Small Space, Big Taste:
Genius Tips for Condo Cooking

Homey. Cozy. Petite. Whatever cute word you’d like to use to describe your condo kitchen, the fact remains that lack of space is, well, challenging. If you’re used to cooking in a small-sized kitchen, you know things can become really messy and fast! Cleaning as you go may help, but that’s not even the half of it. You want more elbow room, more space to go to and fro, plus you need an efficient system you can rely on — anything that’ll make cooking a breeze and more importantly, enjoyable.

From clean-up ideas to maximizing your prep space, we’ve lined up a few smart, simple tips that’ll make cooking in your small kitchen a thing to look forward to every day.

Buy tools that multi-task

Innovative, space-saving furniture may be a condo dweller’s ultimate must-have these days, but so do utensils and gadgets that do more than one job. Whether it be large knives that not just cut meat but also crush spices, or a rotary peeler with several different blade styles, equipping your kitchen with utensils and gadgets that do the hard work will make your kitchen life easy.

Get more prep space

Get more elbow room to cut those vegetables or pound that beef. Have a burner cover or an over-the-sink cutting board ready for more countertop leverage. This is a quick and easy way to make sure your ingredients are all lined up nicely and ready to go. Make sure it’s sturdy, though!

Use paper towels for a quick cleanup

With limited space to do your prep work for that specialty dish you’ve been wanting to try, it would save you loads of headache if you clean up after each task – whether it be peeling those carrots, skinning an onion or prepping a good steak. Do all these on top of a paper towel for a quick scooping action and just shoot it in the trash. You’ll get a spic and span counter in an instant.

Go vertical

Try getting one of those tiered kitchen racks to hold items nicely on top of another. You can put prepped ingredients here, or even used plates and utensils when guests come over. That way, you don’t need to spread out everything horizontally and eat up all that valuable space.

Change to a taller faucet

Oh, the wonders of having a higher faucet are more than you can imagine! From not having to spill water on the floor when cleaning your posts and pans (literally giving you more elbow room), to being able to clean (and see) your sink more properly, having more space to let the water run freely is a must in any home dweller’s to-do list. This is also surprisingly a fairly easy thing to do and landlord-friendly as well.