As an adult, bills are consistent monthly A big part of these bills is household expenses or utility bills. Household expenses represent a breakdown of general living expenses. These include the amount paid for rent, utility bills, and other consumption at home. Living in a condo in one of Metro Manila’s progressive cities, your household expenses are mostly comprised of your utility bills and your general consumption such as food.

As the cost of living in this country is rising due to global inflation, it is a good idea to re-evaluate your spending to see what can be done to live with a lower overhead while not compromising your ways of living or your quality of life. By reviewing your utility bills and finding ways how to lower their costs, you will be able to save some money and allot it elsewhere such as a new car or additional funds for your food or savings. When it comes to lessening your bills, keep in mind that the small things matter. Bills may appear to be not so impacting monetarily, but once these bills come in together or start to pile up, it may be daunting. To help manage these bills, here are 2 ways how to lessen your condo in Mandaluyong’s utility bills.

Invest In Inverter Technology

The word inverter when it comes to appliances has been gaining popularity lately. Most appliance brands showcase their “inverter” collections in their showrooms, advertisements, and even in magazines and newspapers. It has been around Filipino consumers lately and is slowly replacing its traditional counterparts. But, what is an inverter? And why are its technological benefits being widely promoted as a standard for the next level of appliances? And, how does it help cut down on your utility bills?

Inverter Technology in appliances allows them to convert electricity from batteries into their power current. It has been around since the 1980’s thanks to Toshiba. Inverters control the energy consumption as well as the power consumption of a particular appliance based on what is required for it to function and sustain its movement. The inverter alters the speed of the compressor and motor to adjust to how the unit is being used anytime. In simpler words, an inverter is a device that regulates the electrical current that goes to an appliance, providing it with the exact amount of power needed to reduce electricity consumption. Its technology can help drastically reduce electric consumption. It brings a myriad of benefits for you and your household.

One of the most prominent advantages of switching to inverter technology is its energy efficiency. As mentioned above, inverters regulate the power that a unit needs which means an inverter appliance consumes electricity based on what is only needed. Unlike its prior counterparts which have a consistent supply of power the whole time they are on, Inverter-powered appliances make power consumption more efficient as they only use full power when necessary needed and automatically scale their power without the need for human interference.

Because of consuming lesser power and electricity, having appliances with inverter technology helps lower your monthly power bill compared to its non-inverter counterparts. While these appliances may cost more when being sold, the change in electricity consumption is very significant and will give more savings in the long run as inverter appliances have been proven to last longer compared to their counterparts. Thanks to the conservation of power, inverter-powered appliances can run longer hours efficiently, and the lessened need to start and stop its motors reduces wear and tear, making the lifespan of these appliances last longer.

Another one of its benefits is being eco-friendly. Not only do inverter-ready appliances reduce your utility bills, but they also help reduce the amount of energy required, making your home an eco-friendly place as it reduces its impact on the environment.

While inverter technology is still developing, several household appliances already have incorporated their technology. These are the most power-demanding household machines such as air conditioners, refrigerators, and washing machines. The technology automatically adjusts the power consumption of these appliances, helping you save on your utility bills while saving the world.

Unplug Unused Appliances

One of the usually neglected things to do at home that most homeowners are guilty of is leaving unused appliances plugged in. From countertop appliances like blenders and laptops to phone chargers and appliances such as ovens, toasters, and microwaves. It is safe to say that as you read this, there is an unplugged appliance around your home. While these devices are out of sight and often neglected, they are slowly using energy and increasing your monthly bills.

All devices and appliances plugged in around your home draw electricity in small increments. One or two items may not be a concern, but homeowners can have dozens of connections wasting electricity even when systems are powered off, and unplugging them may provide you and your condo in Mandaluyong some benefits.

Aside from saving you utility bill expenses, the practice of unplugging your unused appliances can also increase the lifespan of your gadgets and appliances. The more items plugged around your home, the more risk of your devices getting damaged through power surges, lightning strikes, and fuse malfunctions. Continuous currents flowing through these plugged-in wires can speed up the wear and tear of your devices and appliances. Even chargers of your devices draw electricity when not connected to phones, tablets, tools, and more. The first step to lowering your utility bills using this method is identifying which plugs are left in when not in use.

While not all devices can be unplugged when not in use such as refrigerators, most items don’t get unplugged because they are tucked away behind furniture or fixtures. To remedy these plugs that are hard to reach, use extension cords or power strips. Modern versions of these electrical socket blocks come with a switch to control the flow of power, allowing you to conveniently turn the switch off instead of manually unplugging items behind tight corners of your home, and they let you put televisions, entertainment systems, kitchen appliances, and more into “standby” mode.

Also, evaluate whether you need to see the time and date on your cable box, or the small red light on your television. If ever you need to, use power strips to use less home energy. Several power strips come with options such as WiFi controls and pre-set timers that cater to your schedule for optimum convenience. While the monthly impact of unplugging your unused appliances on your electricity bill may not be as significant as the aforementioned tip, this practice can help lengthen the lifespan of your devices and appliances, saving you money in the long run as replacements will be a lot less frequent.

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