Moving to a new office space is a big event for every business owner. Aside from long months of planning and decision making, there is lots of spending involved. In order to smoothen the transition to a businesses’ new space, one of the things that can be done is to spend the budget efficiently, in order to minimize the expenditures and allocate it in other aspects. In line with this, here are two tips for saving your money while in your commercial space for lease

Always Remember, Function Over Aesthetic

What employer does not want to spoil their employees by giving them the best office space? It doesn’t necessarily mean that having a chandelier in the hallway or the latest smart appliances in the pantry guarantees better work output, but it sure feels good to go to work in that set up. As nice as it sounds, when you are within a budget, there are other ways to make your employees feel happier about going to work without getting too much out of your company fund.

When buying furniture for the office, look for pieces that are durable and of great use. IIf you’re looking to save money on furniture, you definitely shouldn’t buy the top-of-the-line pieces or designer brands. But, keep in mind that you also should not buy the cheapest pieces available. These kinds of furniture may cost a lot less but may have you end up spending more as you will need to replace them after a period of time. Remember, it’s not always about the brand or the finish, it’s about how it serves its purpose.

When choosing furniture for your office, be sure to give yourself enough time to compare different options and negotiate costs. You want to be able to get exactly what you want for the best price that you can get your hands on to maximize your budget and save money.

When creating your furniture budget, be sure to include shipping and installation costs. Some furniture companies include these additional services in their total cost so be sure to take this into account when comparing vendors.

Also try to identify the parts of your office which require more spending when it comes to materials and which parts of the office can have their furniture swapped out for a more economical alternative.

An example in line with this is that it might make sense to spend more on client-facing areas like conference rooms and your entry area and less on spaces like breakrooms, pantries, and shared spaces. This can mean using less expensive chairs in your break rooms and high-quality custom furniture in your conference rooms as here is where you meet clients and applicants.

By being practical in choosing your furniture in the office, you can get to make the most of your budget, especially when you are just trying to get a hold of how things are going to be in your new space. Perhaps in the long run, you can upgrade your furniture little by little as an incentive for every successful campaign launched or quota met, until your office space becomes the luxury working place that you want your employees to go to work at

Get Rid Of The Wires

One effective way to save money in your new commercial space is by going wireless. While some may think that having wired connectivity is more stable and ideal for an office set up, modern wireless connections are now even more efficient, and can save you more money as you build your office space.

To understand how going wireless can save you money, you need to know about how wired connections work and what a “data drop” is.

A data drop refers to the point at which telecommunication devices are plugged into a socket in the wall to connect to the cabling within the building. For office users, this includes landlines, computers, printers and the likes.

Offices who used wired connections have data drops placed throughout the office as a part of the build-out process of the office space. Normally, each employee will need two data drops to connect to the internet. One for the phone, and one for the computer. This is a very common set up among BPO and IT companies.

While installing data drops aren’t really costly, by the time you add two drops per employee, plus a dozen or so for conference rooms, workrooms, front desk, recruitment rooms, etc., you can be looking at 100 to 150 drops for an office company of 30 to 50 employees which can really take a blow to your budget.

Rather than spending tens a lot on hardwire connections, a practical way to save money on your office build-out is to go wireless. By switching from office phone systems and desktop computers to cell phones and laptops, companies can avoid the need to pay for data drops for every employee.

Companies may invest in a reliable wireless network connection, and perhaps partner with a telco provider to get a corporate deal on getting mobile data plans. Often, these are expenses you would already be incurring, but with the money saved on data cabling, you can get faster and more convenient ways to access the internet, minus all the wires and need for labor.

As your company grows, you will feel the convenience of having a wireless setup, as it will require less effort with each new addition to your team.

With data cabling, you would have to add a new cable or two for each new employee. Apart from this, your office layout would be defined by the orientation of the drops. If you had four cubes in an area, but wanted to increase efficiency by replacing them with six new workstations, you’d likely need to install new data drops for the two new stations.

It is a lot simpler with an office on a wireless connection. You can easily add new employees or reconfigure your workspace as often as you need to without worrying about rearranging the office space.

With these two tips on how to save money while in your commercial space for lease, be able to get the full potential of your budget while maximizing the productivity of your employees.

Save more on extra expenses by choosing an office space for rent that already has state-of-the-art connectivity that brings fast and reliable internet connections to all its tenants and their employees.

Located between thoroughfares Shaw blvd and EDSA, Greenfield District houses the first high-rise office building in Mandaluyong amidst its green open spaces that seeks to cater to the growing demand from BPO locators in Metro Manila.

People working in Greenfield Tower will also benefit from this high-speed connectivity and will definitely spell a boon for BPO locators who rely heavily on dependable and fast internet connection for their telecommunications-based work.

The Greenfield Tower building itself is carefully designed and planned to provide for the strict requirements of BPO offices. In terms of space and flexibility, Greenfield Tower boasts of a typical floor plate of close to 2,500 square meters and about 3 meters of ceiling height. Overall, the building offers a gross floor area of 65,764.54 square meters over 28 floors.

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