With the end of the pandemic still far across the horizon, it can be a little daunting to stay at home for a majority of the time. It can also be a little tiring to have the same kind of routine overlooking the same set of walls and home fixtures every day without any diversity. This is why on any rare occasion that you have to put on your face mask and shield to go outside, you need to make the most out of it.

While known as a “Future – Ready ” urban center with buildings technologically interconnected with a fiber-optic framework, Greenfield District offers more than just a truly distinctive brand of city lifestyle. Prior to the pandemic, the Greenfield Weekend Market has been attracting thousands of market goers to indulge in its distinct taste of food, shopping, vintage art and music.

So whether you need to go out for a few chores or just want to take a brief stroll outside, here are a couple of things you can do while you’re in the area:

Keep Yourself Fit

Whether you’re a hardcore fitness enthusiast or just a starter, Greenfield District is a great place to keep yourself fit. You can run laps along the wide sidewalk of United and Williams Streets while admiring the master-planned development that is most of Greenfield’s buildings and landscaping, or just walk along the wide open space of the Greenfield District Central Park.

Either way, with this much green scenery and open space where they can do various activities and simple body weight exercises, just being able to get out there and seeing things other than your home is a good refresher. If you need water or food, there are convenience stores like 7-11 and Take & Go in the area.

Go Out Shopping

Speaking of convenience stores, the Greenfield District also houses a few notable brand outlets. If you’re a fan of motorcycles, the Yamaha Yzone is a great place to go to and admire these works of metal. There’s also a Sony center close by in case you need to have your Sony appliance fixed or if you want to purchase a new one.

Other than being integrated into the Shaw Boulevard station of the Metro Rail Transit or MRT, which is the midpoint of the line’s entire stretch along EDSA, it also houses several shops and boutiques that you might want to visit.

Clear Your Mind

A majority of Mandaluyong and Ortigas (or most of Metro Manila rather), can be considered tight and a little overcrowded sometimes. This makes it particularly difficult to have quiet time alone outside. Thankfully, if you’re near the area, Greenfield District can help you relax. With wide open spaces you can take a nice warm stroll in, you’re safe provided you wear a face mask and shield and are .

Studies have also shown that living near green areas or just seeing shades of green can help improve your quality of life and your mental health. Greenfield District’s distinct identity of being a master-planned development rests in giving you a brand-new experience of the city lifestyle – this includes having more trees and greenery in your background.

Good Food And Drink For Take-Out

The Greenfield District is known specifically for the restaurants in the area. Whether you’re a fan of fast food or a connoisseur of taste from across the globe, it has a myriad of options you can choose and get take-out from.

If you’re a fan of Chinese food, there’s North Park Noodles across the Greenfield District Park. If you have an artisanal taste, you can experience CADEN Handcrafted Donuts. If you like Japanese food, there’s a Ramen Bar located alongside North Park Noodles. There’s also the Habib Restaurant if you’re craving Persian cuisine in the vicinity. If you’re into casual dining, there’s Yellow Cab, Domino’s Pizza, Wendy’s and other fast food restaurants you can order food from.

Greenfield’s weekend market is also starting to become a popular weekend destination for residents of Mandaluyong. In it, you can choose from a selection of pastries, fresh local produce, baked goodies, fruits, delicacies, kakanin, homemade bottled products, plants, arts and crafts and much much more.

The pandemic won’t last forever – this much is true – humanity’s will to overcome any crisis always prevails. But it makes sense that when things get rough, taking a brief stroll outside to keep yourself healthy or just to clear your mind can help you keep your morale up.