In the Philippines, it’s considered a major milestone to purchase your own property to start a new family. While most people have opted to venture into the business districts of Metro Manila, some still choose to stay in the comfortable confines of the suburbs. Granted, the reason why a large majority of dwellers from the provinces move to Metro Manila is because it’s much closer to where they work.

That said, there’s something about the rural suburbs that makes people stay rather than move to the metro. Here are a couple of reasons why you should do the same.

A Striking Balance of Peace And Productivity

The suburbs ultimately have a more relaxing feel than the metro since they are not as densely populated as their metropolitan counterparts, they don’t feel as congested. They also have a superior amount of greenery compared to Metro Manila’s urban jungle. This peace and calm is largely a result of it being less urbanized than Metro Manila for a longer period of time.

Having a total population of 353,767 on a land area of 54.13 square kilometers, compared to Manila’s estimated 12 million over a land area of 42.88, Sta Rosa proves to be a lesser populated city, making it more peaceful and less polluted.

Sta Rosa, Laguna, has a myriad of amenities present to its metropolitan counterparts. For instance, it has shopping malls like Paseo Outlets, Laguna Central, Arcadia and a number of car dealerships, banks and other utilities present in urban cities.

Sta Rosa, in spite of its rapid development and urbanization, manages to strike a perfect balance between the peace of the rural suburbs and having the amenities available to the metro.

Bigger Spaces, More Room To Grow

It goes without saying that where there is more space to move around and work with, there is more growth and learning. Whether it’s to raise a family or to keep your hobbies, having a lot of space is always better.

Greenfield’s Trava development has lot sizes that range from 550 square meters to a maximum of 750 square meters. In addition to this, it’s possible to consolidate two Trava lots together to cover a larger area, allowing Trava buyers to have more space.

Other than Trava, Greenfield also has Pramana Residential Park and Solen Residences. Pramana Residential Park has lot sizes that range from 170 square meters to 194 square meters, while Solen Residences has lot sizes that range from 164 square meters to 243 square meters.

Conducive For Raising a Family

If you’re raising a family, having a house can certainly be beneficial. Visualizing how your children would run across your lawn and the interior of your home is both heartwarming and inspiring.

Having more space gives you and family members room to pursue their interests and passions. For instance, having a spare room that you can turn into a gym for members of your family who have taken up interest in health and fitness. If you have artists or collectors in the family, you can turn some of the space you have into a room that houses their art or collectibles.

At the end of the day, having a lot of space gives you and your family the opportunity to grow happier and healthier.

A Wonderful Investment

From an investment perspective, owning a Sta Rosa lot is still a good idea in spite of the economic impact of Covid-19. Colliers opines that, in spite of a government-projected slow economic recovery, it would still support property development growth in 2021, making investing in real estate a worthwhile endeavor.

Financial investment aside, there’s also the benefit of leaving something for your children. Having a spacious sanctuary for your descendants is a worthwhile “legacy project” that you can invest on.

If you’re looking to invest in a Sta Rosa House and Lot, visit the Greenfield Property page for more details: or call the number at +63917 534 7336.