The stress is not worth it!

Let’s pause for a while and think about how long a regular work day is. The time you spend clicking through your laptop, processing papers or pouring through excel concepts is no joke.

If you think about it, work really starts the moment you step out of your home on your way to your workplace, and it lasts until you knock again on your front door later that night. Yes, a work day may only be until 8 to 9 hours usually, but if you factor in the travel time, that’s a different story now, isn’t it?

Then there’s the ever popular Metro Manila traffic. There’s no such thing as peak hours or rush hour anymore. Whether you’ll be doing the commute grind or driving your own car, we’re all one and the same – no matter what the time is, you’ll be sure to be stuck in traffic somewhere in Metro Manila.

Ride-hailing apps may be a blessing from above for most, but the surging costs and the difficulty in booking a ride even beyond peak hours are definitely big no-nos. What’s more, if you read about the horror stories online or see on TV the news about drivers who are dishonest, rude, some may even rob you or worse, assault you, you’d realize its a scary world out there.

The point is, commuting or driving, people are miserable. For some, travel time almost equals the time they spend in their offices. And if you add the time you spend commuting, you’ll be shocked. Wouldn’t you want to spend instead those precious hours with people you love the most?

It’s pretty obvious, the lesser time you spend in your car, the lesser the chances of you getting struck by another car.

Think about the money you spend for gas or for ride-hailing services. Wouldn’t you want to spend that moolah elsewhere?

Yes, commuting to work stresses the mind. It’s tiring, isolating and can affect your mood throughout the day.

Emit less air pollution when you use your car less.

When you feel fresh and whole and relaxed, it’s easier to get to work on time and do your work on time as well.

Spend more time with your loved ones. Perhaps you can eat lunch at home, or even be the one to prepare dinner for your kids.

Finding a way to live close to work may be easier said than done but it’s really important and one that can impact your life greatly in a good way. You can improve your relationships, do the things you love, and focus on you.