When moving into a new office space, ensure that your staff is complete with their needs for them to perform their tasks without any setbacks. Aside from getting them a chair, desk, and work devices, try considering some things that will help boost productivity and comfort as they work.

Here are the top 16 things you should have in your commercial space for lease.

  1. Cooling Pad
  2. For those people who easily get distracted by the heat of this tropical country, this is a must-have for you. Using a cooling pad can help you stay cool in warmer areas of the office, or when you came from the hot outdoors. It can also help reduce backaches and cramps when using it in your office chair.

    By having a cooling pad as you work, you get to ensure you stay comfortable throughout the day and devote more attention to your work duties and tasks.

  3. Tiny Desk Fan
  4. Similar to cooling pads, these small fans are a great addition to your office desk when you feel overheated but sit far away from the air conditioner.

    If you buy a fan for your desk, consider finding one that operates wirelessly and fairly quietly. This can help you save outlet space and keep you focused on your work. There are fans available in the market that clip to the sides of your office table, giving you more space while being as effective in cooling.

  5. A Notepad
  6. While your work computer has a built-in notepad or stick notes, having a scribble pad on your desk is a great way to create important notes or write down reminders.

    By writing, you can organize your thoughts and manage your daily responsibilities more efficiently. This is also a great way to communicate or remind other colleagues who may be out of the office at the moment. Seeing a note on your desk is more effective than getting a message from a long list of emails. You can also get creative and artsy when writing your notes.

  7. A Clock
  8. Everyone’s smartphones and work computers may have the ability to tell time, but having a clock in your commercial space for lease helps employees track time more efficiently.

    You may also opt to have a desk clock for employees to see easily. Perhaps go for one with multiple functions such as a charger, or Bluetooth speaker to maximize its utility.

  9. Laptop Stand
  10. For those employees using laptops, getting a laptop stand can be beneficial to your posture as this elevates your laptop and your hands. It also aligns the screen closer to your eyes, relieving neck and shoulder pain.
    Laptop stands are also useful for prolonging the life of your computer or laptop as it creates airflows that keep them from overheating.

  11. Healthy Munchies
  12. Nothing energizes employees better than a quick bite. During work hours, a quick and healthy snack can provide everyone in the office with an energy boost to help boost productivity. Stock up healthy snacks in your pantry or breakroom so people on a break can easily have them.

    It prevents employees from letting hunger impact their mood in the office or interactions with colleagues and clients. It also helps them stay positive and motivated throughout the day.

  13. Humidifier
  14. For closed-space offices with strong air conditioning systems, having a humidifier around works wonders. It helps keeps your and your employee’s skin stay hydrated throughout the day, which is beneficial for those with sensitive skin.

    It also provides a good scent which helps provide a positive outlook toward the workday. Experiment with different scents and ask colleagues for their favorite.

  15. Keyboard Covers
  16. Another great addition to desks around your commercial space for lease is keyboard covers. These covers can help muffle the sound of typing and keeps keyboards clean and free from crumbs and dust.

    These are ideal for offices where employees are near each other to avoid distractions from typing sounds. There are also keyboard covers that keep your computers free from liquid spills.

  17. Desk Lamps
  18. For offices with low lights or dim meeting or board rooms, desk lamps can be useful to provide light in the workspace for people to see their tasks more easily.

    These can be especially useful for those who work the night shift but don’t want to turn the whole room’s light up.

  19. Paper Trays
  20. These are great additions to desks and corners of the office. They help organize files and important documents more easily. Go for paper trays with multiple levels to be more efficient when it comes to minimizing desk clutter.

  21. Wireless Chargers
  22. Having wireless chargers around your office can be an effective way to keep your company gadgets charged easily, allowing them to be used at a moment’s notice.

    Not needing to unplug devices before using them can help you save time and improve efficiency. It also lessens the number of cables lying across floors or tables.

  23. Cord Organizers
  24. To solve the problem of having endless wires tangled around each other across your office space, get cord organizers.

    Organize your cables and save space around the office while being able to plug and unplug devices with ease. It also helps protect the integrity of these cords and keep them from wearing out quickly or getting tangled.

  25. Plants
  26. Plants or succulents are great decorations to have in the office or on one’s desk. Especially for those “plantitos” or “plantitas” in the office. Succulents are great as they require less maintenance.

    This allows you to leave them even when you are on leave or on a weekend, knowing they will survive as you return.

  27. Wireless Peripherals
  28. Using a wireless mouse or keyboard can help improve your productivity in the office, especially when working with a laptop.

    Having external peripherals can allow you to interact with your computer more quickly, saving time while improving productivity. It also helps minimize clutter from wires on your table.

  29. Desk Organizers
  30. An organized workspace merits more productivity. In line with that, getting a desk drawer is a good idea. It helps save on space and organizes your office equipment more easily.

    Consider getting multiple organizers and organizing your things by category or item. You ou may put all of your writing utensils into one compartment and your headphones and chargers into another. This can help you find what you’re looking for quickly and increase your overall efficiency.

  31. Calendar
  32. Physical desk calendars, either paper or whiteboard, can help the whole office keep track of important dates and appointments more easily. Having a calendar that you can set up on your office or cubicle wall can also allow you to write down meetings or deadlines when they’re created.

    This can prevent anyone from forgetting upcoming events and allow everybody to focus on the task they’re completing without being distracted by the meetings in the days or weeks ahead.

    By adding these to your need list when getting into your commercial space for lease, ensure that workflow in the office will be smoother and more seamless.

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