These days, young professionals are relatively focused on creating an impact. If not for the world, then for their own families and/ or friends. While it’s sometimes not clear what this means, it’s a primary force for them to do everything with purpose and excellence. Whether at work or when socializing, the motivation of making an impact in their own or someone else’s life is what drives them. If you’re a young professional, there’s a high chance that you can relate.

Most young professionals consider moving out of their homes as a personal milestone. Not only is it considered a symbolic gesture of gratitude and honoring your parents’ efforts in raising you, it’s also because it’s considered a sign of growing up and perhaps having a family of your own. Best of all, it’s a manifestation of being able to make things change based on your choices. This measure of agency when it comes to the make and appearance of your home is important for a young professional.

When it comes to the basic structure of your home however, you need to make sure that it’s ideal in preserving your work-life balance. Here’s what that ideal setup looks like for someone who lives in a condo in Laguna.

An Efficient Work From Home Setup

In spite of companies calling their employees back to their respective physical workplaces, it can be safe to assume that having a work from home setup can still be advantageous. Firstly, most of these companies are testing a hybrid version where people are scheduled to go to the office on different schedules on varied intervals. Secondly, having a remote working setup allows you to be productive when you need to in case a lockdown or any other related emergency is in place. Regardless of the situation, just having one in your home is both convenient and beneficial.

Whenever possible, have a small, designated space specifically designed for work. Over the course of the past two years, the rate of pandemic-related anxiety and depression has risen, with people spending more time at work than off of it. In order to help remedy this, having a distinct space for work that you must resolve to leave after working hours is strongly recommended. It also helps you avoid potential distractions and look presentable whenever you get into a video call since that specific location won’t have items that might otherwise be in your kitchen or bed area.

Of course, this workspace needs to have all the essentials you need for work. Firstly, you’ll need to have a good, sturdy table that has enough drawers to house your work-related items. You’ll need ergonomic chairs and keyboards too so you don’t have to worry about posture problems or any body pain related to your back or wrists.You can also have a whiteboard posted somewhere to illustrate your business plan or business goals. It’s a great sight to have if you want to have your eyes away from the monitor for a few minutes.

Lastly, this space should be well lit in order to avoid problems with your eyes. If possible, have natural light enter it through your windows. When you’re done with work, make sure to clean and dust whatever surface you can in preparation for the next work day.

A Place For Creativity And Mental Health

When you have a family and children, it’s easy to establish a work-life balance. All you need to do after work is just figuratively lock the doors to your workspace by clearing it up of anything work-related, and go to where your spouse or loved ones are, which could either be in the living area or in the dining area. You could strike a conversation, check up on each other or just take part in a family activity like playing a board game or a video game.

If you live alone, you might need a separate space that’s devoted to your hobbies. Whether you’re someone who enjoys making art, or someone who likes to work out, make sure to furnish this specific area with items that complement your hobby. For instance, if you’re a fitness enthusiast who likes to do calisthenics or weight lifting make sure to have mats installed where you workout. If you stream video games, make sure to have a background installed along with some lights to compliment your broadcasts.

Alternatively, especially if you live in Zadia, a condo in Laguna, you can take a long walk in its sprawling green premises. You can also take advantage of its multiple amenities like a swimming pool, a tennis court, a basketball court and much more.

A Restful Bedspace

Your bed is where you get some rest to prepare for another day ahead. The sleep you have can literally dictate how well you’re going to deal with tomorrow, so it’s recommended to have a long and good one. The quality of your sleep is affected by many factors like overall physiology, stress levels and the like. But if you want to start making your quality of sleep better, start with your sleeping area.

First off, get a comfortable bed that’s going to make sleep feel great. Secondly, get furniture that allows you to keep your phone or bedside books neatly tucked away until the next day. Lastly, make sure that the light in this space is conducive to your eyes. Some kinds of light (blue light) may or may not directly affect your sleeping patterns, so lessening exposure to these can help you improve your quality of sleep.

Of course, one major factor you need to consider when thinking of the ideal setup for your condo in Laguna is the development itself. You’d want to work with a developer with years of experience in providing vertical residential developments that people consider to be great investments for their future families. Enter Zadia, Greenfield City’s 5-building condominium development in Sta Rosa Laguna.

Designed to emulate the Greenspiration lifestyle, Zadia is full of luscious trees and green interiors. It is also located close to Paseo, Laguna Central and Arcadia, where restaurants, bars, cafes and outlet stores, shopping bargains with sprawling open spaces are located. This makes Zadia a paragon of the balance between bringing you the urban conveniences of the city life that most young professionals want, and the rural peace they need in their lives.

If you want to learn more about Zadia, feel free to visit this web page: You can also learn more about Greenfield Development Corporation here: