s physiology and the environment to watch out for. Here are a couple of safety precautions you need to make when walking your dog in Greenfield City.

Know Your Dog’s Health

It’s important to know the status of your dog’s overall health before taking him out on a walk. For one, it can help dictate what pace your best friend can take and if you can work out with it. It also helps to establish a baseline in terms of health so you know how your regular walks contribute to your pet’s health.

Just like regular humans, you need to consider if your dog has existing health conditions. Age-wise, strenuous walks lasting half an hour to an entire hour can prove to be difficult for both young and old dogs. Some dogs might be suffering from joint inflammations or any other kind of condition that makes movement painful for them. This is why it’s important to consult with your veterinarian first before you establish a routine with your dog. You can also ask for an appropriate workout regimen that you and your dog can follow.

Train Your Dog

It goes without saying that a trained dog is a happy dog. Creating a close bond with your dog by having it respond to your verbal commands is part of the joy of taking care of man’s best friend. When taking your dog out for a walk, the sights, sounds and scents can be particularly exhilarating..

This much excitement can lead your dog to approach a lot of things that can otherwise compromise both of your safety. This is why it’s important to train your dog to listen and to stop whenever you give it a command – so you lessen the risk of unpleasant encounters with people, rodents, cats or an otherwise lesser trained dog.

Watch Your Step 

Common sense dictates that whenever you need to go out for a walk, a run or a quick chore you should always wear your shoes/ slippers. This is so you can protect yourself from incurring any foot injury that might result in a bad infection. Dogs don’t always have this protection, so it’s important to be situationally aware.

Unless you put shoes on their paws, your dogs are literally on their bare feet when stepping on the ground. This plus a prolonged walking session might wear it out and hurt them, so it’s important to walk where the ground won’t cause too much pain.

Stay Hydrated

Just like how a regular fitness enthusiast highlights the importance of staying hydrated, the same kind of thinking should be applied for your dog. Just like many other living things, dogs require water and will occasionally get thirsty. As a result, they can literally drink from anywhere off the ground, from a puddle or worse, from the canal.

This is why it’s important to bring a collapsible dog bowl or a water bottle that your dog can drink from whenever you go out. THis is so you get to keep your dog hydrated and fresh, and at the same time, you protect him from any disease that comes from unpurified water.

Wear Proper Exercise Attire

In the Philippines where temperatures can soar, maybe putting clothes on them might cause them discomfort. In terms of protection, a good collar and a leash that doesn’t hurt your dog is definitely a must.

This doesn’t only apply to dogs however since you must also wear the right attire when walking your dogs. Depending on your dog’s breed, they can sometimes require you to walk faster or even jog. Wearing the right shoes can prevent you from getting any injury and at the same time, allows you to keep up with your pet if need be.

Choose The Right Place To Walk In

Ideally, walking your dog should be a safe and pleasant experience. Given how some dog owners and people in general aren’t too responsible, this can be a very tiring task. This is why it’s important to walk in a space with wide open spaces and is basically made to be safe for walking or running altogether.

Enter Greenfield City, a 400-hectare self-sustaining network of residential, commercial, industrial and recreational communities. This now existing park concept offers a refuge for those who are looking for a refreshing shift in scenery and lifestyle outside of Metro Manila. So long as you have tissues and plastic bags to clean its droppings, Greenfield City is one of the prettiest and safest places to walk your dog in Metro Manila.

For more information, visit this web page: https://greenfield.com.ph/project/greenfield-city/.